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10 Discord Server Name Ideas: The Ultimate List

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In this guide, we're going to take a look at Discord server name ideas to inspire you and kickstart your creativity!

In this guide, we're going to take a look at Discord server name ideas to inspire you and kickstart your creativity!

Discord Server Name Ideas: The Ultimate List

If you're looking for Discord server name ideas, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we're going to take a look at various ways you can name your server, plus all the best inspiration too!

Naming a Discord server doesn't have to be hard. Make sure to get an advantage by taking a look at some of the ideas in this list, and kickstart your creativity with these ideas!

Let's get started!

1. Include Your Server's Topic

Every server is usually based around a particular topic, such as a certain game, aesthetic, or hobby. For example, if you run a server about crocheting, then this should definitely be in the title! Or, if your server is dedicated to creating a community around video editing, then this should be mentioned in the title.

However, this is not a definite rule; this is only a way to help you brainstorm ideas initially. If you'd rather not include your server's topic in the title, then check out the inspiration below for more ideas.

2. Aesthetic Fonts

You could also try applying cool and aesthetic fonts to your Discord server's name. Many servers these days have been following this trend, and it's not difficult to see why! With cute lettering and a variety of text styles available, I'd definitely recommend trying the various types of fonts out there.

To generate these, simply head over to the Vaporwave Generator by LingoJam, type in your server's name, and it'll showcase a variety of cool text fonts which you can copy and paste!

Some examples of aesthetic text fonts!

Some examples of aesthetic text fonts!

3. Galactic Ideas

Taking inspiration from space could also be a cool idea! You could take common words from space, such as constellation names or planet names and combine them together to create your server name. Or including cosmic words such as "Aurealis" or even celestial phenomena as words could work great too! Make sure to take inspiration from star names, planet names and constellations and really explore all the possibilities out there!

This technique also works great with kaomoji and aesthetic text fonts too, you could append some of these to your server for a cool effect!

4. Add "Community" at the End

Another variation could involve adding the word "community" at the end. This will encourage other users to join your server since they'll instantly know that you're dedicated to building a great and positive energy in your server and that it's welcoming to new members too.

If you have a name already but want to help it stand out from the crowd, then adding "community" to the end of the name could help boost new members, although this isn't guaranteed. It can definitely help improve a server's brand image, however!

5. Add Kaomoji to the Name

You could also append some adorable kaomoji to your server's name also. From cute polar bears to hearts and sparkles, there are all sorts of kaomoji out there to add to your server.

Make sure to check out the selection available at Cute Kaomoji for super adorable kaomoji ideas that you can add to your server's name, I'm a huge fan of the selection that's provided, and it's a go-to resource of mine, so I definitely encourage you to check it out!

I've provided some examples of kaomoji in the image below to help you get started and to inspire you!

Here are some examples of cute kaomoji you could add to your server name!

Here are some examples of cute kaomoji you could add to your server name!

6. Add "World" or "Land" to the End of the Name

Common Discord server names often include the words "Land" or "World" at the end of their server names, for example, "Galaxy Land" or "Aesthetic World." While the sample names I've provided are quite general, once you kickstart your creativity, you'll have some cool ideas in no time! The sample ideas I've provided definitely illustrate that appending these words to the end of server names can look great!

I'd definitely recommend brainstorming with this key theme in mind. If you have a name that you think would work, why not append "World" to the end and see if it sounds good? If so, then you have a great name for your server!

When brainstorming ideas, appending words to the end of your ideas could work great, such as "World" or "Land".

When brainstorming ideas, appending words to the end of your ideas could work great, such as "World" or "Land".

7. Brainstorm Names From Nature

You could also take inspiration from nature too! For example, if you're hoping to create an aesthetic server, you could concatenate words together from nature, such as "Stone", "Hills", "Walls", or "Gems". Then just select a few of your favourite words and combine them together for a cool title! For example, "Blue Hills Dome" could be an example of one! By combining colors and words from nature together, you could come up with some great ideas!

8. Add Some Emoji

Why not append some emoji to your server's name also? A lot of gaming servers and communities have emoji appended to their name, for instance!

You could add cute clouds, for example, or some lovely flowers too! There's no limit to the variety of emoji available, so make sure to explore the emoji that best match your server's aesthetic.

If you combine emoji with aesthetic fonts too, then this could be another great possibility you could explore! I've seen many servers these days that combine aesthetic text fonts with cute emoji to create a thoroughly unique name. If you're looking for cool emoji ideas, I'd recommend an article I wrote on pretty emojis, if you're interested!

Some examples of cool emoji you could include with your server's name!

Some examples of cool emoji you could include with your server's name!

9. Add Numbers for a Stylistic Touch

Including a number may sound cliché since many of us append numbers to our emails, for example, but you can add a stylistic and cool touch to a server name by doing so. "Pink31" could be an example, where the 31 adds a nifty ending to the server name. While it also has the added benefit of distinguishing your server's name from others, it also can add a stylistic touch too.

10. Add "Café" to the End

You could also include the word "café" for a lo-fi and aesthetic touch! I've always loved servers including this in their name, as I'm always more compelled to join their server for the chill and relaxed vibes I'm sure the server will have.

If you have a few ideas already, then why not append the word "café" to the end of the title and see if it works? I'd definitely recommend this for servers, which encourage chatting between members and want members to get to know each other!

Discord Server Name Ideas

Here are some Discord server name ideas to help you out!


Add Kaomoji

Kaomoji can be a cute addition to your server's name too!

Append Emoji

Why not include some emoji for an aesthetic effect!

Include "Land" or "World" at the end

Stuck for ideas? Why not add "Land" or "World" to the end of your proposed name!

Take inspiration from nature

If you're looking for ideas, you could try concatenating words from nature together!

Add numbers for a stylistic touch

To give your server name a cool boost, why not add a number to the end for a stylistic touch?

Aesthetic fonts

You could apply aesthetic fonts to your server name for a cool effect.

Get inspiration from the sky and stars

Take inspiration from constellation names and galaxy names.

Include your server's topic

Take the name of your server's domain or topic, and you combine this with some of the ideas above!

Add "Community" to the end of your proposed name

To help foster a great community atmosphere, I'd definitely recommend trying this out!

Add "Café" to the end of your server's name

For chill and relaxed vibes, why not append "Café" to the end of your server's name?

Hopefully, You Have Some Server Name Inspiration!

Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully, you've found some Discord server name ideas that you find useful!

Do you have any comments or suggestions that you'd like to add? Make sure to drop them in the comments below; I'd be delighted to hear from you!

Thanks again, and wishing you all the best with naming your server!

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