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360+ Funny WiFi Names 2022

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Looking to get creative with your Wi-Fi network name? If you're not sure what to go with, or if you want to change things up a bit, here are some ideas for funny WiFi names that are sure to get a few laughs from the neighbors.

Funny WiFi Names for Your Network

  1. Byte Byte
  2. Burning When IP
  3. I believe I can Wi-Fi
  4. Touch the WiFi
  5. Byte Me
  6. Qui-Gon Modem
  7. The Internet Is Down
  8. Password Is Password
  9. If You Can Read This, You're Wi-Fiing Wrong
  10. This Is Not Free Wi-Fi
  11. I'm Watching You Through Your Camera
  12. Use This Network and We'll Call the Cops
  13. Network Unavailable
  14. I Believe in WiFi
  15. Will Work for WiFi
  16. No Internet Access
  17. I'm Cheating on my Wi-Fi
  18. Hack if You Can
  19. Go Away, I'm Gaming
  20. I'm Not a Terrorist, But You Should Be Afraid of Me
  21. Pay Up and Use the Internet
  22. The Wi-Fi Is Out to Get You
  23. Wi-Fi Is for the Weak
  24. No Signal
  25. I'm Stealing Your Wi-Fi
  26. Don't Even Think About It
  27. This Much Bandwidth Should Cost You
  28. Welcome to the Dark Side
  29. Keep It on the Download
  30. I'm Tapping Your Phone
  31. It Burns When I PING
  32. Wireless Is the New Black
  33. The Wi-Fi Fairy
  34. Magic School Bus Network
  35. FBI Surveillance Van
  36. NSA Listening Post
  37. Area Test Network
  38. CIA Tracking Device
  39. Kremlin Network
  40. White House East Wing
  41. Westminster Abbey
  42. Buckingham Palace
  43. localhost
  44. God's Internet
  45. Satan's Lair
  46. The Twilight Zone
  47. Lost City of Atlantis
  48. Jurassic Park Network
  49. Skull and Bones Network
  50. Illuminati Network
  51. Area
  52. The Matrix
  53. Terminator's Network
  54. Transformers Network
  55. GhostBusters Network
  56. Star Trek Enterprise
  57. Star Wars Death Star
  58. Pineapple Under the Sea
  59. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
  60. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  61. Narnia
  62. Middle Earth
  63. The Island
  64. Lost
  65. Alcatraz Prison
  66. Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility
  67. CIA Interrogation Facility
  68. FBI Fingerprinting Database
  69. Pentagon Network
  70. NSA Data Center
  71. Wall Street Stock Exchange
  72. Las Vegas Strip Casino Surveillance Cameras
  73. Hollywood celebrity gossip website
  74. Bandwith Together
  75. Uh Oh Spagettio
  76. There's a Map for That
  77. : Wi-Fi Not Found
  78. Wi-Fi? I Hardly Know Her!
  79. Please Connect for Access
  80. The Promised LAN
  81. This is theLAN
  82. Will Work for Bandwidth
  83. Carlton Banks' Wi-Fi
  84. The Hub
  85. Lan of the Lost
  86. House LANister
  87. All Your Bandwidth Are Belong to Us
  88. Silent but Deadly
  89. Get Off My LAN!
  90. I Can Has Cheezburger?
  91. Bill Wi, the Science Guy
  92. The Internetz
  94. It Hurts When IP
  95. Troy and Abed in the Morning
  96. Mike Rotch
  97. John Madden's Wi-Fi Network
  98. Hack the Planet
  99. The NSA is Watching You
  100. FBI Open Up
  101. I'm in Your Wi-Fi, Hacking Your Computer
  102. use at ur own risk
  103. mom use this one
  104. the cloud
  105. NSA_Monitoring_Station
  106. I hate my neighbor
  107. getoffmylawn
  108. FBI Van
  109. notmywifi
  110. keepout
  111. goaway
  112. usemyspot
  113. getyourwifiaroundtown
  114. keepoffmyturf
  115. stopmoochingmywifi
  116. hessid=password
  117. ICanHazInternet?
  118. AnonyMOUS_WIFI
  119. no_wifi_for_you
  120. 69G
  121. getoffmywireless
  122. deadend
  123. blacklisted
  124. keepout!
  125. exedouszone
  126. nonowififoryou
  127. mindyourbusiness
  128. passwordispassword
  129. Wi-Fried
  130. NetworkUnavailable
  131. nointernetaccess
  132. notfreeWiFi
  133. IBelieveInWiFi
  134. use my wifi and i'll call the cops
  135. IfYouCanReadThisYoureWiFiingWrong
  136. ThisIsNotFreeWiFi
  137. ImWatchingYouThroughYourCamera
  138. UseThisNetworkAndWellCallTheCops
  139. Are You Connected?
  140. Wifi Don't Hurt Me No More
  141. Web 5.0
  142. error
  143. WiFi and Fries
  144. Load Me Up
  145. I'm in an open relationship with my Wi-Fi
  146. Boomerfi
  147. just gaming.
