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5 Great Free Photo Sites

Chris loves great photography and always wants to add great images to his articles.


Images Are Powerful

Images are extremely powerful. A great image or photo can transport us back into the memories of past vacations or let us escape reality and imagine another world. Vision is such a strong sense that there are many sayings about how powerful it is.

  • Seeing is believing. - proverb
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. - proverb
  • I'm really looking forward to seeing what life brings to me. -Rihanna
  • One thing I look forward to is seeing new places and new people. -Normani Kordei

Sight is the most used sense that we have and refer to. So why wouldn't you want the best photos and images that you can get, especially if they are free? I want to share five great websites for images and photos that are free to use. I hope that these sites help with anything and everything you are working on.

Burst Shopify offers amazing free images.

Burst Shopify offers amazing free images.

5. Burst Shopify

Burst Shopify has a good selection of amazing free photos. I have not seen an image on their site that is not in high resolution. A great selection and easy to navigate website make this an easy choice to go to when you are in need of an outstanding image, especially a free image. These photos could easily be posters hanging on a wall enticing people to an exotic location or reaching for goals to achieve success.

With many categories to search through and find the perfect image to use for your project, Burst Shopify is a great resource. I hope that you find many free images to use for your projects and that this is one of your go-to's when you need an image. And just to clarify, these images are free for commercial use as well.

Pexels offers an amazing selection of free photos.

Pexels offers an amazing selection of free photos.

4. Pexels

Pexels offers a wide selection of amazing free photos. These images are professional quality with great lighting, and the site has a generous selection of photos to choose from. This is another one of those sites that offer free commercial images, so go ahead and use them for your projects.

One discovery I have had was that an amazing image can take a good piece of writing and make it outstanding. There are times when the image helps connect the reader to what was written and catapults the engagement level. Pexels and other free photo sites offer something special to their users.

Unsplash offers a great eclectic selection of amazing free photos.

Unsplash offers a great eclectic selection of amazing free photos.

3. Unsplash

Unsplash has many amazing photos and images. I personally own a nice camera, and this site shows me how little I know about using it or how well I use it because of the quality of the stock photos here. There are times that I don't actually need a free image for anything, but I enjoy scrolling through the images and just looking at some of the outstanding visions that the photographers have here.

This site offers a wide selection of free stock images that are free for commercial use as well, and the site is easy to navigate. This is a site that you will enjoy and find free stock photos that you love.

Canva offers millions of free photos.

Canva offers millions of free photos.

2. Canva

Canva has awesome free digital images and free photos. Their advertising says that there are "millions of high-quality stock photos" available for free on their website. I whole-heartily believe that this is true. Once you start clicking and going down the tunnel into their archives of free stock images, you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of high-quality photos available on Canva.

This is another site that offers quality for free, even for commercial use. I hope that you will explore this site. If you are looking for something specific, it is likely you will find something that works for you in the millions of free photos they offer.

Pixnio allows free to use images and photos.

Pixnio allows free to use images and photos.

1. Pixnio

Pixnio is an amazing site that has many ways to search for free photos and images. I am partial to Pixnio because it was the first free stock photo website that I found easy to use and that had high-quality images.

There are a multitude of search methods with Pixnio, from terms and descriptions to colors and categories. Making it such a user-friendly website that it is hard not to return here when looking for images.

All five are free stock photo sites, and even though I did number them, there is no order that I prefer them in. Each site offers an amazing selection to users for free. I hope that you will take the time to search each one and find the right image for you. The quality is outstanding, and these are resources that anyone would be lucky to have at their disposal. Enjoy them as much as possible and have fun.


© 2018 Chris Andrews


Chris Andrews (author) from Ohio on September 13, 2018:

Thanks for taking the time to read the article. I hope they help.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on September 13, 2018:

Nice and useful article!

I was only aware of Pixaby, Flickr and some other ones.

Thanks for sharing this useful information.