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People Who Left BuzzFeed

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When watching the most recent videos on Buzzfeed, you may notice that some your favorite faces are no longer showing up. That's because they decided that their time with the company had to come to an end. Buzzfeed may look like a fun dream job that we all wish to have, but these former stars disagree with that idea.


Chris Reinacher

First on the list is Chris Reinacher. He worked with Buzzfeed for two and a half years before calling it quits. While he was there, he was well-known for his friendship with fellow star Brittany Ashley. The company let her go last year for participating in an outside project. This was one of the reasons why Reinacher decided to leave.

He has also stated that he did not like the idea of being owned by Buzzfeed and not being allowed to do work outside of the company. He also wanted to only work on one thing at a time instead of having to do all the work on his own. This included acting, writing, and filming. He has since started his own YouTube channel, which goes by his own name. He has so far gained 520,296 subscribers.


Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard left Buzzfeed at the end of January this year. She worked at the company since 2015 as a video producer and was the star of their Lady Like series. One of the reasons she left the company was because of their lack of communication with the fans. She stated that they are not allowed to comment back to the YouTuber's comments.

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She also went on to describe the lack of credit the producers get while making content and the lack of communication with the higher-ups of the company. Nygaard wanted more room to grow and there was never a chance to do so. She also had her voice taken away from her own series. This former star now has over two million subscribers on her own YouTube channel.


Candace Lowry

Candace Lowry worked at Buzzfeed for two and a half years before she decided to leave the company. She worked as a writer behind the scenes along with starring in their videos. Lowry was tired of doing so many different things at once and not being able to work on outside projects. She wanted to be more appreciated and not just be another face for the company.

Although she had a difficult time deciding to leave, she ended up jumping over to work with PopSugar after receiving a job opportunity with them. Lowry now has 202,489 subscribers on her personal YouTube channel.


Kenny Moffitt

Kenny Moffitt left Buzzfeed over a year ago now. He said that he wanted to pursue creating content on his own terms. He wasn't very keen on the idea of making as many videos as possible to make more money. Apparently, the company scoffed at the idea of putting in time and effort to make good, high-quality videos.

Moffitt was unhappy with the lack of growth working for the company. As a result, he lost his creativity, which led to him quitting the company. As of now, he has 166,412 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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