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150+ Burger Quotes and Caption Ideas for Instagram

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Burger Quotes and Caption Ideas

Burger Quotes and Caption Ideas

We live in a planet where burgers exist. Thank goodness!

Indeed, we are so fortunate to have these tasty creations in our midst. The least we can do is share their picture-perfect goodness wherever we can.

In most cases, one good burger mugshot is enough. But adding a caption or two hurts no one.

This is a collection that glorifies and reveres burgers. Whatever kind it is; be it a hamburger, a cheeseburger, or even an impossible burger—there’s a fitting caption for it here in this collection!

The Best Burger Captions

  • 10/10, would smash.
  • All age groups approve of this.
  • Always on a mission for the most perfect burger.
  • Burger + Bacon = Perfect Combo!
  • Check out this magnificent beast.
  • Cheeseburgers are the reason why I exercise vigorously.
  • Did you know that a cold beef patty is called a brrger?
  • Don’t be sad. We live in a reality where burgers exist.
  • Eating like I mean it.
  • Extra cheese, please!
  • Every day is cheeseburger day.
  • Following your heart will eventually lead you to burgers.
  • God bless all cows!
  • Got my buns off the couch and brought them here just to have these buns.
  • Hamburgers belong in my stomach.
  • Hanging out with my grilled friend.
  • Here I come, diet. Prepare to be annihilated!
  • How many workout sessions does one burger equal again?
  • I love cows! Like where else would I get my burger from?
  • I’d walk a mile just for you.
  • I’ll have a salad served between two buns and a quarter pound of beef.
  • I’m sorry for how grumpy I was before I had my cheeseburger.
  • If I’m going to eat poorly, I’m going all the way.
  • In an unhealthy relationship with cheeseburgers.
  • Just a cheeseburger; and yet...something so much more.
  • Ketchup is dripping down my face? I don’t care!
  • Late-night cravings solved!
  • Let the burger party begin!
  • Life is always better with a hamburger on hand.
  • My body is starting to turn into a burger.
  • My bun is done. Yay!
  • My brain screams exercise, but my heart whispers cheeseburger.
  • Now that’s a tasty burger!
  • Oh, the things I would do just for a bite.
  • Ohhh.... Tasty... Mmmm... Oooo... Yeaaahhhh...
  • Paradise between two buns.
  • Quarter pound? Half pound? Give me a whole pound!
  • Say cheese (burger)!
  • Saying this is just a cheeseburger is like saying Mona Lisa is just a painting.
  • There’s no “we” in cheeseburger.
  • Today is cheat day!
  • When life gives you a hamburger, you eat it without delay!
  • Who’s the burger boss? It’s me!
  • Whoever invented the cheeseburger is a genius!
  • Will run for burgers.
  • Yes, I lift. Now ask me how many burgers I can lift.
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Short Captions for Burgers

  • Absolutely delicious!
  • After-gym reward.
  • Burger heaven.
  • Burgerlicious!
  • Cheeseburger-holic.
  • Come eat with me.
  • Cuckoo for hamburgers!
  • Extra cheese, extra happiness.
  • Flavor-loaded.
  • Flip that bun.
  • Food for my sanity.
  • Got beef?
  • Grill and chill.
  • Hamburger goals.
  • Hasty and tasty.
  • Holy cow!
  • Homemade happiness.
  • Hot off the grill.
  • I approve this bun.
  • It’s burger o’clock!
  • Juicy patty, good mouthfeel.
  • Make burgers, not war.
  • My comfort food.
  • My taste buds are happy.
  • Nom, nom, nom.
  • Only from the best cows.
  • Satisfying my hunger.
  • Saved by burger.
  • Seared nice and slow.
  • Snack attack!
  • Super delicious!
  • Tastiest burger ever!
  • The ultimate cheat meal.
  • Weekends, friends, and hamburgers.

Savory Burger Quotes

  • A certain degree of creative thinking is required to see the true beauty of a hamburger.
  • A good hamburger is the foundation of real happiness.
  • A great way to navigate a country is through its burger joints.
  • As long as you’re eating a burger, no problem shall bother you for the moment.
  • Awesome tales are like the best burgers: big, juicy, and messy.
  • Better to wait a little time for you burger than to have your burger wait a long time for you.
  • Burgers and fries fix everything.
  • Casual food can be so romantic at times.
  • Cheating is fine as long as it’s with a burger.
  • Don’t miss out on double cheeseburgers while you’re still alive.
  • Eating a burger is serious business.
  • Everyone wants a burger every now and then, and that’s totally fine.
  • Friends will buy you a burger. But best friends? Ah, they’ll eat your burger without a second thought!
  • Having a good time with friends is even better when done eating burgers.
  • Heal thy burgers!
  • Holy cows make the best burgers.
  • It’s just a piece of meat between buns and other stuff, but it makes a lot of people happy.
  • It’s dangerous to pair loneliness with hamburgers.
  • Laughter is loudest where there are burgers.
  • Nothing rivals the pleasure of sinking your teeth into a delicious cheeseburger.
  • One burger won’t make you fat. It’ll only increases your happiness levels.
  • One can’t simply drive past a burger joint.
  • Out of the strong came forth burger.
  • Sharing a burger is an intimate act of love, generosity, and companionship.
  • Some look good, some look bad, and some look like something you want to eat.
  • The best stories ever told began with a burger.
  • The more one adds into a burger, the better it becomes.
  • The only bad burger is the one you didn’t consume.
  • The journey of a thousand pounds begins with a single burger.
  • To eat a burger is science.To enjoy eating it is an art.
  • When the going gets tough, you grill the tough.
  • Who can live without burgers and fries?
  • Without cheese, a burger is akin to a hug without a squeeze.
  • You don’t need silver cutlery to eat a dandy burger.

Caption-Worthy Burger Puns

  • All my buns are intended.
  • Bun voyage!
  • Bunstoppable!
  • Cute buns!
  • Fry day is the best day.
  • I just finished my burger. Now, I’m in a real pickle!
  • I’ve found cheesus in a burger.
  • Messy bun, don’t care.
  • My bun and only.
  • Nice to meat you.
  • Prepare to meat your maker.
  • So...we meat again.
  • Suns out, buns out.
  • The best puns are made of buns.
  • The meat is on!
  • This is the one and only bun for me.
  • This is un-burger-lievable!
  • You burger believe it!
  • You hamburgled my heart.
  • You’re bun in a million.

More Burger Catchphrases and Taglines

  • A well-deserved burger for me.
  • Bacons make burgers even better.
  • Burger? Yes, please!
  • Burgers over bae.
  • Came for the burger, stayed for the fries.
  • Eat healthy, stay fit, and have a cheese burger to keep your sanity in check.
  • Extra beef, hold the lettuce.
  • Good lord, it’s beautiful!
  • Ground beef between my teeth.
  • Hamburgers cure what ails you.
  • Here’s my reward to myself for a job well done.
  • I can haz cheezburger?
  • I had this beauty delivered.
  • If eating burger is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.
  • If this looks cheesy to you, that’s because it is.
  • It has tomato and lettuce, so burger is a salad.
  • It doesn’t get any tastier than this!
  • Let me introduce you to my burger... Meet Patty.
  • Many people crave for a romantic relationship. I’m just craving for a burger that looks like the ones in posters and ads.
  • Meat or otherwise, each burger is special.
  • Messy and I love it!
  • Mmmm...eating till I fall asleep!
  • My goal is to become fit. Now fit this burger in my mouth!
  • Not gonna lie, this is sexy.
  • Nothing wrong with a second or third burger when they look so tasty.
  • Now this is what I call—instant gratification!
  • Put an egg in it and you’ve got breakfast.
  • Say double cheese!
  • Shiny buns, gooey cheese, and juicy meat—this is the perfect burger for me!
  • Thank God for cheeseburgers!
  • Tomatoes grow up to be ketchup.
  • Too much cheese? You wish! Gimme more!
  • Why does this cheeseburger look better than me?
  • Yes, I’m cheating on you...with a hamburger.
  • You make it kinda hard not to stare.

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