Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Updated on November 27, 2018
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What is SEO?

Wepodia defines SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as "The process of increasing the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine". This process requires your time and effort. Successful Internet marketers have a thorough understanding of how SEO works.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Many people lose out on quality website traffic due their inability to optimize their website for search engines. Here are some common SEO mistakes which you should avoid while creating your website.


Use of duplicate content

Search engines like Google strive hard to provide useful information to their customers. They do not tolerate duplicate content. Use of duplicate content usually results in poor search engine ranking. It is always advisable to create original, well researched content for your website. Experts advise against the use of software programs to spin your content. It is also not advisable to use automated directory submission software.


Use of wrong keywords

Webopedia defines the term keyword as "A word used by a search engine in its search for relevant web pages". Generally people choose keywords that they think describe their website. However, people who are searching for information may not use them. Tools like "Keyword Discovery" help in targeting the right keywords.

The use of keywords in the website should be natural. It is not advisable to stuff your content with keywords. Many people leave the title tag empty. It is very important to insert an appropriate keyword into the title tag. It is not advisable to use only images for headings.

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Lack of subject matter expertise

People seeking information from your website generally believe that the content of the website was written by an expert. It is advisable to write about subjects about which you have a comprehensive understanding. The content should be well researched. It is important to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar errors in the content.


Improper use of backlinks

Quality backlinks are crucial to SEO success. They add to the credibility of your website. However it is important to create backlinks from sites which are relevant. It is not at all a good idea to swap links with dodgy websites. It will definitely have a huge negative impact on your website.

Ignoring Mobile Device Users

Mobile searches on Google have surpassed desktop searches. You cannot afford to ignore mobile users while creating your SEO strategy. If you do so, then you will lose a bunch of sales.

Many people think that page speed optimization is the only factor to target mobile users, but it is not so. If you have a separate mobile website, then you need to take care of the below-mentioned four points while targeting mobile users:

  1. Present short and catchy web pages content.
  2. Plan separate header and meta tags.
  3. Use short contact forms.
  4. Avoid ads in the content.

Creating a "Flash only" website

Google can index text content contained in Flash files, but other search engines may not. It is advisable to build your website with HTML. Google can access some content within JavaScript. It is important to remember these points while creating the website.

Ignoring Meta Tags

Meta tags tell Google what your content is all about. They are snippets that explain what your web page is about. Use keyword in the beginning of a title. Your description should be persuasive. You need to tell Google what it should do with your web page.

SEO is an ongoing process. You need to make changes to your website to ensure that it continues to attract high quality traffic. Tools like Google Analytics help in analyzing the performance of your website. You can definitely increase the traffic to your website by avoiding the above mentioned mistakes.

Understanding SEO is the ultimate marketing discipline, especially in today’s highly digital world. If you want to drive traffic to your site and increase sales, you have to keep up with the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

— Forbes Agency Council
Good practices
Bad practices
Use keywords
Keyword stuffing
Structure your content
Duplicate content
Make your site mobile-friendly
Creating content for search engines instead of people

The three essential elements of an effective SEO are effective communication, useful information and high quality backlinks.

— SEO Refugee

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