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13 Reasons Why Jake Paul Became Famous on YouTube

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Jake Paul was one of the hottest and most popular young stars of the 2010s, and he took YouTube by storm.

But who is he and why is he so famous?

This former Disney and Vine superstar became an internet phenomenon that generation Z couldn't escape from.

His stardom may be an enigma but here are 13 reasons why Jake Paul is popular on YouTube.

13. Jake Paul's Vine Celebrity

Jake Paul's internet career started on the once popular and now defunct Vine.

The app was like a miniature version of YouTube, except all the videos were 6-seconds long and mostly comedic in nature.

Paul's vines frequently gathered millions of loops (plays) and once the app shut down, he had accumulated two billion total loops with over 5 million followers.

In less than two years he became one of the most influential Viners, which led to several product deals and even landed him a role on the Disney Channel show "Bizaardvark".

12. Disney's Bizaardvark

Bizaardvark was Disney's version of YouTube where two kids post funny clips/songs on the internet.

Jake Paul played the role of Dirk Mann who frequently performed pranks and dares on the show as one of the supporting characters.

Before signing on with Disney, Paul was already one of the most popular budding stars among teens today, but this career move provided him with mainstream appeal and furthered his brand.

It also allowed Jake to form his own creative agency titled Team 10 whom he frequently collaborated with.

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His partnership with Team 10 eventually led to a 2017 rap music video called "It's Everyday Bro", which became a massive hit on iTunes and YouTube.

11. It's Everyday Bro Song

"Everyday Bro" launched Jake Paul's fame and YouTube channel into the stratosphere as it quickly went viral (100+ million views).

The song starred his Team 10 crew and was a rap song about living the rich life and being an internet star.

It also became one of the top 10 most disliked videos on YouTube upon release with critics slamming the lyrics, his attitude in the video, and disrespect towards serious rap/hip-hop artists.

In fact Jake Paul publicly insulted rapper Kendrick Lamar on Twitter about how his song would topple Lamar's on iTunes (it did briefly).

However the song's rise to the top of the iTunes charts was due to mass spamming by Paul on social media to his hoard of young, impressionable fans.

Whether or not the video was meant to be serious is unknown, but many have compared it to other massively viral music videos like Rebecca Black's "Friday" (released in 2011) and Justin Bieber's "Baby".

10. He's Logan Paul's Brother

Jake Paul's fame could partially be attributed to his older brother Logan, who also had a massive Vine following that turned into a YouTube career and later UFC & podcasting.

He was sometimes featured in Jake's videos and vice versa though Logan's channel, which focused more on vlogging, short films, and occasional challenges.

Logan also had several acting stints on Law & Order, ABC Family, and in the YouTube Premium movie "The Thinning" as the main lead. In addition Logan had one of the most infamous controversies on YouTube involving a well-known Japanese forest.

The Paul brothers had an equal level of success, but the thing that really binds them the most and has arguably driven their fame is their fans.

9. The Jake Paulers

The Paul Brothers were generally kid friendly, and Jake's role on Disney certainly helped.

In fact the majority of their fans are young girls or "fan girls" that are incredibly passionate about them and have greatly contributed towards their growth on YouTube.

Since YouTube itself is geared towards teens, it's not surprising that girls subscribed to the brothers' channels.

Having such a young and impressionable audience has led to a lot of disdain from others particularly because Jake Paul lacks transparency.

For many this has made Paul difficult to root for and has raised concerns about his portrayal as a role model for kids and teens.

8. Jake Paul's Law & Order

Some people viewed Jake as a bad boy because of his attitude and lack of responsibility.

There are even individuals who have stigmatized Generation Z because of rich, vain, and arrogant internet celebrities like Paul. However this didn't stop him from growing on social media and YouTube.

His bad boy persona brought in even more fans than before and added to that cool factor teens sometimes strive for. Unfortunately his antics at the Team 10 house and online did not go unpunished.

Due to his inappropriate behavior, he was released from his Disney contract in July 2017 during the second season filming of Bizaardvark.

7. Jake Paul's Social Blade

You can't be an internet star without having a huge social media presence, and Jake Paul certainly has that in spades.

He has millions of followers on such platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube that he frequently visits. Jake posts daily and regularly interacts with his fans.

He also has a tendency to spam his followers with products and merchandise with the help of his squad. His former Team 10 crew also frequented social media and used to advertise Jake's 'merch' to his loving fans.

His social media fame has certainly attributed to his YouTube success, but he wouldn't be where he is without a few other factors.

6. White Boy Rapper from Ohio

His surfer, California look attracts a lot of fan girls who consider him to be good-looking.

It also doesn't hurt to be, as he puts it, "A White Boy from Ohio".

As far as his body type goes, he has an average build and isn't intimidating by any means, which makes him more likable to his young fans.

But many don't consider Jake Paul to have model looks and instead target his personality.


5. He's Young

Jake Paul is 24 years old but his mentality skews a lot younger in videos/public.

His youthful mental state makes him an attractive internet celebrity for a lot of kids because they can relate to him, and his YouTube content usually involves pranks and challenges that kids are entertained by.

He may be an adult but he doesn't act like it, and on YouTube, that helps bring in plenty of teen viewers.

In fact the majority of most subscribed channels and creators on YouTube are millennials in their late teens and 20's, so he fits right in.

