10 Ways to Get More Users to Your Discord Server: The Ultimate Guide

Updated on April 20, 2020
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Susan is a Discord bot developer by night, and a programmer by day.

Want More Discord Members for Your Server?

Whether you’re looking to expand your server’s userbase, or just want to increase your server’s reach, this guide will take a look at ten tips to help you get more users to your Discord server.

It can be difficult initially to launch your server and get it off the ground, because of how difficult it can be to find the right users to join your server. However, no need to worry, because hopefully after this guide, you’ll be able to implement some of the tips mentioned here to get you more users. The results won’t be immediate, but they will help lay the groundwork for getting more users in the future.

1. Branding Is Essential

That’s right, your Discord server’s logo can have a huge impact on whether a user will join or not. When you list your Discord server in online server listings, your server’s title and logo will often be the first thing a potential member will see. Make sure your logo reflects the personality and aesthetic of your Discord server, and that it’s professional also. There’s nothing worse than a poorly designed logo, or worse still, no logo at all!

You don’t need to be a graphics design guru to create a professional logo, however. There are plenty of online tools out there that’ll help you with this. I recommend Canva for this because they provide hundreds of layouts you can use to get inspiration.

Creating a logo with Canva
Creating a logo with Canva

2. Make use of Emojis, GIFs, and Text Decorations

We recommend you make great use of emojis, GIFs and cute text decorations to liven up your server. They can really inject some life into your server and can kickstart a variety of conversations among members.

Custom Emojis

For example, you could add custom emojis to your server, this is sure to appeal to your server's current members and keep them engaged! You could also try getting meme bots which allow you to create new memes based on inside jokes within your server or memes related to the niche your server is in.

Text Decorations and Fancy Fonts

You can also make use of fancy text and text decorations. Fancy text can deliver your message in a more unique way and allows you to format your Discord messages. For example, an Android app that allows you to generate fancy fonts is Font Generator, an app we've been using to quickly copy and paste text decorations and fancy fonts. For example, the text "aesthetic text" can be converted to " aesthetic text" which has a much more cooler vibe to it, and lest we say, quite aesthetic!

Text decorations can help express what you're feeling more quickly, and can add a level of interactivity to your server that will keep members engaged. By decorating your posts with cool text decorations, you can also make announcements more engaging, and so forth.


Ah, GIFs. What would our lives be without them. The same applies for your server, make sure to express your thoughts with GIFs. When members join and they see you and others making use of GIFs and memes, they'll be sure to stick around for longer. You can get cool GIPHY stickers for example, which simulate large versions of emoji, which can really liven up the server!

So make sure to liven up your server with plenty of GIFs, kaomoji (text decorations or cute emoticons) as well as custom emoji, it'll help your server keep members and engaged and retain more of them!

3. Choose a Memorable, Informative Title

Your title is also another relevant aspect to your server that needs attention.

Make sure you consider the following:

  • Does it reflect your server’s aim?
  • Is it short, snappy, and memorable?
  • Would it compel a potential member to join?

While overly long server names shouldn’t be avoided entirely, you want a server title that sounds professional and easy to remember.

To get your creative juices flowing, just think of some server names that you'd click on if you saw them in server listings.

Write down some potential ideas, and brainstorm a lot in the initial beginning. Don’t be critical of your ideas, just write them all down. After that, leave your list saved somewhere and then come back to it a few days. That way, you’ll have a fresh perspective on your list, and you’ll be able to easily see which titles are memorable and stand out.

4. Enrich Your Server With Bots

A Discord server isn’t the same without some entertaining bots. You can find Discord bots to do virtually anything, and their functionality has helped enrich servers for years.

I've tried and tested many bots, and have collected some favorites that I've personally found to be entertaining and easy to use.

One of my favorite bots is Onyx, a fun and utility bot that has some entertaining commands, to help make memes, get GIFs and stickers, search YouTube, and so forth. Mainly, Onyx has been a useful bot in general, because I've found it easier to react to things, thanks to stickers & GIFS. I’ve been using this bot on my own server and found its multitude of fun commands to keep everyone entertained.

Some other bots you may know of include MEE6, and Dyno; these bots have been tried and trusted by millions of users, and have extensive support and documentation.

You’ll find plenty of fantastic bots on discordbots.org, and they even have a certification program for bots that remain online 24/7, so you can choose bots that you can trust to always be online. There’s a bot to suit every kind of server, so make sure to add some to yours!

