500 Best Usernames for Building an Online Brand

Updated on June 26, 2019
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I have been an online writer for over four years. I am passionate about books, philosophy, music, and the music industry.

Using the right name for you brand can help potential customers find you quickly online.
Using the right name for you brand can help potential customers find you quickly online. | Source

The majority of internet users go with usernames instead of their real names on sites. Username trends are gaining significant momentum with the youth, especially on sites that rely on user-generated content. In the virtual world, a username gives a person a brand new identity and association.

The amount of time individuals spend on social networking sites is astounding. Social networks have become a dwelling place for many internet users globally. While usernames were used to hide or conceal identities in the past, in present times, usernames are used as a mechanism to promote and advertise a brand.

Good Usernames for a Brand

I've made a few lists of the best usernames to use for your brand. I've broken them up into a few different categories.

  1. 100 Best Creative Usernames
  2. 100 Best Unique Usernames
  3. 100 Best Instagram Usernames
  4. 100 Best Cool Usernames
  5. 100 Best Cute Usernames

Picking the Right Username

Usernames create a buzz within the online community you're a part of. With a unique username, you stand out in a crowd. In recent years, sites such as Facebook and Instagram have become avenues for promoting your brand and business. With powerful Instagram usernames, individuals can build a strong online presence that establishes a link with their brand.

The first connection in the virtual world starts with a username, and hence it is important you take your username seriously. While a large number of people prefer using the same username on various social networks, an equal number opt for different usernames on different online platforms.

A memorable brand name will help you stand out on many different social media platforms.
A memorable brand name will help you stand out on many different social media platforms. | Source

How to Choose a Username for Your Brand

Brand building has become the norm on online platforms. While in the past, social networking sites were used as a medium to connect with users and make friends, in recent years, social networks have become places to promote and expand businesses.

Individuals that have a business are more likely to go with a username that also promotes their website and line of work. In this fast-paced world, usernames have become branding and advertising mechanisms for small scale and medium scale entrepreneurs.

The process of picking a username depends on what you intend to convey and how you want to connect online. For instance, an online marketplace for artists and musicians will have a lot of creative usernames. Similarly, on content sites, members may go with a catchy username that associates or relates to their style of content or content services they offer. Depending on what you want to promote, market, advertise, or brand, pick a username that gets readers intrigued and eager to know more.


What Makes a Good Username?

A good username is one that online readers and visitors are able to understand and grasp with one look. Many users of social networking sites use funny or quirky usernames. A quirky or thought-provoking username does generate quite a buzz on social networking sites. Usernames should not be overly complicated; you will not make progress with an obnoxiously long username.

The type of username chosen by guys and girls differs drastically. Girls often like to go with names that have a sunny flavor to them, and they love to use names that are peppy and vibrant. Boys, on the other hand, like to go with names that are dark, mysterious, cynical, or technical. There are no rules when it comes to picking a username, and so if you have a strong intuition about something that is going to work for you, dive right in.

The lists below showcase a diverse list of usernames for brand building that can be used on different online platforms. If you have something on your mind, say it in the comments section.


