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50+ Best WhatsApp Status Messages

I love creating, compiling, and sharing quotes, wishes, and beautiful sentiments.

Best Whatsapp Status Ever

Best Whatsapp Status Ever

The Best WhatsApp Status Updates

Whatsapp Messenger is voice-over-IP (VoIP) freeware that has become one of the most popular instant messaging services. Owned by Meta (otherwise known as Facebook), this cross-platform app lets you send texts, voice messages, video calls, images, documents, and all kinds of info. As such, it has become a major social hub, where users find communities in which to share inspiration, motivation or a better understanding of the world.

I post cute and funny quotes on my WhatsApp status—something I may have overheard, witnessed or experienced. They can simply be rants, jokes, and random silliness; and other times, I post messages with a deeper insight of my viewpoint on life in general. I find my self-expression to be invigorating because I do it without fear of being judged.

Here is a list of some of the best and coolest WhatsApp status updates:

  1. Every morning I do not start out to change the world, but I do try to improve myself which affects the world.
  2. When you suddenly disappear without any clue, that’s when people start to miss you, looking for you and try to care. You know what. It’s too late. Please open your eyes to realize that's what you need is in front of your lane. Stop searching what you want.
  3. We look to books, music, movies, the internet and other means for great quotes to inspire our day when all reality the best quote is the one you face in the mirror every morning and hear the words in your head "Damn I really like you!" Let your inner self-be the best quote of the day and be inspired by who you are.
  4. The problem with turning the clocks back when you get old is that you’re just up an hour earlier and in bed before the end of a good movie on TV! Oh to be a teenager again with an undefined biological clock!
  5. I couldn't care less what people think of me! Because I know people will always talk!!! I honestly don't need you in my life & I prefer the ones I have already.
  6. There's somebody somewhere out there who knows something about somebody and something about something that once happened, but they are hiding that something from some people.
  7. The correction you give to others is general to you first, so in your obedience to deliver, being as equally obedient to receive!
  8. Everyone cannot handle who you are, so stop putting yourself in the hands of those who keep dropping you. Get in covenant with those who have your best interest at heart and those who know what it takes to help you become great.
  9. Do you know if you picked up someone else's baggage at the airport you would be arrested? So why are you picking up others depression, lack, and doubt, leave those bags at the terminal and keeps it moving, they do not belong to you!!! Travel light and don't look back!
  10. Life is so much easier when you listen to wisdom through the faith, there is safety in His arms, but you must stay there through faith and obedience. Listen, trust and listen some more!
  11. Just accept fairy tales are only imaginary and you'll find yourself lowering your expectations and much happier. They get harder to believe because we realize they are impossible attempts at indoctrination.
  12. Go outside between the hours of 3 am and 5 am. The world is quiet and you can feel the presence of old Things. I'm being serious.
  13. It surprising how people can change very quickly and judge you because when you do good they don’t remember anything but one mistake they never forget it and not even a single day pass by without reminding you about it. I walk away from those people without looking back.
  14. If you could just learn to accept reality and stop thinking that you know too much, everyone will just want to be you.
  15. Men of the world word of advice when a women have a new outfit and are excited about it and you too like it just leave it at that. Do not critique in any way. You will open yourself up to a women's sudden urge to either cry or rage. Physical violence may ensue depending on the women's level of crazy.
  16. A hundred dollar note may be squeezed or dirty, but that doesn't mean it has lost its value. Don’t let circumstance make you forget who you are!
  17. Don’t get upset because your neighbor has bought a car/house and you have not; there are more where that came from; by the time you buy yours, your neighbor's would have become an old model!
  18. Insecurity and doubt are an effective tool of the enemy. He can't beat us, so he tries to talk us into defeating yourself. Every day, we must take charge and change the voice speaking within, that it only speaks what God has said about us; who we are and our capabilities.
  19. Some people are in such a bad place, that you have to do more than give them a pretty message. You have to become that message to them.
  20. Stay encouraged. No matter how things look, God is with you. Not just on the mountain too, but way down in your lowest valley.
  21. Always pray through your storms & even when things are going well because prayers go places we can't go!
  22. I do not believe in Karma, I think that some people stumble through life not knowing how lucky they are whilst others are dragged in and out of ditches being hurt and heartbroken- something in this world is not right, good people do not deserve all this evil stuff.
  23. Learning is a lifelong process and you learn more when you observe people, mom says. And for me, history's proved it; many a times. When you are in distress and you want someone to be there with you, you don't have to call them. Not friends. They come to you; on their own. They help you without your asking them for help.
  24. If you break your arm, everyone comes running to sign your cast. If you say you have depression, everyone goes running the other way. We are so accepting of every body part breaking down except the mind. That is ignorance.
  25. It’s so weird how people change and yet they forget that not all good things last. The best thing to do is to never forget who held your hand for so long during the bad days.

