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Awesome ASMR Artists You Should Check Out

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Intro to ASMR

Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is a sensation felt in mammals brought on by a certain stimulus or specific stimuli. ASMR is often described as "tingles" traveling through the body. ASMR has always been around, but it has been popularized recently through platforms such as Youtube and Twitch. I have thus decided to share some of my favorite ASMR performers herein! I have listened and watched ASMR videos myself now for years, and I plan to for years to come. This place of tingles and wonder is amazing, and thus I will share it with all of you.


Angelica is an incredible ASMR artist. Her role plays are done very well. She has a very blunt and raw sense of humor, and I absolutely love it! Her sense of humor is definitely not for everyone, but it is certainly for a person like me. She is something like the best friend you wish you had. The girl is funny as well as dedicated. Stumbling during a role play can, of course, be very charming in the right circumstances. However, Angelica does not seem to be in the possession of such a quality very often at all. She is professional and simply amazing, and she will likely put you to sleep.

Rapunzel ASMR

Rapunzel ASMR is one of my all-time absolute favorite ASMR artists. She has her own sense of charming humor combined with unique and interesting role plays. Her twin videos are some of my favorites. I do not recommend listening to her whilst working because she has put me to sleep many times in the past!

Rapunzel ASMR, like Angelica, is very playful and there is a youthful beauty about her. She has recently reported a pregnancy and I can only imagine that she will be one of the most fantastic mothers in the entire world (mine will always be the best though). Every now and then, she tries something new with her art. I love that about her. We don't always know what to expect, but we can forever be grateful for what does come. For me, and I cannot write for everyone, she is great at creating many tingles and relaxing the body after a long day.

ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling is fantastic! I really could state that about any one of these individuals, but ASMR Darling is fantastic in her own and unique way. She truly is a darling young lady and presence. Her beautiful smile and gorgeous voice add multitudes to the experience of the viewing audience. She is still active in the community, she has millions upon millions of views on her videos, and she has been making ASMR videos for years now. ASMR Darling is easily one of the most famous of the YouTube variety ASMR performers, and rightly so. Some people may also like to know that, as far as I have been able to tell, all of her videos are completely and totally family friendly. Content that is more adult oriented has been something that has somewhat disturbed some of the denizens who dwell within the world of ASMR.

Gracie K

Gracie K is easily the youngest of the content makers whom I have covered thus far. That being mentioned, please be kind for heaven's sake! Not that I need to ask; she's an adorable and sweet girl. I would think it impossible to hate her. Her youth helps much of her audience reflect on the similarities between herself and ourselves when we were that age. ASMR has spread, in recent times, very quickly among younger artisans. The amount of talent that is possessed by artists like gracie k is wonderful! It almost seems that some people simply have a natural ability in the realms of ASMR. Although I am sometimes concerned for these younger contributors, I am also thankful that these young people have paying work and experience before they reach legal adulthood (I see 18-year-old people as still being children, and deserving of our love and protection instead of abuse which has become all too common in some circles). Furthermore, for those of you who not only listen, but sometimes watch ASMR videos, Gracie K has some very interesting interior decor. It is, in some ways, very similar to my own. It's always nice to be able to relate to the performers!

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Your Thoughts?

Was your favorite ASMR artist mentioned here? Do you have a favorite ASMR artist, or is it too difficult to choose? Please let me know in the comments below!

Questions & Answers

Question: Does the actress who plays Rapunzel ASMR have a twin sister?

Answer: I do not believe that she does. Her twin video role plays are intentionally edited videos.

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Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on June 03, 2019:


I absolutely love Tingting! She is one of my favorites. I love her cultural roles. She did a foot massage role play, and she explained the importance of the feet in traditional Chinese culture. I definitely know about her, and now I might look into her videos later tonight. Thanks for the comment!

Leila N-M on June 01, 2019:

Tingting ASMR is also another amazing ASMR artist. She is Chinese, and one of the things that I think is cool about her, is that she not only does common role plays (nurse, hotel attendant, etc.) but she also does her own cultural role plays (Chinese princess/empress, Japanese zen garden, and more). Since you're an ASMR fan, I recommend checking her out!

Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on January 22, 2019:

Elizabeth H., I should look those names up! Any other suggestions in your favorites? I love ASMR! ^_^

Elizabeth H. on January 22, 2019:

By far my favorite ASMRtists are Sir Lord of Play ASMR and ASMR Lax!!!

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