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13 Tips to Grow Your Blog Via Instagram

I am a graphic designer, business owner, and social media expert. I hope that my experience will be a benefit to you.

Tips and tricks for using Instagram to grow your blog

Tips and tricks for using Instagram to grow your blog

1. Setting Up or Resetting Your Instagram Bio

Include what you do within your Bio Name. For example, Suzette Alexander | Social Media Expert. That way, you show up in the search results for social media (or whatever your niche is) when someone is searching on Instagram.

2. Know Who You Are and What Your Business Stands for

You need to have a specific target audience in mind to be successful. This means you need to be specific in what you are posting to your audience.

3. Include Keywords in Your Bio

Using the example above. I would use the words "social media," "master Facebook," and "Instagram success" in my bio. This shows Instagram which niche-specific audiences to show your content to.

4. Know What Is Working for You

You want to identify your most successful posts. You can identify posts that have outperformed others by clicking the bar menu in the top right corner. Click the "Insights" option to gain access to post analytics.

You can also click the word insights under a specific post. It will tell you how many views the post had. It will also tell you how many people clicked on your profile from that post. Once you have identified what types of images resonate with your followers, you can continue to post those types of images.

5. Plan Out Your Content

Instagram is a very visual medium. Your posts should follow a pattern. You should be able to see a consistent color scheme and content scheme when viewing someone’s feed. Take a look at the feeds of similar businesses in your niche to get ideas.

6. Plan Out Your Captions

Captions are the text you include below an image that you post on your Instagram feed. Create engaging captions by asking questions, using emojis, and using captions that relate to popular feeds—holiday, election, and hot topic feeds.

7. Mix Up Your Posts

  • Ask Questions: Asking questions are a great way to increase engagement on your posts. Questions that ask your followers' opinions on topics do well. People love to give their opinions on popular topics.
  • Motivational Quotes: Quotes increase your relationship with your audience. For example, #mondaymotivation quotes do well. But you can post a great motivation quote any day of the week.
  • Go Live: Go live on Instagram. Live video is the most popular content on social media right now. Let your audience know when you are going live. Make a plan for what you are going to say. Ask your followers what they want to hear from you. Ask them to direct message you with their questions.
  • Short Videos: Do some short advertisement videos. A picture with some movement, words popping up, a video with a few slides on it, or a short clip of you talking. Keep varying your content to make it interesting. Here are the time limits for your Instagram videos:
  • Live Video: 1 hour
  • Video Post to Your Instagram Profile: 1 min
  • Video Post to Your Instagram Story: 15 seconds
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8. Have a Hashtag Strategy

You can use up to 30 hashtags in every post. One of the best tips to grow your Instagram is to use specific and niche-related hashtags. You want the right people to find you. You need to search for hashtags in your niche. You need to use the hashtags that are the closest in numbers to your followers.

For example, let’s say I have 200 followers in my new business. If I search for a hashtag and it has 8 million posts, I will never be seen in that category. If I search for a hashtag with 1,200 posts, I can rank with that hashtag.

One technique that is sometimes successful is hashtag stacking. Do ten tags you know you can rank for. Then the next ten is a little out of your range but not too much. Then for the next 10, do tags with over 100,000–1,000,000 posts.

9. Be Consistent

One of the best tips to grow your Instagram is to be consistently on Instagram. You should follow a consistent schedule of posting at least once a day. Consider using a program to schedule your posts. It will give you more time to engage with your followers. Plan what and when you want to post on Instagram. See which time of day your posts are getting the most interaction. When you schedule ahead, you have the timing of your posts down every day. It will save you a lot of time and help you stick to a strategy.

10. Be Relevant

Post about relevant events that are currently happening, such as holidays, news stories, seasonal events, shows, and concerts. Your page won’t feel stale if you consistently include topics that are popular and recent.

11. Be Relational

Building a strong relationship is the most important factor you need to focus on to succeed on Instagram. People follow people who they feel like they know. You don’t want to reveal too much about your personal life. But you do want to be personal and relational. Always reply to comments.

12. Be Responsive

You need to respond to comments with a “thank you” or reply to your followers' questions. Sometimes you will want to start a dialogue by asking a question about their comment. It is essential to build relationships with your followers.

13. Make the Most of the Stories Feature

Increase interest in your stories by using these:

  • Polls + Questions: Include polls + questions to increase the engagement between you and your followers.
  • Hashtags# and Mentions@ in Your Stories: Instagram stories give you the chance to use one hashtag and one mention in your story.
  • Geo-Tag Your Location: People love to search for local stories. They look for ideas on where to go on date night or cool places to take out of town visitors. Geotagging is a great feature for when followers are planning a trip. It gives them ideas on what they might want to do when visiting your city.
  • Gifs Are Life: Gifs are little, moving images. You can use them to add interest to your image posts.

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