4. Jack Paul and Team 10

Jake was not a solo contributor on his channel; he had his Team 10 group appear in videos.

Team 10 was not just a creative and marketing agency aimed at teens, they were also Jake's friends.

As stated before, a lot of his YouTube videos had him and his friends perform pranks and challenges. They even had a house in Los Angeles that was called the Team 10 house.

Unfortunately for Paul, his stay at the house led to controversy and a lot of unwanted public attention, which caused his eviction shortly after.

3. He's Controversial

Paul's Team 10 house was featured on a KTLA 5 news report due to public complaints about loud noises, late night partying, fire hazards, and swarms of fans outside neighboring houses.

The problems got so out of hand that his neighbors threatened to file a class action lawsuit to get him evicted from the house.

Yet Paul's most damaging act was that he made his address public, which led to crowds forming outside the neighborhood.

There were other controversies too including an alleged doxxing (unauthorized release of information) of rapper Post Malone when Jake filmed a video of his meetup without Malone's knowledge.

While none of his acts have been criminal in nature, his persona took a more polarizing turn especially when compared to Logan Paul.

It also made him more successful and well-known in return.

2. The Vine Invasion

Jake was part of the so-called Viner invasion of 2016 & 2017 where popular Vine stars transferred to YouTube after the app got shut-down.

Famous Viners like the Paul Brothers, Lance Stewart, Liza Koshy, Lele Pons, and David Dobrik were successfully able to transition from Vine to YouTube with some pros and a lot of cons.

A few stars like Liza and David (before 2021) were viewed as being positive for the YouTube community while many fell flat.

The change in style and long-form video was too much for a lot of Viners, but that didn't stop Jake Paul from raking it in.

He's now much more popular than he was on Vine, and his net worth has skyrocketed due to an incredible advertisement push.

1. Jake Paul's YouTube Stats

It's no secret that a lot of youtubers don't like Jake Paul and yet they've only made him more popular by talking about him.

Even though the majority of videos about Jake are negative, they still help drive people to his channel. If other creators really wanted to stop his growth, then they should've stopped talking about him.

But there's a lot of irony in that debate due to Jake's meteoric rise in popularity and 20+ million subscriber count.

Because whenever a youtuber mentioned him their video/s or use him as a thumbnail, their view/subscriber count would soar.

Ultimately it didn't matter if the youtuber or their audience were being negative because they both profited in the end.

So whether you love or hate Jake, his notoriety is no fluke and these are the 13 reasons why Jake Paul is popular on YouTube.

What's Next for Jake Paul?

As an evolving content creator and person, Jake Paul has been through a lot of ups and downs.

He had publicized arguments with former girlfriends and Team 10 members, controversies involving his brother, father and other youtubers, public lawsuits etc. He also hosted/attended several charity events for Hurricane Harvey relief and gun control advocacy though the latter was more rhetorical than reactive.

But perhaps his biggest career move thus far was his transition to UFC fighting that began with a highly anticipated matchup with youtuber KSI, which KSI barely won.

In 2018 Jake Paul was also featured and partially redeemed by critics after then well-liked and successful youtuber Shane Dawson released an 8-part YouTube docuseries on Paul.

However shortly after the series he had a breakup with then girlfriend Erika Costell, which eventually culminated with his relationship with popular and scandalous story-time youtuber Tana Mongeau (also featured in a Shane Dawson docuseries).

They eventually held a fake wedding ceremony that became a poorly received pay-per-view livestream for their audiences (they broke up eventually).

During this time Jake Paul continued to be involved in controversies with an awful, paid training course marketing scheme, a gambling scandal, illegal advertisement practices, an illegal trespassing during the summer 2020 BLM riots, etc.

There's just too many things to mention and Jake Paul is only in his mid 20s, but it appears he will continue with his semi-successful UFC career while hopefully avoiding additional scandals as he matures further.

Time will only tell.

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Question: Why is Jake Paul hot?

Answer: He's young, probably works out a lot, and a lot of people like his personality. Maybe you can tell me why you think he's hot.

Question: Are Jake Paul and Logan bad people?

Answer: They've done a lot of bad things, but I don't know if they're bad people.


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jack pool is one of the most beautiful females ive ever seen in my entire life!

Sbean on August 28, 2018:

Jake Paul is pretty much a manlet; same kind of person Bieber is; everyone is willing to overlook his many many flaws because he is soooo famous. One of my marks against him is that he is rich, so automatically a strike against him. He could overcome being rich as a flaw for relating to any of his audience, but he is super not grounded in reality, and does not much but flaunt his merch and encourage bullying. He has so much fame and pull with children, but he doesn't understand or doesn't care that how he acts has huge influence on kids that watch him. Just to end the rant, did anyone really care that Bieber spat on his fans multiple times and urinated in mop buckets in public from time to time? These celebs don't care about the children they are influencing and I don't think parents have enough time in the day to keep their kids from these toxic people. These people just need to stop making content, or be better.

Ipfi on May 02, 2018:

Jake Paul is an inspiration and a great role model,don't care of what the haters have to say and thanks for the information follow me on istagram xo_1st_teen

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I agree. This kid has no talent. hahaha! But for real now I understand all of this "Youtube drama" over Jake Paul.

Thank you for helping me got on trend, hahaha, that sounded like I'm a 40 year old mom trying to get on with her 12 kids!!

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