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How to Go Viral on YouTube (the Real Way)

How to navigate YouTube's search algorithm and go viral

How to navigate YouTube's search algorithm and go viral

Going Viral on YouTube

Getting your video to go viral on YouTube isn't as hard as some would have you believe. Having said that, it's certainly not easy.

While it sometimes seems there's no rhyme or reason to going viral, it's not magic or luck. There are ways you can optimize your video's chances—both before and after you upload.

The following tips will guide you through the process.

Before Uploading Your Video

  1. Ensure no visual or audio glitches are present after video processes in YouTube Studio. You can easily verify this by setting the video to 'Private' before officially uploading it and then watching it all the way through.
  2. Research title based on other similar videos. (i.e., search your working title and see if there are other viral videos with similar titles. You want to be original while also appealing to what people are searching for.)
  3. Research trending tags and even update them the day of the video being posted. YouTube has a newly integrated 'tag' research tool in Studio that has been extremely helpful to me!
  4. Create a captivating thumbnail and get feedback on it! Post it in small YouTuber Facebook groups or Reddit forums, and ask if people would click on that thumbnail. (If not, ask what they would change.)
  5. Develop a detailed description that has keywords and tags within it. This is super important! You want the tags you're using to also be in the description, it verifies what your video is about and helps YouTube push it out to the right audience.
  6. Schedule the video and premiere it if you have subscribers. Those immediate views and likes will help you out! For bonus points, make sure to engage with your audience in the chat feature and ask them for feedback and to comment once the video officially goes live.
  7. Research Facebook Groups and Reddit Forums you can post this video in once it officially goes live. You want to get your video out there FAST but you don't want to spam the link in communities that won't care about it. So do your research ahead of time. (i.e., if your video is about gardening tips, search for gardening groups and forums and join them days before you post your video. You should even start engaging in those communities so they're familiar with you and more likely to watch your video!)

After Uploading Your Video

  1. Now is the time to SHARE! Post your video to Twitter, Facebook channel page, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr with relevant tags. Make sure you hype up the video without spoiling it!
  2. Post in trending Reddit pages if appropriate. You don't want to make enemies on Reddit and post your video link in subreddits that it has nothing to do with. For example, don't post your cooking video in a subreddit about cats... Seems obvious but I've seen people get banned from subreddits (and eventually Reddit itself) for not following the rules. Be classy.
  3. Share to at least two Facebook groups that would engage with the video and also post to video promotion pages. Trust me, there are tons of Facebook groups that have specific niches and you CAN find one that fits your video. Just make sure that self-promo is allowed and there are also YouTube self-promo pages dedicated for YouTubers!
  4. Engage with people who leave comments immediately! I can't stress this enough, you want to be consistently checking for your supporters and making sure they become subscribers. Interaction is the best way to ensure they come back for the next video.
  5. Create a HubPages article about the video if you're a writer. If not, don't stress it! You can always hire someone later on or work out an agreement with a writer to have them integrate your video link in their article.
  6. Lastly, create two TikToks: One for the day of upload to promote the video and the second one will be for a few days later. You want to keep momentum going for at least the first week and then move onto promoting your next video! Consistency is key.

Extra Work to Ensure Video Success

  1. Create engaging playlists on YouTube (even include some videos that aren't your own) and share them on social media.
  2. Continue to learn and grow your account with help from other Content Creators by joining a Facebook Group, like this one.
  3. Make friends on Discord groups and share your channel with them if they seem interested! You don't want to bombard friends with stuff like this or else they'll subscribe but never watch your content.
  4. Put time into editing and, this goes without saying, make an attractive thumbnail. Research the kind of videos you want to create and see what other creators are doing. You shouldn't carbon copy what they're doing or else you'll never be seen as original. Make sure to stay true to yourself!
Make sure you have created a monetized YouTube channel.

Make sure you have created a monetized YouTube channel.

Do You Have Any Tips/Tricks to Share?

This list is only what I have experienced that helps my videos the most! Now you have to see what works for you. Do you have any tips/tricks to share with everyone based on your personal success?

Algorithms are ever-changing, but YouTube promotes good content that has an engaged audience. Just keep having fun and dedicating yourself to your channel!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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