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Androgynous and Non-Binary People on YouTube

Updated on August 04, 2015
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I have a B.A. in English with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I have been a goth since I was fourteen, and pagan since fifteen.

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The popularity of YouTube has proven to help those who do not fit the hetereonormative, whether that be sexual orientation or gender identity.

What is the heteronormative? Heterosexuality is considered the social norm because way back when—the exact timeline is still debated—those in power decided that anyone not fitting within the heterosexual box of male or female should be stopped. It was a way of regulating sexual behavior and gender expression. Before, everyone could usually be themselves, and there was no such thing as sexual orientation.

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Androgyny is one of my favorite topics to discuss, but what is it, exactly? It incorporates masculine and feminine characteristics. Growing up in a society that is set on separating these characteristics can be oppressive to anyone, regardless of whether they identify as androgynous or not. This is why we need to know about androgynous people. They influence us to reconsider what the goal of the gender binary is.

AndroGenetics was an active group of androgynous YouTubers. The channel is still available, and the members can be found on their own channels.

Jason Simone is a super sarcastic, and hilariously funny former member of AndroGenetics. He lives in New York City, and vlogs mostly about life experiences and various makeup tutorials. One of my favorite videos of his is all about critical thinking. He explains how our generation is no longer taught its importance, and its impact on our ability to understand ourselves and the world. If you're thinking of proving me wrong, please enlighten me on why so many refuse to open their minds to a non-binary society, and you will understand my point.

Sebastian Simon is one of my personal favorite androgynous people on YouTube. He is also one of the sweetest people you may see on there. He is from Denmark, but has moved around a lot over the past few years. His passion for cosmetology is obvious through his unique creative style.

Sebastian vlogs about his homosexuality, his androgynous gender identity, loving and accepting yourself, hair/makeup, and other randomness. In the video explaining his gender identity and sexuality, his perspective is different than most non-binary and/or non-heterosexual people. Perhaps, it's because he is outside of the states, but his parents made no attempt to control or change who he is.

When Sebastian was younger, he thought he wanted to change sexes, and his parents were saving money to fulfill his wishes. When he realized he is fine being male, but still feels androgynous, his parents were never negative towards him. He voiced his surprise to learn so many of his viewers have parents who responded without love and acceptance; therefore, he became a confident for those without a support system.

Of course, AndroGenetics is not the only circle of non-binary people on the site.

Sebastian Columbine is goth as well as androgynous. They identify as neither woman nor man. In Sebastian's case, dating a man or woman, as well as being referred to as a girlfriend or boyfriend is irrelevant. This type of gender identity may be confusing for those who can only think of gender within the binary; however, this confusion is vital to influence those viewers to question why they require a binary in the first place.

Most, myself included, assume when someone comes out as non-binary, they will dress completely differently. Sebastian did shave their head, but has not changed drastically in any other way. Identity does not necessarily mean changing anything else about yourself; except to ask that others refer to you with gender-neutral pronouns. It's the same as when someone comes out as homosexual or bisexual; it doesn't mean they have to adopt an entirely different look to prove the one part of their identity that they were hiding.

Ashley Mardell is similar to Laci Green because the videos are very educational; however, Ashley is androgynous, pansexual, and sometimes bisexual. Ashley often explores the discrimination of bisexuals and pansexuals. Some of my favorite videos use poetry to recreate the feeling of invalidation, as a middle of the spectrum person. The humor is sarcastic which makes the videos stand out. For example, they have a habit of making a face, that is brilliant, as though to ask, "Seriously?"

Ashley really gives a powerful voice to anyone not fitting on one side of the spectrum, whether in terms of sexual orientation or gender identity. As explained in videos, Ashley does not dress feminine very often, if ever. Boy's clothes are more comfortable; however, to simply identify as a boy would not be satisfactory. As you can tell, each genderqueer person is different.

Joey is genderqueer, and feels they can switch between genders merely by changing their clothes. Whether masculine, feminine, or something in between, the person is what matters. In some cases, surgery is necessary while for others it isn't. Joey does not require surgery because the clothes are the way they transform from one to the other, stay in the middle or become neither.

Although plenty of cisgenders (people who identify as the sex they were born) could understand wanting to play with toys marketed for the opposite gender, people like Joey go much further. When given the chance to dress as the opposite gender, or between, genderqueer people feel more comfortable. It is something cisgender people do not need to experience.

Joey's tagline goes "the sun is yellow." In the video explaining their genderqueer story, the saying is explained: If you know the sun is yellow, but someone tries to convince you otherwise, are you going to change your mind based on the other person's opinion? Hopefully not. Hopefully, you will think for yourself and live your life your way.

No matter how you identify your gender and sexuality, Joey's advice can be applied to anyone. Whoever you are and want to do with your life, if it isn't harming anyone, you should do it. This life is yours, and it is meant to be lived.

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  • social thoughts profile image

    social thoughts 21 months ago from New Jersey


    You're welcome!

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    social thoughts 21 months ago from New Jersey


    Aww you are so sweet! Thank you!

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    Bill Holland 21 months ago from Olympia, WA

    I'm a snob when it comes to writing, Kailey. I readily admit it and I feel no shame in saying it. Writing should be an art form. It should raise the level of public discourse. It should inspire. It should encourage and it should piss people off. That's what I think of when I read one of your articles and thus, that is why we are friends.....well, that and your engaging smile. :)

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    Molly Layton 21 months ago from Alberta

    More great people to add to my watch list! Thanks!

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