10 of the Funniest Scare Pranks Ever on YouTube

Updated on June 3, 2020
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The writer is a creative Content Strategist, who loves to write about global entertainment and issues concerning Africa.

Other than checking out trending topics on social media, the second best thing I like to do on the internet is watch funny YouTube videos. Such videos are an excellent way to decompress after a long day or week, and have a hearty laugh.

YouTube is the second most visited online site with over 1.3 billion users, and 300 hours of video uploads per minute. In addition, nearly five billion videos are viewed on the platform daily, and more than 30 million people visit the site each day.

If your day’s not going so well, you can easily overcome your blues by watching some funny videos. And, the following are some of the funniest scare pranks ever on YouTube. You’ve probably watched some of them already, but it never hurts to view them for a second time.

1. Jalals Scary Nun Prank (Posted in 2018)

This is one of the funniest scare pranks ever, and that’s clear from its over 24 million views. Here, we see people being scared out of their minds by a terrifying nun. The video is hilarious according to me, and the first time I watched it I laughed so hard that I got a sore throat.

2. Ghost Girl in Elevator (Posted in 2012)

In this YouTube video, people in an elevator are horrified by a girl in ghost apparel. I feel somewhat sorry for the people being pranked, because if I was in such a situation I’d probably lose my mind. With more than 13 million views, this Portuguese prank is extremely hilarious.

3. Slender Man Prank by Jalals (Posted in 2019)

In this video, a horrific slender man shows up in secluded places, and the people in the vicinity run away in horror. Currently, the video has almost 28 million views, and it is one of the best prank videos ever from the Jalals brothers.

4. Owl Man Prank at an Abandoned Hospital (Posted in 2017)

Going to an abandoned building is usually not a good idea, but the people in this video did just that. In the abandoned facility, the unaware visitors are scared terribly by a person dressed in an owl man costume. Next time they’ll probably think twice before going into abandoned hospitals

5. Annabelle Prank (Posted in 2014)

The Annabelle prank is yet another hilarious scare prank. In this video, several cleaners come to clean a house, but are horrified by the site of a doll named Annabelle. It feels just like a horror movie.

6. Julien Magic Burning Book Prank (Posted in 2019)

Here, Julien Magic sits next to somebody or several people, and opens a burning book. The people near him stare in amazement, or move away in fright.

7. Zombie Apocalypse Prank (Posted in 2015)

This video brings the fictionist zombie apocalypse into life. After several hours of makeup, the actors come out looking like zombies and scare away innocent bystanders. It’s a nice prank to pull on avid video game players.

8. Mannequin Prank (Posted in 2017)

You never expect mannequins to move, but in this YouTube video they do. People walking down the street suddenly jump in fright after two mannequins near a clothes store move near them.

9. Scary Corpse in Elevator (Posted in 2012)

In this Brazilian YouTube video, two funeral attendants enter an elevator with a coffin and walk out to get the flowers. Before they reach the elevator, the door closes and an innocent person is left in the elevator alone with a coffin. You can see the people in the elevator feeling extremely fearful as the corpse in the coffin pops out suddenly and starts to move.

10. Scary Girl Prank (Posted in 2015)

In this video, two creepy-looking girls scare people walking on foot in the dark. While it’s funny to watch the prank victims running away in fear, I’d never want to be in such a situation. The video makers report that they shot the prank in 3 days, and were arrested on every one of those days. In addition, they report that one of the prank victims was injured, and they had to call an ambulance.

The above are some of the funniest scare pranks on YouTube, and I hope you enjoyed. However, since humor is personal, you may not agree with my whole list.

© 2020 Alice Njambi


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    • alambientertainment profile imageAUTHOR

      Alice Njambi 

      4 months ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks Olusegun

    • OGUNDARE OLUSEGUN profile image


      4 months ago from NIGERIA

      Good compilation.


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