Finding a Facebook Profile from a Picture

Did you have picture of someone and want to know more about them? Using this method you may be able to find their Facebook profile from a picture. First step is to took at the file name of the picture. Using most web browsers, you can right-click the photo and select View Photo or View Image.

Look at the file name. For example, the I found a photo and want to find the person's Facebook profile, the file name is 41480_10738811_7375_n.jpg (Note: the picture on this page has been renamed by Hubpages).

Notice the name of this file is in a special format. The file is named with three sets of numbers. From that you can tell that this photo was taken from someone's Facebook page.

Using the filename, locate the middle number. In the example photo 41480_10738811_7375_n.jpg, 10738811 is the middle number.

This number is the profile ID from a Facebook user's profile. In this example the number is 8 digits long. The number may have more digits, it may use up to 15 digits.

Copy and paste the following into your web browser's address bar:

(Note: New URL. Facebook changed and the old no longer works)

At the end put the profile ID number you copied from the filename:

Go to the address and you should see the profile of the Facebook user from the picture!

Now you try. Use the picture name: 49231_100000652266491_9532_n.jpg. Can you find the person on Facebook?

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dtn2885 profile image

dtn2885 5 years ago from San Fernando Swap Meet

I don't really use facebook, however this was an interesting read.

johnny5 5 years ago


David 5 years ago

Question is, can you find someone's facebook from a picture off of say a social dating site? They haven't provided their name, just a profile name.

Dwayne 5 years ago

Well i actually have the photo and was wondering if i upload it wud i be able to find that person via Face recognition ???

pork22 profile image

pork22 5 years ago Author

You can try an image search at, or look at EXIF data in the file that might give you clues. I don't think TinEye includes Facebook images.

rhonda 4 years ago

i am looking for someone i have a picture of i think it was being used by a scammer how do i find the person it really is?

Madoff 4 years ago

Supperrr Helpfully... Thanksss...

guest 4 years ago

this didn't says is not available...and i got it from a picture link that shows a fb icon in the toolbar

Guest 4 years ago

I am trying to find someone on fb and they described there photo on fb but I can't find them can I serch using s photo

rahul thakur 4 years ago

how to Finding a orkut Profile from a Picture....???

Pasach KL 4 years ago

Thanks sooo Muuuch

bigd10003 profile image

bigd10003 4 years ago

wat if there is only 1 group of numbers

Dan 4 years ago are great..!! Thanks

erer 4 years ago

this doesn't work anymore. they changed the url of the photos lol

Aud Irene Tønnesen 4 years ago

I have tried the profile id, but it's not available. I got it from a picture link , is it that's the reason ?

fatharina 4 years ago

this is so ugly

bill 4 years ago

Yeah it doesn't seem to work Ardmore...

HEY 4 years ago

MMMMMMMMWAH, i got another way but it worked

suraj 4 years ago

this is not working.. only one answer i found "this profile is not available", why?

karan 4 years ago

its not working.. please help me

pork22 profile image

pork22 4 years ago Author

The URL changed! Article has been updated with the new link. The new one to use is and put the ID number at the end!

Tester 4 years ago

Tried it and its not working..

I don't think this is possible now, since if you look at the upload photos under 1 account, the middle number is unique for each photo, thus, it could not be the profile number.. Checked my own account and the images does not reflect my own profile number..

Let me know if I'm wrong Pork22. Thanks!

tasni 4 years ago


Carol 4 years ago

This is pretty wrong!

For you to find the profile just type middle number

meh 4 years ago

already not working

KasiaAl 4 years ago

What about the FB profile is closed for the public? Does it work as well? I´m asking because I also noticed that the middle numbers differ (means it´s not the profile number but it´s specific for each picture). Anyway, when you use and the middle number, it takes you to the user´s album picture.

MoRGu 4 years ago

Hiii! is there any other way to find someone using a photo???

Sonia 4 years ago

This dis doesn't work any longer effective today.. FB has changed their coding yet again.. Someone again give me a brain storming idea.. PLZ....

whut 4 years ago

the middle number is a photo id.. that is you type to get to the photo... now unless the photos are open to the public you won't be able to see them.. how to get to the profile id, idk

sadia 4 years ago

hay friend plzz help me i have a picture of a girl but on facebook many people make a fake id's and use this girl picture as a profile i want to find real id of that girl plz for god said help me :(

sadia 4 years ago

hay friend plzz help me i have a picture of a girl but on facebook many people make a fake id's and use this girl picture as a profile i want to find real id of that girl plz for god said help me :( actually i also copy this picture from a fake id,and now i searching for this girl's real id plzzzzzz help me can i found her or not plzz tell me????

Amir 4 years ago

Really thank you, it was long time that I was searching for such a solution.

helen 4 years ago

doesn't work

Rere 3 years ago

It doesn't work. I'm not surprised, considering the person's middle # changes in EVERY PICTURE. T-T I guess I just don' have the right picture.

Robin 3 years ago

trying to find out if someone i met online is real trying to find out if it is someone else using a picture tried tiny eye it didn't work please help

fafafasf 3 years ago

what if there are 5 numbers in the picture instead of 3....


Andrew 3 years ago

@Robin use the 3rd number, instead of second.It worked for me !

hubhub 3 years ago

this is fake, it doesn't work, ;)

try this and compare with the example provided by the end of this article!