Onyx in action: Discord bots can help you react to messages, liven up your server, and keep things moderated.
Onyx in action: Discord bots can help you react to messages, liven up your server, and keep things moderated.

5. Welcome Your Users

Ireland’s most famous saying, “A Thousand Welcomes” rings true here. When a member joins your server, make sure they get a great welcome. There are plenty of bots that provide automatic welcomes, just in case your server becomes incredibly popular, and the server owner won’t have the time or energy to welcome potentially tens of new users every day!

Some bots even provide image welcomes, meaning they take the new member’s avatar, apply some cool filters to it, and then slot that into a neat welcome image. Small tokens of gratitude like this will make the new member feel welcome, at least a little, and it’ll add a streak of professionalism to your server.

Even better, in the early stages, if you can welcome your users personally, this would mean an incredible deal to them. Your server won’t be receiving hundreds of new users initially, (well, sometimes it might, depends!), so you might be able to ask your users some questions about why they joined. Be chatty, friendly, of course, and your users will love to stick around. There’s nothing like a great welcome to make a fantastic impact!

Sometimes a little welcome is all it takes.
Sometimes a little welcome is all it takes.

6. Add Your Server to Server Listings

There are many a great server listing out there to help you advertise your server. Some of these server listings have potentially thousands of servers listed, with tens of new servers listing themselves each day. You need to stand out from your competition by having an informative yet fun server name, a professional logo, and a succinct and descriptive snippet detailing what your server’s all about.

Some great listings include:

7. Outline Your Server’s Aims

Be specific with your server’s aims. Who are you targeting? What users would you like most to join your server, or gain the most use out of it? Some servers are all about coding and programming (often in specific programming languages), other servers provide homework help, others are anime-specific, what’s your server’s aim? It needs to target a certain subset of the population and be clear about its intentions.

That way, you’ll be able to target users who are most suited to your server and would gain a lot of enjoyment out of it. There’s no point in attracting a load of anime fans when your server’s topic doesn’t even deal in the remotest with anime; that means those anime fans aren’t going to be sticking around afterward.

Some server owners are afraid to be specific with their server’s topic, so they create an overly generalized server “for everyone.” While this usually isn’t a major problem, it might mean that it can be difficult to attract users to this new server, since there are so many other servers that serve the same purpose.

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8. Focus on a Particular Topic

You’ll see that some of the most successful servers are the ones that focus on a particular topic, cs:go servers, android app development servers, etc., Remember, there’s no point in having thousands of users on your server if they don’t end up interacting with it all that often. So by keeping your server’s aim direct and specific, you’ll attract users that are sure to interact with it, be entertained, and make loads of new friends.

9. Focus on Your Server’s Description

Whenever I look at server listings for new servers to join, I often see server descriptions that contain virtually no information on the server at all, and for me, as a potential member, I often just skip these and move on. It could have been the perfect server for me, but its lack of a description meant I didn’t know whether to trust it, so I just moved on.

Make sure your server’s description adequately includes your server’s aims, the interests it serves, and the users it wants to join.

10. Organize Events

With Discord bots, you can organize trivia games, listen to music together, or just host fun community-based events. By organizing these, your server's members will tell their friends about these events too, and your server will get a lot more exposure as a result.

It's relatively easy to organize events; just find a music Discord bot that can play YouTube videos, such as Onyx and then tell your members that they can play their favorite videos all evening. Just organize a time when the majority of your server's members are free, and then off you go!

Word of mouth is the greatest form of advertising, since your server's members will then spread the word about your server's events to their friends, and you could potentially get many more members as a result.

Bonus Tip: Keep Your Server Active

This may seem obvious, I know, but you'd be surprised by how many servers forget this simple rule. I've joined many servers in the past, often from server listings, and then ended up being stuck in a server with little to no activity. The only activity was the occasional bit of chatter and some inside jokes that didn't make me feel connected with the members nor the server.

That's why, if your server is lacking in activity, you should ask a "Question of the Day," where the question is about the topic your server focuses on.

If your server is gaming-related, you could ask members about a game they're passionate about or ask them what they think of industry gaming-related news, such as new game features or new game announcements.

That way, you'll engage your server's members, everyone will get to know each other that little bit better, and your server's activity will pick up in no time.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Susan W


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