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How Social Media Affects Relationships

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From lack of trust, to lack of communication, there are several different reasons as to why relationships fail.

While the contributions may seem endless—social media seems to have a very negative affect on relationships nowadays.

Why is this?

In today's society, many people are addicted to using various forms of technological devices. Having such convenient access to technology allows people to spend an unnecessary amount of time on social media.


The next time that you are out at dinner, observe the surrounding environment that you are in. I can gaurentee that 60% of people that are around you, including couples, will be on their phones. Saddening to say the least, right?

This leads me into the primary reason as to why social media has a negative affect on relationships nowadays.


Before technology was designed, people communicated face-to-face with one another. In recent years, social media has become the most profound source of communication. We all know that with power comes great responsibility, but in some instances, there aren't always positives to power. Originally, social media was created as a networking tool, but it has been used for much more.

In my most-recent article, "The Truth Behind Social Media "likes", I discussed the Psychological affects that social media has on human's. I explained that the reason why people are so addicted to social media nowadays, is because of the intense rush of dopamine that our brains produce when we use it. At times, it can be extremely difficult for us to realize how much of an impact social media has not only us, but to those around us. Although the general concept of social media is to have the ability to 'connect' with other's, it also allows very little physical interaction between people. Now, don't get me wrong, there are positive advantages to social media. However, there are also plenty of disadvantages as well.

One common complaint that couples have nowadays, is how much time their partner spends using their phones, rather than paying attention to their significant other. This could potentially cause serious damage to a relationship, as communication is one of the building blocks to a solid foundation. It is important that you consider eachother's feelings, spend considerable time with one another, and limit the amount of time that you spend on social media. Making precious memories with your loved one's is far more valuable, than living in a virtual reality.

Advantages of Social MediaDisadvantages of Social Media

Gives people the ability to 'connect' with one another

Could have a very negative affect on relationships

Gives the ability to receive advice or help from other's

Could have a negative affect on your overall health and well-being

Creates awareness and innovates the way that people live

Can be highly addictive

Constant updates on what is happening in the world

Could have an affect on your reputation



While social media can make us feel more 'connected' to the people we love, it also can cause some relationships to unravel because when social media and social lives intertwine, it creates jealousy in relationships.

Imagine that you just got into a relationship with a person that you know little to nothing about. You find out the guy or girl that you’re involved with, has 350 friends on Facebook of the opposite sex. How does this make you feel? Can I trust this person?

Social media can cause tension in relationships for many reasons.The most cited cause of stress, was sharing too much personal information on your profile. Another cause of stress was getting a friend request from an ex or person of the opposite sex. Finding incriminating information on partner’s walls or in their photos could also potentially cause arguments between couples.

The most appropriate and mature approach to handling a situation that causes such tension in a relationship would be calmly communicating to your significant other about how certain things affect you. Never make assumptions or attack a person, healthily express your feelings. Strong chances are that they will empathize, understand, and make necessary changes if needed.


Social media has a very strong impact on self-esteem. People have the tendency of portraying their lives to be "flawless" or "picture perfect" when in reality, it's completely different when behind-the-scenes. When we only get the highlights of other people's lives, we end up comparing it to ourselves.

So, how exactly does this impact relationships, dating, or love in our lives?

Social media creates this illusion of having more social engagement and popularity, but hides one’s true persona. Since some are interfacing digitally more than physically, it is much easier to manipulate other people emotionally because they are reliant on the concept of vanity.The life that you portray on your social media and the true you, for some creates a double consciousness.Your lauded self on social media is constantly seeking more acceptance from people through "likes", not life. Many people will convey all the positive pictures, status updates, etc. — but then, their real lives speak differently.

When people see other's doing "better" than them, they tend to want more, more, more. Their self-esteem lowers, they begin to question their own lives, and in a sense—feel the constant need to compete with the world. Some people that are in relationships, rather than being grateful for what they already have, they get brainwashed by all of the "perfect" relationships portrayed online. This causes not only self-esteem issues, but ties back into jealousy.


They say that the healthiest of relationships are of those who keep their relationship private and who communicate regularly with one another. Before you spend an unnecessary amout of time on social media again, put your focus and attention on things that actually matter in life. Your personal well-being, your friends, your family, and your relationships are worth more of your time. Don’t let social media brainwash you into the vortex of vanity; focus on where you are in the real world. That's what matters.

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Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on December 27, 2018:

Thanks for sharing your insights on this important matter. It just seems that people do not even think anymore about the significance of using time wisely. There's much to consider and act on in this article.