  148. I like the tinternet
  149. The Wi-Fi Is Out
  150. Hide Your Kids Hide Your WiFi
  151. No Wires
  152. Linky and Sync
  153. Protect the Net
  154. Elon Forever
  155. Brick in the Firewall
  156. LANding
  157. Coldspot
  158. The Internet Is a series of Tubes
  159. Turn Off the Internet
  160. Plugged In
  161. The Cloud Network
  162. Can't Connect
  163. Origin
  164. URLy Cool
  165. Lan Solo
  166. Darth WiFi
  167. Jar Jar Link
  168. Chewmywires
  169. Anakin Skyhub
  170. Princess Leads
  171. Skyhubwalker
  172. Obi-Wan Hubnobi
  173. Emperor Palpanetwork
  174. Darth Router
  175. Obi Wan's Lost Connection
  176. A New Hub
  177. The Phantom Hub
  178. Attack of the Lan
  179. Drop It Like It's HotSpot
  180. Bill Wi the Science Fi
  181. TheLAN Down Under
  182. House of the Rising Sunburn
  183. Silent But Deadly WiFi
  184. pretty fly for a wifi
  185. I Believe I Can Fry
  186. Blue Pill
  187. Wi-Fight the inevitable
  188. The Darth Vader of WiFi
  189. No Internet Zone
  190. Network Unavailable
  191. Password is
  192. .get off my LAN!
  193. Skynet Global Defense Network
  194. WiFi for Food?
  195. Free WiFi Not Here
  196. The Internet Is Up
  197. Hack the Meta
  198. My Mum's Van
  199. Baked Alaska
  200. Booby Trap
  201. EngLAN
  202. It Burns When IP
  203. LAN of Milk and Honey
  204. Red Storm Rising
  205. Feel the Bern
  206. Just for kicks
  207. Obama's Internet Connection
  208. The NSA
  209. Anonymous
  210. Edward Snowden's Laptop
  211. Your ISP
  212. Google Street View Car
  213. Slow InternetConnection
  214. Wireless McFly
  216. calc(internet speed)>
  217. my only chance of a connection
  218. LAN of the Damned
  219. Upload My Life
  220. Data? We Ain't Got No Data!
  221. I'm in ur modem, stealin' ur internets
  222. Pick up ur WiFi so I can Ping U
  223. Will Work for Internet
  224. T-800
  225. Get Off My Lawn
  226. LAN of the Dead
  227. The Promethean Fire
  228. I Thought We Had a Connection
  229. 404 Network Unavailable
  230. No you don't want this.
  231. Wi-Fi Is the Wave
  232. To Infinity and Beyond
  233. All Your Bandwidth Are Belong to Us
  235. :Dumb and Dumber
  236. To Go or Not to Go
  237. Ikea Wifi
  238. The Cat Network
  239. Go Away I'm Gaming
  240. Pickle Rick
  241. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  242. Router? I Hardly Know Her!
  243. The Force is Strong With This One
  244. You Shall Not Pass!
  245. A Link to the Past
  246. Don't Touch My WiFi!
  247. For The Horde!
  248. All Your Base Are Belong to Us
  249. 666 Network Unavailable
  250. To Infinity and Beyond!
  251. The Matrix Has You
  252. Welcome to the Jungle
  253. I'm Just Here for the Wifi
  254. No Wifi For You
  255. This is my LANdo
  256. Keep Calm and Connect On
  257. Get Off My Lawn!
  258. Nacho WiFi
  259. WiFi? I Hardly Know Her!
  260. The Internet is for Cats
  261. You're Bringing Me Down
  262. What's Up, Doc?
  263. I'm Gonna Cut You
  264. It Burns When I PEWPEW
  265. This Is the Way
  266. The Walking Dead
  267. Game of Cones
  268. You Shall Not Connect!
  270. Nope, Still Not Working
  271. Password Is Sail Away
  272. I'm Sorry Dave, I Can't Do That
  273. Error: Network Unavailable
  274. The Lan Before Time
  275. Binary Wifi
  276. Lost in Cyberspace
  277. WiFi of the Dead
  278. I'm With Stupid
  279. You've Been Hacked!
  280. The Dark Net
  281. Frozen Wifi
  282. Hogwarts WiFi Network
  283. House of Stark WiFi Network
  284. Firefly Wifi Network
  285. Pennywise's Wi-Fi
  286. Offline
  287. NIRL
  288. Searching…
  289. Still Searching…
  290. Connect to the Dark Side
  291. Entering the Matrix
  292. Beam Me Up Scotty
  293. The Batcave
  294. Radioactive
  295. Nuclear Waste Dump
  296. The Danger Zone
  297. Hogsmeade Wi-Fi
  298. Silly Downloading Zone
  299. Jumanji WiFi
  300. The Upside Down
  301. Ready Player On
  302. The OA
  303. Starfleet Academy
  304. Westworld
  305. Dunder Mifflin Wi-Fi
  306. GetaWifiofthis

How To Come Up With Funny Wifi Names?

When it comes to choosing a funny wifi name, there are no hard and fast rules—it’s all about what makes you laugh. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you narrow down your options.