ThatKid 3 years ago

This works with your photo, using the middle number

mani 3 years ago

find id

amit thapa 3 years ago

can we find someones id if photo is not taken from her id profile or outside

pat 3 years ago

None of these are working for me with the middle number. Says page not found.....can someone help me

Waldo Pulanco 3 years ago

this is working till now. i tried it to the other picture that was save on my pc was downloaded on facebook last year. boom its work great..

3 years ago

I found it.... people... it seems that you need a specific picture to do this, and it has to have the 5 number groups (i guess its a profile picture).

Use the third group as ID, , it will lead you to a profile, i don't know why but the profile was from another person who has the person i was looking for as his/her friend.


sam.azgor profile image

sam.azgor 3 years ago from Bangladesh

super theory :) thanx for hub

Worked4Me 3 years ago

I have just tried to find someone and it worked.

When it doesn't work, it is because the user you are looking for has made their profile unavailable to the public.

OR, the photo you are using is in a private album. In either case, it will come back with Page Not Found.

When the trick shared in this article does work, it is because that photo has a 'Public' setting on FB, which allows anyone to view it.

The photo I just tried to use to find the user worked for me and it went to the user's Facebook account, so I guess they have not hidden their profile from searches.

I may be wrong, but I have a feeling this is the reason why some photos work while others don't. If you have an FB account yourself you can test this.

Good luck!

johnny 3 years ago

the middle number is a picture ID and it works using the link

Internets 3 years ago

Thanks bro, took way too long to find a working method!

InternetPanta 3 years ago

The link that Johnny posted above still works, thank you!

Tracy Smith 3 years ago

I tried all of them and it does not work.

Anon 3 years ago

I really need help It doesn't work for this link..

Annabelle 3 years ago

I am trying it, but it wont work.

Can you please find out her facebook profile?

Here's the photo link:

Please tell me her facebook profile after you find it.

KasiaAl 3 years ago

If the picture is available for the public anywhere on the Internet, it is enough to upload the photo to the Google Image Finder (it doesn't work with Opera; you must try some other engine).

Hammad Ahmad Khan profile image

Hammad Ahmad Khan 3 years ago

Hey author, this has been the greatest help to me I ever found on the internet. It will be an honor to me if we can talk. Please PM me or talk to me on facebook. And you may not approve this comment if you want. I just wanted to request you to talk to me.

Tomohiko 2 years ago

this is not so useful

Tom Cat2006 2 years ago

Hi guys

I read this article and it is an excellent one!!! :o)

I made a tool that will do all the hard work for you.

Just right click on the user profile picture and navigate to his Facebook profile.

This tool is free!!!

Download it from the chrome extension store at:

You can see the demo video "How it works?" at:

*** Works only on chrome browsers.

*** Works only on "profile pictures" that coming from Facebook (not your hard drive).

Any suggestion will be great for future improvement.

Hope it will help us all.

Use it wisely :o)

Enai 2 years ago


Please help me find the profile of this photo from facebook: 12720_107899052707138_1600100460_n (1).jpg

Thanks ahead. Can't access all the links posted from the your conversations guys..

Tirrena 2 years ago


SAMSON 23 months ago

what if the name is not in these format? like just unnamed? what should i do to find it?

γυθ 21 months ago

i can find you but no one else

Yash 17 months ago

11169863_1414044102249837_2213246109049829296_n.jpg please this for me

stasa 12 months ago

please can you help me find the fb profil of this pic? 12166286_10207513247812646_107317363_n

Minal 10 months ago

I can't do this can you please help me personally please :(

sallyannbrown12 profile image

sallyannbrown12 8 months ago

I need help ASAP. Theres a guy named Edward Parkes, He only has one photo and his account was only made 3 weeks ago roughly. I think this is a fake account and I want to find who that picture belongs to so I can comfirm that it is a fake account. Someone help me!!! This is his account. Someone help me find the original account.

Joanne 7 months ago

Please help I have a number can't find person name 114414888 or 114414881

ppop 5 months ago


rishi 3 months ago

Hey please help try this one its not working i don't know how to can u guys please 12596127_1503081366664315_760754241_n(1).jpg

Maya 2 months ago


I faced with important problem. If you can help me, I would be very thankful from you. Several days ago I saw a profile by several pictures on badoo. I believed it, so I started to chat with him. But after 10 dayes, I found out that he used from other man's pictures instead of the himself! As I know he is fraudster and he usally use from his pictures on a lot of programmes instead of himself and by this way he defraud.

I am very insistent that I find holder of these pictures, even if I have to call the Interpol Polic. But before it, I want to you for helping me.


nnm 5 weeks ago

Thanks for this article, real helps. I was trying to find whether the pictures sent to me really belong to some guy i have met online.

This one really works :

copy and paste the middle number to the xxxx

prince 4 weeks ago

Some one tell me that'person real name fb-img-17478554519249537.jpg

emmy 3 weeks ago

i have tried all the methods above to search for a name on facebook

Dilshani 2 weeks ago

I want to find a person using only an image

Kukku 2 weeks ago

this fuc# is not working

adeeb khorami 5 days ago

how can I find photo with which app. Please hello me

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