The Best Memes of 2014

Updated on January 2, 2017

What's a meme?

What are you, a total n00b? Okay, I'll be nice. If you're wondering about what a meme is, I'll quickly explain it for you- a meme is a funny image, video, or piece of text that's spread around the Internet rapidly (usually meaning it's gone viral). See below for many examples!

Last year, we got Grumpy Cat. This year, we got so much more.

Let's be honest, 2014 was a great year for memes. There were plenty of funny memes, a few poignant memes, and even a few memes about love. You've probably seen these on your Facebook page, or if you have one, you've likely seen a ton of memes on Tumblr, and plenty of memes on Twitter.

But I've compiled some of the best memes on the Internet here for your viewing and reading pleasure. Sit back, and relax as we look at the best memes of 2014!

Adele Dazeem


Okay, so you've probably heard about this one before, but if you haven't here's the story:

At the 2013 Oscars, John Travolta was supposed to be on stage announcing Tony-award winning Broadway star, Idina Menzel, before her performance of her hit song from Frozen, "Let It Go." However, something...else...happened. And instead of saying "Idina Menzel", John Travolta said some sort of thing that sounded like, "Adele Dazeem."

Basically, everyone on the Internet went nuts over it. Within minutes there were hashtags being made, jokes being said, pictures being created, snapchats and YouTube videos of the flub up, fake Twitter accounts for Adele (like the one above) being opened, etc. By the next morning, there were even name generators so that you could create your own John Travolta nickname.

John Travolta has since said he had problems reading the Teleprompter, and Idina Menzel said she doesn't mind the mistake (and John Travolta has allegedly apologized to her), but it was still the unintentionally funniest moment of this year's Oscars!

Makeup Transformations

One of the original/genuine makeup transformations that started the meme.
One of the original/genuine makeup transformations that started the meme. | Source

This meme is actually a parody meme. The parody comes from "makeup transformation" pictures that were shared around the 'net (particularly on Pinterest). They're usually multi-panelled pictures, featuring a girl in various stages of putting on makeup, until she's finally finished.

The before/starting photo rarely looks like the after photo, so people starting making fun of these pictures by doing their own makeup transformations. The makeup transformation meme got really popular on Twitter, where guys would do their own four panel "make transformation", with three of the panels showing them putting on makeup and the fourth panel with the face of a celebrity.

There have been all sorts of makeup transformation memes going around- from guys turning into everyone from Harry Potter's Voldemort (above) to rap singer, Drake (see right).

You The Real MVP


This is the perfect example of how the Internet as a whole can be a bunch of jerks. This meme comes from a very sincere speech that NBA player, Kevin Durant, gave the night he received his Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. Durant thanked several people in his speech, but at the end, he got choked up and thanked his mother, calling her "the real MVP" for all the love and support she's given him and his siblings over the years.

I'm not really sure why Kevin Durant's emotional moment got turned into an Internet meme, but it didn't take long for the "you the real MVP" meme to get started. Suddenly, people were taking still images of Durant during the ceremony (particularly shots of him crying) and pairing them with funny text, like the one above.

Other notable ones are, "to the house that gives out full candy bars on Halloween- you the real MVP" and "girls who actually tell you when they're mad- you the real MVP."

Okay, I have to admit that some of them are pretty funny.

Curious about how to pronounce the word, "meme?" Though there's some debate on it (some say "me-me"), the correct way is to pronounce it as "meem."

But That's None Of My Business


This meme seems to have started on Instagram, with people posting images of Kermit the Frog and calling them #kermitmemes. Soon thereafter, people started taking this single image of Kermit the Frog sipping iced tea, and then paring it with sarcastic text, usually making fun of ridiculous (or to use a trendy word, "rachet") behaviour.

Most of these memes are pretty NSFW due to language or content, but some of them are pretty funny. The images spread quickly through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook during 2014, with thousands of people creating and sharing the Kermit the Frog 'none of my business' meme.

Not Today, Satan.

This meme hasn't exactly gone viral- at least, not yet. I've seen it more and more in the past few weeks though, and since a lot of people don't seem to realize its origin, I thought I'd include it in the list.

The "Not today, Satan. Not today." meme comes from season six of one of my favourite shows, RuPaul's Drag Race. This season's winner, Bianca Del Rio first said this hilarious catchphrase during one of her confessional times.

Since Bianca coined the phrase, it's been everywhere. It started off being used on images of Bianca herself (as above), but has quickly moved on to being placed on images of just about anything that fits; I've even seen it being used on a Keep Calm poster ("Keep Calm, and Not Today Satan!").

I'm sure Bianca Del Rio is so proud!

Confused Black Girl/Dafuq Girl


I wish this meme went by a name other than "confused black girl meme", but I digress. Anyway, this meme came from the single image (above) of a teenage girl with a confused expression on her face. The image went viral, with people sharing it all over Twitter and Instagram, usually overlaying it with text that expresses confusion or surprise over something.

This meme is commonly combined with another meme: "Dafuq." I won't really worry about explaining that to you- just say "dafuq" out loud and you'll figure out what it means.

Anyway, this meme is funny for the look on the original girl's face, and for the hilarious text which usually accompanies it. We still don't know who this girl is (the rumours that she sued Instagram ended up being a hoax), but I hope she's enjoyed her 15 minutes of Internet fame, and I'd like to thank her for giving us all something to smile about.

Alex From Target

A fan of TFIOS takes the book/film's sweet catchphrase of "okay? okay." and turns it into an Alex-from-Target-themed catchphrase.
A fan of TFIOS takes the book/film's sweet catchphrase of "okay? okay." and turns it into an Alex-from-Target-themed catchphrase. | Source

This last meme may be the last viral meme to come out of 2014. It went viral in about 12 hours (which is fast, even for the Internet). It all started when a girl posted the above picture on Tumblr. Other people started posting the picture too, talking about how cute "Alex from Target" is. Soon, the picture was spread all over Twitter and Tumblr, with girls swooning over Alex from Target.

People quickly started overlaying text on the image of Alex, with everything from The Fault In Our Stars spoofs (see image on the right), to combinations of Alex's pictures with other memes (like a picture using "confused black girl" and the text saying, "when you go to Target, but don't see Alex there").

As of the time of this publication, Alex from Target has only been on the Internet for 2 days and there are already 133,000,000 Google results (give or take). The phrase "Alex from Target" has been tweeted over 821,000 times! I'm 27 years old and married, so I don't find Alex attractive (he looks about ten years old to me), but it seems like millions of other teenage girls do! I guess he's like this year's version of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.

What's your favourite meme of 2014? Let me know in the comment section below!


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