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How to Change Gmail Address and Keep Your Account

Gmail App

Gmail App

A Single Account for Many Services

Google provides different services to its users: some, such as the search engine, are accessible to everyone, while others require creating an account. Google Accounts are free and allow, in a few minutes, to access a wide range of services that millions of people around the world use every day.

When creating a Google Account, it is possible to register a new Gmail address. Once you have chosen it, you cannot change it later.

If you use Google services rarely and want to change your email address, the easiest solution would be to create a new account. This may not be instead the best solution if:

  • you have bought several movies and apps on Google Play,
  • you have posted several contributions to Google Maps, or
  • you have thousands of important emails stored in your Gmail mailbox.

In this case, creating a new account would mean losing everything or engaging in a time-consuming migration that may not even be possible for all Google services.

Me at a Google Event in California

Me at a Google Event in California

In general, it is never a good idea to delete a Google Account you have used for years and start again with a new one. Still, what can you do if you are really determined to change your Gmail address? This article will show you how you can do it while keeping your existing account.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Change Your Gmail Address With a New One
  2. How to Change Your Gmail Address With a Custom One
  3. How to Change Your Google Workspace Email Address

1. How to Change Your Gmail Address With a New One

The first situation, which is also the most common, is having a Google Account with a free personal address ending in and wishing to change it with another Gmail address. This situation is typical, for example, of teens who create accounts using fancy email addresses and then want to switch to more professionally-looking Gmail addresses when they become adults.

Google doesn't allow you to change your Gmail address. Still, there is an unofficial workaround you can follow to send and receive emails using another address while retaining the existing Google Account.

To proceed, you should perform these steps:

  1. Log out of your existing Google Account, then proceed with registering a new one, making sure to choose the email address you want;
  2. Using the new account, log in to Gmail from a PC or mobile device with "Desktop Mode" enabled;
  3. Click on the top-right gear icon to access Gmail settings;
  4. Navigate to the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab;
  5. Under "Forwarding," select "Forward a copy of incoming mail to";
  6. