5 Most Common Type of Photographs We See on Social Media

Updated on March 13, 2017

In the last couple of years, the trend of photography has become quite popular and there are many self-made photographers who are trying to get in on the latest fad. While some are better than the others, there’s a generally established pattern when it comes to the most common and, at the same time, most popular, photographs we see on social media. And here they are:

The Selfie

There’s not really much to talk about the trend of selfies – we’ve all done it at least once in our lifetime. Of course, some do it more and some less, but how else would you remind your peers on Facebook and Instagram that your face hasn’t changed since yesterday? Jokes aside, the duck face and the selfie stick have definitely left a significant mark in today’s photography trends and it seems as if they aren’t planning on going off the radar anytime soon.

A Cosy Winter Night

We all have that one social media friend who seems to spend their days staring outside the window, observing the snowflakes fall down, while snuggled in a warm blanket, woollen socks with a hot cup of cocoa and an open book besides them… sound familiar? Yes, the trend of snuggled up bookworms has probably originated somewhere on Tumblr but since then has managed to take over the entire internet in the blink of an eye.

A Warm Summer Day

But what do those winter window dwellers do when summer finally takes over and the snowflakes turn into a soft summer breeze? Well, it’s quite simple actually: the cosy room surroundings are replaced by a hot beach environment, the cocoa becomes a chilled cocktail and the view from the window is replaced by the image of two tanned, oily legs. Bonus points are added if they manage to squeeze their décolletage in the whole picture.

Children and Pets

If you thought that people posting dozens pet pictures were over the top, then you’re definitely not prepared for the fresh mom starter pack. Surely, the gift of birth is something wonderful, especially when you get to share it with hundreds of friends on social media. If you have a new mom in your friends list, then it’s quite probable that you know what her baby looks like from every possible angle. And if you thought that you need to become a mom to get enough likes on your pictures, you’d be surprised just how much recognition you’ll get if you share that you’ve become an aunt for the first, second or third time around.

Food Photography

Lastly, we certainly mustn’t forget the never-ending trend of food photography. Taking photographs of your food has its roots on Instagram, but more people are trying to popularize this trend on other social media portals as well. It seems as the tradition of saying a prayer before the meal has been replaced with a more modern solution and believe it or not – it’s quickly catching on. And don’t worry – you don’t actually need to learn the art of presentation, as raw meat, oversized hamburgers and colourful food salads get as much as attention as wedding cakes, espresso art or some Christmas cookies.

Now you have it – if you have at least one social media profile, then it’s highly unlikely that you managed to miss some of these popular photographs. Perhaps you managed to find yourself in some of these or some of your friends, but if it makes you happy – who are we to judge?


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