100 Best Creative Usernames

  1. Angel Egotrip
  2. Made Savage
  3. Binary Bark
  4. The Deal
  5. Fiddle Pie
  6. Raid Brigade
  7. Geez God
  8. Mindhack Diva
  9. Sugar Lump
  10. K For Kun
  11. Armor of Odd
  12. Loop Hole Mindset
  13. Asterism Zeevine
  14. Droolbug
  15. Starry Divinity
  16. Zig Wagon
  17. Blu Zoo
  18. Lens Patriot
  19. Doll Throne
  20. Sweetielicious
  21. Krazy Encounter
  22. Strife Life
  23. Ice Minister
  24. Twinkle Doll
  25. Meat Mojo
  26. Evil Rage
  27. Apogee Point
  28. Cluster of Hope
  29. Angel Berry
  30. Mind Pixell
  31. It Was Me
  32. Marker Dee
  33. Ahem Girl
  34. Emoster Pink
  35. Diva Comet
  36. Prep Station
  37. Whack Stack
  38. Cutefest Fizzle
  39. Him Again
  40. Dread Monster
  41. Exit Hound
  42. Mind Trick Poodle
  43. Prom Doll
  44. Rainbow Passion
  45. Cislunar Doll
  46. Bright Nut
  47. Fruit Loop Diva
  48. Grimster
  49. Cynic Poet
  50. Illustrious Doom
  51. Hippo Thump
  52. Cosmotech Junkie
  53. Doppler Thing
  54. Sleep Walker Swag
  55. Take Away Step
  56. Azimuth Mindspace
  57. Black Hole Thing
  58. Singular Desire
  59. Size Does Splatter
  60. Dark Disaster
  61. New Pole Meteorite
  62. Beyond This
  63. Free Fall Matter
  64. Peace Pangs
  65. Shout Out Facts
  66. Prom Storm Diva
  67. Choc O Block
  68. Hug Me Tight
  69. Egoflash
  70. Bold Bazooka
  71. Mind Dweller
  72. Psycho Poodle
  73. Monk Doodles
  74. Star Bit Angel
  75. Chub Bubbly
  76. High Pink
  77. Lunar Doll
  78. Here There and Everywhere
  79. Sweet Pandora
  80. Pill Thinker
  81. I Squad Solace
  82. Just My Thing
  83. Gamma Girl
  84. Stripe Hype
  85. Moonlight Breed
  86. Camerashy Crusader
  87. Singular Mindspeak
  88. Wax M Clean
  89. Fine Sin Ego
  90. Coriolis Extreme
  91. Sting Thing
  92. Alien Coffee Maker
  93. Full Indie Tank
  94. Rainbow Love
  95. Flame Drone
  96. Pixel Poney
  97. Croon Girl
  98. Sublime Ranter
  99. Phase Zun
  100. Angelight Arc

100 Best Unique Usernames

  1. Blozzom Buzz
  2. Mercy Pill
  3. Sonic Peace Machine
  4. Dixie Bloom
  5. Tit Bit Tyrant
  6. Dark Water Reflection
  7. Couch Sweet Potato
  8. Sober Class Zoro
  9. Melancholic Touch
  10. Lens Bewitchery
  11. Pizza Topping Girl
  12. Emohawk
  13. Gremlin Girl
  14. Kuiper Split
  15. Asteroid Z
  16. List Heist
  17. Bearhug Thug
  18. Wormhole Haven
  19. Angelic Quest
  20. Mind Dragon
  21. Ice Water Dreams
  22. Pill Monster
  23. Bubbles
  24. Crappyness
  25. In a Seashell
  26. Cybertron Geek
  27. Diva Bliss
  28. Gal Inertia
  29. Cyberdome Exotica
  30. Spectro Gal
  31. Mass Nova
  32. Snowflake Fluff
  33. Ginger Tea Addict
  34. Neutron Scan
  35. Pure Menace
  36. Cuddle Skunk
  37. Blisstry Mystery
  38. Dream Cloud Fiesta
  39. Greed Hound
  40. Kozomo Blur
  41. Kepler Clan
  42. The Hip Goat E
  43. Blueberry Burstkill
  44. Dollspell
  45. Packhunter
  46. Blonde Enhancement
  47. Mindbender
  48. Spit Fire Domain
  49. Shadow Comes Alive
  50. Thing Called Desire
  51. Bling Hive
  52. Lily Things
  53. The Epic Thrill
  54. Blue Thrill Bonzo
  55. Dude Hope
  56. Bored Being Sober
  57. I Lied Again
  58. Cuddly Beast
  59. Queenberry Chaos
  60. Buttercup
  61. Tight Sight Diva
  62. Pink Dragon
  63. Seashell Shimmer
  64. Hick Fiddlestick
  65. Your Last Nightmare
  66. Angel Infinity
  67. Tea Density
  68. Luna Tech
  69. Evil Halt
  70. Oriental Moonkill
  71. Gamer Thrill
  72. Mocha Pundit
  73. Creep in You
  74. Brunette Breed
  75. Kitty Delight
  76. Dragon Pie
  77. Some Hot Lunachick
  78. Capture Aztec
  79. Shine Zodiac
  80. Foamy
  81. Serial Liker
  82. In Your Books
  83. Glam For You
  84. Creed Messiah
  85. Butterscotch Peaks
  86. Cuddle Kitty
  87. Interstellar Infect
  88. Space Pineapple
  89. Poodle Pie
  90. Windmill Magnetism
  91. Oodle Headrush
  92. Rant Diva
  93. Toxic Haste
  94. Featured Once Again
  95. Smile Cutie
  96. Bee Trek
  97. Core Thrasher
  98. Scarlett Dream Fever
  99. Cosmo Tech Density
  100. Piggy On the Railway