Beautiful WhatsApp Statuses

  1. You see life has a funny way of messing with our mental through people and they can get you so worked up.... Sad, hurt, disappointed, angry, bitter etc. but guess what? These emotions are temporary while your response is permanent.
  2. When your emotions tell you to act out in a certain way while angry, that's the time to call the friend (if you have any) who doesn't agree with you whether you are right or wrong!
  3. No matter how angry you become when words are thrown directly at you, swallow your pride, humble yourself and know that your next reaction can build you or put you in a worse state!
  4. Sometimes you see people with the most amazing opportunities, talents, anointing yet they don't cultivate and produce more out of what they have.
  5. The bitterness you hold within you whether justifiable or not towards that person, is the hindrance that will keep you stagnant in the area you are trying your best to progress. You wonder what you're doing wrong, why are you giving your all yet can't get to where you desire.
  6. You can determine what comes into your life next with what you do with the little you were blessed with. Cultivate and produce more out of whatever you have.
  7. There are some spoken words that can make you bitter if you hear it with your emotions, but these same words, however, can bring massive changes to your life once you are mature enough to take it from a spiritual angle.
  8. The thing is, everything that happens to me is now viewed from a spiritual standpoint because I know that God loves me enough to save me at all cost.
  9. With your talents or anointing, you should get prepared to take the world, train up yourself in every area affordable to you. Never think of your abilities as regular because when the opportunity comes, if you're not ready and equipped, that opportunity will be missed.
  10. We have the control over what we expose our minds to, if we keep exposing our thoughts to positive things and consciously refuse to place ourselves in negative company and situations, we maintain control of the thoughts our mind harbor.
  11. Many of us tend to run when the going gets tough not realizing that sticking it out Is where your victory lies! There are too many jumpers in churches, in relationships and even in your career, how can you ever achieve anything great if you won't remain long enough to defeat the devil right where you are. We need to develop a spirit of tenacity, no one must be able to move or even shift us, we move when God directs us and no other time.
  12. Not because someone's life seems beautiful on the outside means they are bearing fruits on the inside!
  13. You would think that people who appear to have everything going for them and even the things you yearn for are extremely happy. Some of the people you look at and envy have some of the most miserable lives.
  14. We might see some things happening in our lives and call it the devil when it's, in fact, God using a different approach to shock you into change! It may come through an embarrassing situation, it may come through a split relationship, and it may come through death.
  15. It makes no sense always hanging out with people who think the same as you do, who are on the same level as you are because there will be no growth or challenge to your thought pattern!
  16. Our mind doesn't know what's true and what's false, what we feed it is what it will believe so for goodness sake, feed your mind with information that will keep your emotions joyous, keep your spirit strong and keep you believing you can do all things through God who strengthens you!

WhatsApp Status Quotes on Love

  1. Always begin, go through and end your days with love.
  2. Do not confuse familiarity with love. Sometimes you're stuck in a path of comfort. True love is energy that causes you to expand and grow.
  3. Show your love everyone. Shower them with messages of support and encouragement. Make them feel your happiness for their union.
  4. You can never give someone the sole responsibility of loving you because when they take a break, you break. Love should be an enhancement not a replacement for what you owe yourself.
  5. Love yourself wholly and completely unattached to things and people.

WhatsApp Status of the Day

The potential is only a possibility. It is not always a reality. A possibility and a reality are two different things. The reality is who they are. They may never reach potential because of choices they make or do not make. Do not connect with a man based solely on potential. You set yourself up for disappointment.

Best WhatsApp Quotes on Life

  1. The purpose is one of the most important things. It is also one of the simplest things to discover but somehow we have it shrouded in mystery and it becomes elusive.
  2. Take a pause for the cause. The cause is you. Stay in bed a little longer. Have two cups of tea. Have the donut. Read the magazine. Watch the cartoons. It's all allowed.
  3. People should be required to prove they are worthy of your time.
  4. Do not become angry with a lack of action when you've always accepted intentions. You can't build something based on what people say they will do.
  5. Some people are comfortable with mistreating you because you're comfortable with allowing them to.
  6. Sometimes the extra weight you see on the scale is not from you per say, but from things and people you were never meant to carry. Release them and the weight will be gone.
  7. People can only break you when you give them the hammer. Do not give them the tools to dismantle what you've built.
  8. Often times your most present enemy is you. Become a friend of your purpose.
  9. Did you know that some people are comfortable seeing you remain where you are? Your growth makes them uncomfortable because they were counting on you to play it safe. They were counting on you being mediocre. They were counting on you being regular. They had high hopes that your struggle would kill you. Never be afraid to make people uncomfortable by moving out of your comfort zone.


Munyaradzi Alexanda on November 15, 2015:

Good expressions

Nomi on July 03, 2014:

These are so cool status quotes for whatsapp messenger but I am looking for messages in Hindi language, tell me who can translate these statuses in Hindi for me?