6 Instagram Profiles That Will Creep You Out

Updated on January 4, 2020
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Julian is a filmmaker and self proclaimed professional amateur photographer. He is currently working toward his M.A. in Communication.

6 Instagram Profiles to Creep You Out

"Friday Orlock", oil on gessoed Fabriano by Dos Diablos.
"Friday Orlock", oil on gessoed Fabriano by Dos Diablos. | Source

Keeper of the Creepy Content

I spend a fair amount of time perusing Instagram, and through a strange web of related profiles, I found myself happening across a variety of accounts that featured creepy content. Maybe it was because of my time searching and writing about a series of bizarre accounts. But regardless of how I stumbled across them, they exist and they're pretty odd.

It's pretty natural for us to be curious about the odd and macabre, and I think that curiosity stems from our desire to explain the unexplainable. Though the truly strange can freak us out, a lot of the content you're about to see is strange because you won't be able to easily explain the contents of them.

So let's pique that curiosity of yours. Check out these 6 Instagram profiles that'll creep you out!

6. Puppets for Your Nightmares

Pretty creepy, but an insanely creative passion.
Pretty creepy, but an insanely creative passion. | Source

Think Chucky, Annabelle and The Boy. Modern horror franchises have instilled fear of dolls among many people, and our first profile will certainly find a way to touch on that fear if it exists within you. Handsome Devils Puppets (@handsomedevilspuppets) is someone's passion project for creating handmade puppets. Their profile hosts a number of images and videos of their completed puppets, many of which resemble notable figures like Edward Scissorhands and Edgar Allen Poe, and others of completely original design. Honestly, if you're not creeped out by dolls or puppets, it's really cool and seriously impressive.


I find this first profile relatively tame and approachable actually, so hopefully you haven't been scared off yet! If anything, you should follow Handsome Devils Puppets because they're obviously dedicated to their craft, passionate about what they do, and truly excel in a rare medium.

5. Frightening Faceless Figures


It's interesting how many facets there are to something being creepy. While something strange and unknown to us might creep us out, taking something that's familiar to us (such as a human figure) and turning it into something we're unaccustomed to is something different all together.

In that case of Oleg Limb (@soliton_), he take a portrait and turns it into something we're not used to: photos of people without faces. It's human nature to be drawn to other's faces in photographs, and it's shocking when you start looking for the faces in Oleg's photos, and instead you find smooth canvases where the model's faces were supposed to be.


The fact that his photos are black and white really help their creepy aesthetic. It gives his work the feeling that they're from a time long gone, a time that we aren't accustomed to. If anything, it creates even more ambiguity about the photos, which leaves us with more questions than answers.

In the end, his photography is gorgeous in a haunting way, and is certainly something to be appreciated.

4. Catch Some Creepy Cartoons


Creeptoons (@creeptoons) is great to dive into. The account is filled with bizarre characters who are illustrated like cartoon characters. Their disproportionate eye sizes and wicked smiles lend themselves to being rather wicked-looking, yet a lot of the characters oddly endearing. In a creepy way, of course.

What struck me immediately upon seeing some of the characters was the resemblance the art style had to Stephen Gammel, the artist who illustrated the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series. Growing up, I came across one of the books in my local library and I remember how striking and grotesque the artwork was. I remember one or two of the stories (which were super creepy), but I feel like I remember the artwork far better than what I read.

Creeptoons does a great job at putting their own twist on their work, and have even started producing short cartoon episodes with their characters!

Again, their work is oddly endearing while still being pretty dark and bizarre. Even the main character of the short, who seems like an innocent little girl, makes her debut by beheading a man (who was approaching a cat with potential ominous intentions, so maybe his murder was justified?).


3. Asylums, Crows, and other Oddities


Photographer Laura Makabresku (@lauramakabresku) describes her own style as being imbued with elements of folklore, legends, and symbolism. If you take just a brief look at her Instagram profile, you'll see these elements at play immediately. Her work takes on a very dark and serious 1800's vibe, and it incredibly haunting. Her work puts us easily into world completely unknown to us and makes it so believable.

Her work features a number of crows, which are used to hide people's faces and perhaps to symbolize death. Overall, it's incredible the dedication she has to creating her images, and the though she puts into developing each scene.


I wish I had more to say about her work, but you really just need to see her profile to get the full effect and truly appreciate it. I set out on my journey to find the creepiest profiles I could (and I found quite a few) but the ones that stuck with me most were the ones that provided us with a glimpse at haunting beauty as opposed to just plain creepiness.

2. Creeps on Canvas

"Self Portrait and Meat Cuts"
"Self Portrait and Meat Cuts" | Source

You'll probably recognize the work of Dos Diablos (@disdiablosdos) from the header image of this article. I've already featured a couple photographers, so I'm excited to sharing the work of an artist who puts their characters on canvas! Dos Diablos embraces the idea of surrealism in their art, and turns it into something truly twisted and bizarre. In particular, I love looking at their work because it's just so incredibly weird and creepy, and I know they're able to put onto canvas things that I'd never be able to dream up, which is fascinating.

Their characters seem to be fleshy human-like creatures, yet they take on deformed appearances, and occasionally have joints and limbs that resemble a spider, which is incredibly unnerving.

"The Rebirth of the Dragon"
"The Rebirth of the Dragon" | Source
"The New Lazarus"
"The New Lazarus" | Source

Honestly, I'd love to see Dos Diablos team up with Creeptoons or another animator to bring some of their characters alive. I'm weirded out looking at some of them simply painted on canvas, so I can't imagine how I'd feel seeing them move around on my screen.

1. The Epitome of Creepy


So full disclosure: this profile creeps me out more than any of the other ones I've seen. While the other profiles had redeeming qualities of some sort, Salvjiia's (@salvjiia) can be plain disturbing. Their page is dedicated to photos (some of which are modeling inspired apparently) of a bizarre humanoid creature.

I've perused a number of their photos, but have been unable to come up with much of a backstory to the figure. Some of the photos talk about dealing with sexuality, such as being "femme, transgender or human", so perhaps one of the underlying ideas is it being a personification for how some people visualize those of a sexual orientation they're uncomfortable with?

Honestly, your guess is probably as good as mine. The purpose could be to just produce the weirdest content possible while pertaining to a theme. Regardless, I hope we can at least agree on the fact that we're both pretty weirded out right now.


I mean, in some of these photos, the figure doesn't seem to have arms. It's just so weird, and I can't place where the photos are taken which just makes them that much creepier. I have so many questions and I don't feel like they're going to be answered any time soon.

Go Forth and Creep!

So in conclusion, I'll leave you with these 6 profiles to creep through. It may not be nice to say in most other cases, but I hope you're at least somewhat uncomfortable browsing some of the content on these Instagram profiles.

In the end, I think it's important to keep in mind that many of these people are artists, and their art simply takes on a medium or style that isn't in the norm, and as a result appear creepy to us. It's a serious talent in itself to evoke emotions through your artwork, and these profiles exemplify that talent incredibly well.

So happy October and happy Halloween. Now go forth and creep on some of these bizarre Instagram profiles!


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