100 Best Instagram Usernames

  1. I Know a Chemist
  2. Brain Loon
  3. Sinful Trust
  4. Pretty Pixie
  5. Boo Teen Queen
  6. Bling Harmony
  7. Peppermint Chick
  8. Zeropie
  9. Lure Magnetic
  10. Stomp Hurricane
  11. Bod Appeal
  12. Dread City Angel
  13. Caramel Cookie
  14. Swerve Curve
  15. Dude With Food
  16. Unicorn Dimension
  17. Broomwitch Hairy Tales
  18. Meteor Babe
  19. Troll Stall
  20. Blonde Drizzle
  21. Diva Ran Dumb
  22. Glam Angel
  23. Pineflower Pixie
  24. I Equinox
  25. Cosmic Juice
  26. I Shot Smiley
  27. Shy Peach
  28. Doll Stall
  29. Flyby Equinox
  30. Angel With Pings
  31. Purple Pixel
  32. Bliss Rooster
  33. Stir Glass Hour
  34. Neurotic Spy
  35. Open Basket Mayhem
  36. Manic Brainpoint
  37. Rainbow Kisses
  38. Awkward Pink Stance
  39. Just Awesomeness
  40. Quack Gal
  41. Thrillfiller
  42. Cloud Green
  43. Mindbend Mystique
  44. Bag of Swag
  45. Firefox Diva
  46. Pineapple Strum
  47. Wonk Enforcement
  48. Basket of Dreams
  49. Mocha Pixie
  50. Cookie Angel
  51. Brutal Tech Giant
  52. Stilt Goddess
  53. Chuckle Demon
  54. Mind Light
  55. Eye Twitch Diva
  56. I Lost a Million
  57. Lip Syndrome
  58. Been Found Twice
  59. Done Deal
  60. Vanilla Thing
  61. Celestial Centric
  62. Grim Sparrow
  63. Bloom Thing
  64. Soul Dragon
  65. Wet Vision
  66. Locomate
  67. Angle Fire
  68. Marshmallow Sin
  69. Lemon Cupcake
  70. Pizza For All
  71. Sugar Free Diva
  72. Vodka By Night
  73. Cosmic Sage
  74. Cinnamon Honeypie
  75. Twilight Galaxy
  76. Flip The Virus
  77. Grimhawk Passion
  78. Cookie Dragon
  79. Vineyard Bard
  80. The Epic Freedom
  81. Oops The Deal
  82. Dream Vision
  83. Vodka For Dinner
  84. Magenta Madness
  85. Pill Riot
  86. Tipsy Tips N’ Toes
  87. White Laughter
  88. Arrowhead Hypnosis
  89. Smother King
  90. Princess Strange
  91. Swirl Girl
  92. Apple Drip
  93. Lady Muffin
  94. Shine Tin Molecules
  95. Twinkle Fix
  96. Lord of Bitter
  97. Splendor Goddess
  98. Camouflage Angel
  99. Dream Pride
  100. White Ocean Happiness

