Top 8 Hilarious Firefox & Chrome Extensions You Have To Try

Updated on January 16, 2015

One thing I love about modern internet browsers like Chrome and Firefox is the ability to customize them with useful extensions. You can design your browser to have any feature that you might want. On mine I can see the weather, have an advertisement blocker, and can auto fill forms along with many other useful extensions. This article will detail some of the funniest browser extensions available and why you might enjoy them. It's great to have an extension that is useful but sometimes it is also great to have an extension that makes you smile!

Kim Kardashian in all her untalented glory
Kim Kardashian in all her untalented glory | Source

8. Block the Kardashians!

Are you sick of seeing Kim Kardashian's face everywhere? I love reading the news but I get so angry when the Kardashian family dominates the main headlines. There is one news site I read every day and Kim Kardashian is a featured story at the top every single day for a year now. This extension for Firefox/Chrome will solve this problem. The Kardashian Blocker for Chrome will block any website that advertises this talentless family. It's hilarious but also very useful.

For Chrome: Get It Here!

For Firefox: Get It Here!

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Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage | Source

7. The NicCage

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you wish you could see more Nicolas Cage? Well now you can with the NicCage extension for Firefox. This extension replaces almost all images on the internet with pictures of Nicolas Cage. I actually used this for an April Fools prank on my husband. I installed it when he was asleep. When he woke up and logged into Facebook, every single person had a Nicolas Cage profile picture. It was hilarious. A great app for some good laughs.

For Firefox: Get It Here!

For Chrome: Get It Here!

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A Video of Someone Being Pranked with NicCage


6. Millennials Begone!

We live in a day and age when the millennial generation dominates our social and online world. Everyone is talking about the millennial generation. It doesn't mean we old timers have to like it though. With this extension you can erase the word millennial from the web. Instead the word millennial will be replaced with "pesky whipper-snapper." You can't completely get rid of millennials but you can laugh at them.

Only for Chrome at: Get It Here!

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Screenshot of example Downworthy's work
Screenshot of example Downworthy's work | Source

5. Honest Headlines

Do you get tired of news headlines hyping something just to get you to read it? We live in a day and age when going viral seems to be everyone's goal. With this handy extension you can finally get the truth from news headlines. Called Downworthy, this extension replaces viral headline language into more truthful wording. For example, "OMG" is changed to"No One Cares. At All." For a full list of all the funny but truthful replacements this extension makes check out it's homepage below.

For Chrome only at: Get It Here!

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Example contemporary art seen in the top banner of the New York Times
Example contemporary art seen in the top banner of the New York Times | Source

4. Add Art

Do you get tired of looking at all those advertisements on webpages? Well with this extension those eyesores will be replaced with awesome and contemporary works of art. Now with this you can enjoy a site without having a product or service being in your face the entire time. You can read and enjoy beautiful artwork as you navigate through the internet.

For Firefox only: Get It Here!

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Screen capture of Pac-Man for firefox.
Screen capture of Pac-Man for firefox. | Source

3. Good Old Pac-Man

With this Firefox extension you can have a good game of Pac-Man anytime you want. Have you ever been waiting for a download and have time to kill? Have you been at work at the office and want to innocently slack off? Well now you have something to do. Simply go to the tool tab in Firefox and you'll find Pac-Man waiting for you! Watch out for those ghosts!!

For Firefox only at: Get It Here!

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2. Jailbreak the Patriarchy

This extension is hilarious but also a great way to teach a lesson in gender inequality. With the Jailbreak the Patriarchy extension you can swap the gender of the internet world. Things written about males will swap to females and vice versa. Have you ever wondered what the world would be like through the eyes of someone of the opposite gender? It can be funny to think about but also very educational.

For Chrome only: Get It Here!

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1. The Perfect Boyfriend

This extension is for all you men who want to get in your woman's good graces. The Perfect Boyfriend extension helps you send love notes, written by professionals, to your girl through facebook. What you do is connect the extension to facebook and then you can set it up so that the extension will send love messages to the person of your choice whenever you want. You can set how often a message will be sent.

For Chrome only: Get It Here!

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Other Funny Extensions?

So the extensions listed are my favorites. Now it is your turn. Do you have any funny browser extensions that you have tried? Please share your ideas in the comments if you have any or just talk about the ones in this list.

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