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100 Funny First World Problems

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List of Funny First World Problems

List of Funny First World Problems

So, what is a first a world problem?

A first world problem is a problem that’s most commonly experienced by people from wealthy nations (or at least well-to-do cliques), which would probably be considered insignificant or petty by people from poor nations (or at least struggling cliques). In a nutshell, a first world problem is a most often a problem of minor or inconsequential inconvenience.

Given so, first world problems are often sneered or laughed at. While they are technically ‘real’ problems, they pose no major disturbance or life-threatening outcome. Still, most of the time, the ridiculousness of first world problems do invoke some bouts of laughter and entertainment. And that’s why this list exists!

Hold on tight to your dear socks right now because you’re about to get a dose of the funniest first world problems.


1. Where should I put this pizza box now? It doesn't fit in the fridge.

2. I didn’t get exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

3. I’m so hungry but I don’t want to cook.

4. I was stuck in traffic for 30 minutes. What a day!

5. My house is such a mess! There’s stuff everywhere.

6. I'm hungry but I already brushed my teeth.

7. My walk-in closet is not big enough.

8. There’s not enough dressing on my salad. Now my salad tastes like salad.

9. There’s nothing to drink at home...except unlimited supply of fresh drinking water.

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10. I want food from the back of the fridge, but it's blocked by all the food in the front of the fridge.

11. I can't pick anything to play from my huge Steam library.

12. My roommate ate a hot dog without a bun. Now I have an uneven ratio of hot dogs to buns.

13. One pillow is too low, but two pillow is too high.

14. I had to turn down the brightness of my smartphone because it hurt my eyes.

15. I'm so tired of eating at all of the restaurants near my place.

16. I want to go swimming, but don't want to get up and put my swim suit on.

17. Polishing the marble in my bathroom is such a thankless job.

18. The tap water doesn't taste very good here. Now I have to drive to the convenience store and buy some bottled water.

19. I hate it when I go take a poop and I forget to bring my phone.

20. My smartphone is too big for the pockets on my favorite pants.

21. Why is there no food? There is just a bunch of ingredients to make food.

22. I don’t like wallets because they’re too heavy and bulky for my pants.

23. I was too full to eat the free dessert I got from eating an entire tower of mini-hamburgers.

24. I just bought a new pair of shoes but I don’t want to use them because they might get dirty.

25. My pillow fell out of its pillow case last night. It was truly a nightmare.


26. I have more clothes than hangers.

27. My wrists slightly hurt from being immersed on the entertainment that my gadgets provide to me for the whole day.

28. My shampoo and conditioner never run out at the same time.

29. I can’t sit comfortably because my wallet is too fat.

30. Trying to decide which soda to refill at the drink machine.

31. I hate it when I try to open the door of my car while it is still locked.

32. My charger cable isn't long enough to let me comfortably rest and use my phone.

33. There’s a scratch on my phone. Now I have to buy a new one.

34. I have so many strong Pokémon yet only six slots in my party.

35. There’s too much ice in my iced coffee from Starbucks.

36. I eat sushi too much.

37. I’m too tired to move my hands to fetch my phone and respond to the message.

38. My wallet won’t close because there’s too much money in it.

39. The portion sizes in this restaurant are too big.

40. My swimming pool filter is always clogging up with rose petals.

41. My house is so big that the wifi signal isn't super great in some of the rooms.

42. My raisin bread has too many raisins in it.

43. McDonald’s gave me only one pack of barbecue sauce for my 20-pieces pack of chicken nuggets.

44. Darn it! That’s the third time I’ve burned my tongue on caramel macchiato this week. Ugh!

45. My bathroom isn't in my room, so getting out of bed to pee is very annoying.

46. My cookie is too big to fit into the glass of milk.

47. Trying to find something I want to watch on Netflix.

48. My hand is too fat to fit all the way to the bottom of the Pringles can.

49. I got asked what I want for Christmas. I can’t think of anything.

50. The wifi is free, but it’s too slow.


51. Not all of my clothes fit in my drawers/closet/wardrobe/cabinet.

52. I'm out of hamburger buns, so I had to use slices of bread instead.

53. I never seem to be able to heat soup/stew/sauce evenly in the microwave.

54. I'm at a fancy resort, but my all-inclusive wristband is so uncomfortable.

55. I can't hear the television over my crunchy snacks.

56. I hate the government but I live too comfortably to get motivated enough to do anything about it.

57. My laptop has a short battery life due to its very high performance.

58. My new monitor, speakers, mouse and keyboard all came in the mail yesterday, but my computer isn't coming until today.

59. The fridge is all the way downstairs. I’m hungry but I’m too lazy to go down.

60. When your electric toothbrush stops working 30 seconds into the job and you have to use it like a manual one.

61. I hate it when chips break and fall off in the dip.

62. I poured my cereals into the bowl without checking to see if we still had milk. We didn't.

63. I can’t believe I bought a toaster with no bagel setting.

64. Ugh! Both sides of the pillow are uncomfortably warm.

65. I have to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning because I’m going on a vacation.

66. My commute to work is so short it only gets my car warm when I get there.

67. I can't carry around my 17-inch screen laptop without getting tired.

68. My fingers are getting tired of counting all this money.

69. Argh! Millionaires and ruining my neighborhood of billionaires.

70. My ear buds are always tangled.

71. The windows in my bedroom are too big, so the room stays too bright at night.

72. I feel like the water coming out of my shower head doesn't have high enough pressure.

73. All these clothes and I don’t know what to wear.

74. My drug dealer is never on time. (Hahaha! Wait...what?!)

75. I had too much food for lunch, so now I’m tired.


76. I thought my hot pocket was cooked all the way through. It wasn't.

77. I missed my afternoon snack today.

78. Eating too much at a buffet makes me feel sick.

79. My pockets are too heavy because of all these money.

80. My laptop is dying, but my charger is all the way upstairs.

81. My iPhone is not the newest model anymore.

82. My coffee cup is too large, and the coffee gets cold before I finish it, forcing me to go microwave it to make it hot again.

83. The chopsticks that came with my sushi didn't break apart correctly, so now I have to eat with uneven chopsticks

84. I tried to spread cold butter on my toast...and the bread ripped.

85. Nothing good is on my television—with hundreds of channels—right now.

86. Too many chocolates to eat, but I am dieting.

87. I want to turn off the lights, but my bed is too comfortable for me to move.

88. I had to buy another bottle of condiment because I was too lazy to thoroughly check the cupboard. I’m sure I still have some condiments there.

89. I don't have enough dip for my chips, but if I open another container, I won't have enough chips for my dip.

90. I hate having guests over because they slow down my internet.

91. I had to walk back to the house because i took the wrong car keys.

92. I had to flip my flash drive over twice before it went in the USB port.

93. Ugh! Someone on the Internet disagrees with me!

94. My ping pong table doesn't fit in our house, so I have to go outside to play.

95. Should I run with my new UltraBoost shoes? Nah…I’ll just use the old one.

96. There’s a big variety of food in my house that it makes it difficult for me to settle on what to make for lunch/dinner.

97. If my ripped jeans keep ripping, I'll need to buy new ripped jeans.

98. I tried to make a Facebook status update but and no one liked it.

99. My coke fizzed too much when I poured it into my glass, and I had to wait for the fizz to go down before I could continue pouring.

100. This software update requires that I restart my computer. Ugh!

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