100 Best Cool Usernames

  1. ThrillFly
  2. Techoflash
  3. Diva Snow
  4. Flyleap
  5. Veg Attack
  6. Darkened Sky
  7. Skythrill
  8. Glue Heart
  9. Streamroll Angel
  10. Wonky Buzz
  11. Tackle Axe
  12. Gun Dee Mug
  13. Tech Alien
  14. Puss Flakes
  15. Byte Mayhem
  16. Lyk Demon
  17. Swagthing
  18. Yellow Giant
  19. Breezy
  20. Coz More
  21. Muffy Boo
  22. Shoot Cute
  23. Dream Fest
  24. Peek-a-Freek
  25. Trilog
  26. Seeker
  27. Zictate
  28. Force Matter
  29. Smart Thrill
  30. Cuddle Bug
  31. Pagan Byte
  32. Leggy Lass
  33. Speckled Dude
  34. Mind Lord
  35. Boom Blossom
  36. Frostlite
  37. Yellow Gello
  38. Kitty Awakening
  39. Transit Spoof
  40. Pinkness
  41. Smile Kingdom
  42. Tribe Fearless
  43. Cutie is In
  44. Sense of Cool
  45. Flame Chump
  46. Seashell Magic
  47. Tech Princess
  48. Pink Axa
  49. Lovestump
  50. Speckled Dudess
  51. Oldschool Lollipop
  52. Heavenly Prophet
  53. Pie Thing
  54. Kitty Fest
  55. Old Habit
  56. Boo T Thing
  57. Redone Thing
  58. Sage On Wage
  59. Chill Sting
  60. Ice Lord
  61. Diva Z
  62. Boom Batter
  63. Her Again
  64. Kaboom Girl
  65. Halo Thing
  66. Strut Kingdom
  67. Floss Galaxy
  68. Dove Dimple
  69. Hyper Diva
  70. Honeytwig
  71. Swag Rat
  72. Pink Prophet
  73. Breed Lug
  74. Stream of Cream
  75. Calm Bee
  76. Brain Storm Angel
  77. Geek Domain
  78. Sly Bug
  79. Trick Parade
  80. Your Daily Bread
  81. Hug Froggie
  82. The Purple Thing
  83. Cream Cake Diva
  84. Rebel Doll
  85. Overkill Serenity
  86. Brutal Prospect
  87. Poke Galaxy
  88. Celestial Knowhow
  89. Dimple Thing
  90. Wild Bling
  91. Honey Plug
  92. Cybertoast
  93. Broad Margin Girl
  94. Funk Hipster
  95. Eve End
  96. Odd Soda
  97. Epic Blue
  98. Green Levi
  99. Blade Stun
  100. Plug O’ Stien

100 Best Cute Usernames

  1. Delirious Gentleman
  2. Far Fetched Irony
  3. Sacred Samurai
  4. Ethno Sin Fever
  5. Blue Migraine
  6. Grey Matter
  7. That Thing Beneath
  8. D Wine Diva
  9. Coffee Priestess
  10. Summer Rain
  11. Little Duck
  12. Angel Got Horns
  13. Teen Drive Sidewalk
  14. Skyleap
  15. Purple Chilli
  16. Purple Hipster
  17. Firewalk Prophesy
  18. Afro Dread
  19. Light Matter
  20. Glue Stu
  21. Sly Monkey Pizzazz
  22. Zombie Guide
  23. I Won a Million
  24. Mind Pancake
  25. Magical Starlight
  26. Scan Head
  27. Ravishing Damsel
  28. Honeydrip Burn
  29. Yonder Core
  30. Cyber Floss Lord
  31. The Evening After
  32. Heed Raid
  33. Xentrix
  34. Dream At Chance
  35. Pure Pizzazz
  36. Alien Cruise
  37. Rotten Disco Balls
  38. Shinedown Shimmy
  39. Pizza Pizzazz
  40. Moon Shimmer
  41. Symphonic Sprinkle
  42. Beastly Byte
  43. Starfire Starleena
  44. Colossal Calmness
  45. Lovecove
  46. Beige Eclipse
  47. Eccentric Bull Frog
  48. Takeover Tyrant
  49. Pixel Anatomy
  50. Alien Brain Drain
  51. Thought Motel
  52. Smurf Candy
  53. Zeek Kingdom
  54. Pizza Priestess
  55. Smother Queen
  56. Every Penny Counts
  57. The Laidback Squirrel
  58. Pixel Lord
  59. Mocha Ooze
  60. Shadow Slump
  61. Ring My Bell
  62. Noah For Sure
  63. Cupcakes for Supper
  64. Doll Tantrums
  65. Sweetie High
  66. Bloom Kitty
  67. Nail Art Dolphin
  68. Cool Authority
  69. Twilight Doll Fever
  70. Penguin Moonwalker
  71. Vibe Gone Sour
  72. Aromatic Chromatic
  73. Warm Touch Avengers
  74. Unforgiving Spleen
  75. Still Delight
  76. Dear To You
  77. Sea Monkey
  78. Peapod Snapshots
  79. Storm Magnetic
  80. Louder Than You
  81. Cunning Chipmunk
  82. Rantrum Diva
  83. Hipdazzle Shimmer
  84. Check My Pies
  85. Olive Over Everything
  86. Brain Drain Babe
  87. The Inner Thing
  88. Extreme Macho Moron
  89. That Sling Thing
  90. Egoshop
  91. Autumn Soul
  92. Dog Bone Device
  93. Partycrasher
  94. Honeycomb Princess
  95. Snowflake Siesta
  96. Muffinhead
  97. Whispering Starlight
  98. Happy In My Hut
  99. Hyper Zoom
  100. Sweet Lip Harmony

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