200+ Cam-Boy Name Ideas and How to Pick One

Updated on May 13, 2020
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Find the perfect name to start your cam-boy career.
Find the perfect name to start your cam-boy career. | Source

Best Cam-Boy Name Ideas

Hey there cam-boy! Ready to get your career started? Making money online has never been easier and the livecam industry is booming. As the job market shifts with the status of the world, people are finding ways to make money from the comfort of their home more than ever before. Cam-girls have established a name in the industry but what about cam-boys? Yep, they're just as popular.

Webcams offer people with big personalities an opportunity to connect with others internationally. People seek company and people seek conversation, and for this reason, the industry is booming. So, consider these tips for picking the perfect name and check out these 200+ memorable names to help develop your alter ego.

How to Choose a Cam-Boy Name

Before we begin, here are some important tips when creating or choosing a name of your own:

  • Pick something that rhymes: Names that rhyme are memorable and easily marketed.
  • Heard it before? Ditch it: If the name sounds common or familiar, it won't do you any good. Next name, please.
  • Stay true to yourself: Pick a name that resonates with your personality and the person you want to be on-cam.
  • Love it? Trademark it: If you find a name you absolutely love, you'll want to consider trademarking it.

Jessie Pink
Jessie Pink | Source

Creative Names

Aidan Fink
Alan Blayne
Apollo Mack
Ari Ryan
Art Channing
Artie Ryder
Asher Orion
Austin Bran
Axl Ace
Axl Crew
Ben Driller
Blake Bailey
Bobby Cael
Bobo Twinkle
Brady Ace
Brady Griffin
Brandon Kale
Brendon Neal
Briar Franco
Bryce Tucker
Calvin Cruise
Calvin Cutie
Caspian Fisher
Cassidy Star
Cedric Carter
Chad Angel
Chet Guy
Chevy Clark
Chevy Ramsey
Chip Dale
Christian Case
Cliff Rio
Clyde Dee
Cody Ryan
Cole Camdyn
Conner Rocket
Enzo Cassidy
Enzo Cassidy | Source

Cute Names

Conor Dean
Craig Strong
Cruise Hunt
Dallas D
Damari Fox
Dane Jr.
Danny Davis
Davey Dreamer
Dax Rocco
Del Bertie
Dennis Duke
Dick Ray
Doctor Dru
Doug Love
Drake Runner
Dudley Dexter
Duke Ryan
Dustin Dreamy
Elton Farrell
Enzo Ryder
Fabian Fabulous
Ford Hawk
Forest Prince
Foster Kace
Frank Dalton
Franky James
Gary Grayson
Gavin Kennedy
Gunner Reed
Guy Jeff
Guy Love
Hank Hunk
Hank Tank
Harley Ryder
Harper Derby
Harry Gray
Davey Dreamy
Davey Dreamy | Source

Strong Names

Harvey Jax
Hendrix Rocker
Herb Man
Herman Love
Howie Jeff
Iggy JJ
Jace Jaxon
Jagger Star
Jake Archer
James Casey
Jasper Stone
Jaxon Wild
Jay Noel
Jerry Sailor
Joe Jordan
Jordan Love
Josh Carl
Joshy B
Justice Hawk
Kaiser Riley
Kennedy QT
Kenny Wood
Kevin Kennedy
Kingsley Ford
Kingsley Glen
Kye Fox
Kyle Cruise
Lane Cristian
Leo Lewis
Leo Lion
Levi Prince
Lior Leo
Logan Cassidy
Logan Miller
Lou Lovell
Luke Brandon
Ronnie Russ
Ronnie Russ | Source

Serious Names

Mace Miller
Mario Ross
Mario Ryan
Marshal P
Marvin Mace
Mateo Iron
Max Bass
Max Love
Mitch Mitchell
Mitch Murry
Mr. Arthur
Mr. Cameron
Mr. Charlie
Mr. Earl
Mr. Grant
Mr. Hendrick
Mr. Palmer
Mr. Pierson
Murry Munroe
Nash Cole
Onyx Harper
Orion Lips
Ozzie O
Paul Palmer
Pauly Paul
Phoenix Real
Price Pierce
Prince Roy
Prince Sean
Prince Stanley
Quinn King
Ralph Nigel
Ray Randy
Ray Royce
Reagan Ray
Reese Colby
Remy James
Remy James | Source

Hip Names

Reese Russel
Remy Dexter
Remy James
Ricky Jonas
Rolly Rooster
Roman Stone
Ronnie Russ
Ross Riley
Ross Ronan
Roy Royce
Russell Sean
Sammy James
Sammy Paul
Samuel Prince
Sawyer Sweet
Scottie Champ
Sean Stanley
Shannon Shy
Shawn Love
Sidney Love
Simmy Bass
Sir Bobby
Sir Henry
Sir Nathan
Sir Oscar
Sir Sampson
Stanley Price
Syd Storm
Talon Jon
Tate Tony
Theo Travis
Timothy Victor
Titan King
Titan Terry
Titus Kyler
Toby Stew
Titus Kyle
Titus Kyle | Source

Trendy Names

Todd Lee
Todd Tumbler
Tom Tom
Tony Roy
Trent Fox
Trice Ryder
Ty Bryan
Tyler Ty
Vin Gene
Vincent V
Waldo Wes
Wells Rey
Wesley Ryan
Wesley Wayne
Westin Todd
Willie Wood
Zachary Ray
Zack Vick
Zeke Briggs
Zoo George
ZZ Daddy

This article is not intended for entrepreneurs under the age of 18.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Layne Holmes


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