First, think about what kinds of things make you laugh. Are you a fan of puns? Do you like to quote movies or TV shows? Do you enjoy poking fun at current events? Once you have a general idea of the type of humor you enjoy, you can start brainstorming potential names.

The easiest way to come up with funny wifi names is to simply brainstorm a list of potential names and then narrow it down to the ones that make you laugh the most. Another approach is to look for inspiration in popular culture, whether it’s movies, TV shows, or even memes

You can also try coming up with puns based on the name of your router or the type of device you’re using to connect to the internet. Whatever approach you take, make sure to have fun with it, and don’t take yourself too seriously—after all, this is just for fun!

Personally, I think the best ones are combining a theme and something to do with the internet connection. For instance, if you like Lord of the Rings, funny wifi names can be like "Lord of the Pings" and "You Shall Not Password" and so on.

Change the Name of Your WiFi Network

If you want to change the name of your wifi, the process is usually pretty simple. Just log into your router’s settings page and look for the section where you can change the network name (sometimes called the SSID). From there, simply enter a new name and save your changes

Of course, every router is different, so you may need to consult your router’s documentation or do a quick Google search for instructions specific to your model.

How Do You Know if You Have Landed a Funny WiFi Name?

If you’re not sure whether or not your wifi name is funny, there’s an easy way to test it out—just ask a friend! If they laugh, you’ve definitely succeeded in coming up with a funny name.

Another good litmus test is to see if people start asking you about your wifi name. If they do, that’s a good sign that you’ve landed on a winner.

And of course, the ultimate test is when someone asks for your WiFi name or comes across it - they laugh or not. If they do, that means you’ve definitely found a funny name!

Funny Passwords for the WiFi Network

To add a bit more entertainment you can come up with a funny WiFi password as well. There are a bunch of funny style passwords that you can use to make your password more memorable and funny. Here is a list of 25+ funny Wi-Fi passwords off the top of my head that you can use as inspiration.

1. WellHellothere!

2. Letmein

3. I<3password

4. YouShallNotPass!

5. Password123

6. P455w0rd!

7. TrustNo1

8. IH8password

9. Han-no-go

10. 1amthebest

11. toocoolforschool

12. iknowno1

13. 2b-or-not-2b

14. ilovepassword

15. passwordisweak

16. dontusethisone

17. opensesame

18. 12345678

19. qwertyuiop

20. asdfghjkl

21. zxcvbnm

22. 1q2w3e4r5t6y

23. password12345

24. passw0rd!

25. P4ssw0rd!

26. Pa$$word

27. 1mthebes!

Lord of the Rings Wifi Names

1. Lord of the Pings

2. WiFi's Fellowship

3. Return of the Internet

4. The Two Towers of Wireless

5. A New Hope for WiFi

6. Gimli's WiFi

7. Green Dragon WiFi

8. Routers of Rohan

9. One Ping to Rule Them All

10. Pa-LAN-tir

11. The Shire's WiFi

12. Mordor's Network

13. Sauron's Router

14. Gollum's Cave Wireless

15. Bilbo's Baggins Network

16. Frodo's Safe House Connection

17. Samwise Gamgee's Guide to Internet

18. Legolas' Surf Club

19. Aragorn's Army WiFi

20. Theoden's Royal Web

21. Eomer's Wireless Emporium

22. Faramir's Fast Network

23. Denethor's Data Haven

24. Treebeard's Trunkline

25. Wormtongue's Wi-Fi Interference

26. Shelob's Lair Network

27. Saruman's Signal Jammers

28. Isengard's Infrastructure

29. Flaming Red Eye of Sauron WiFi

30. The One Ring Wireless Network

30 Funny Disney WiFi Names

Are you looking for some funny Disney WiFi names? Well, look no further! Here are 30 of the most amusing Disney WiFi names I could find and think of.

1. The Magic Kingdom

2. A Whole New Network

3. To Ping and Beyond!

4. Be Our Guest

5. It's a Small World After All

6. aLANdin

7. DisneyLANd

8. Gaston's WiFi

9. Frozen

: Do you want to build a network?

10. Up, up and away!

11. The Circle of Life

12. Hakuna Matata

13. Once Upon a Ping...

14. Happily Ever Router

15. My Prints Will Come

16. A Tale as Old as WiFi

17. Part of Your Network

18. Under the Router

19. I'll Make a WiFi Out of You

20. Can You Feel the Upload Tonight?

21. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

22. When You Wish Upon a LAN Connection

23. There's Magic in the Air

24. The Router Necessities

25. Winnie the DHCP

26. Mickey's Router

27. Donald Duck's WiFi

28. Pluto's Network Connection

29. Goofy's Internet Service Provider

30. Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers WiFi Network!

Have Fun With Your Router!

The most important thing to remember when coming up with funny wifi names is to have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to be silly or even a little bit risqué—just make sure that whatever you choose won’t offend anyone who might happen to see it

And if you can’t think of anything clever on your own, don’t worry—there are plenty of lists of funny wifi names out there that you can use for inspiration. So go forth and spread the laughter with your very own humorous wifi name!

Just be sure not to scare or freak out the neighbors with your WiFi name too much!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Elin Beck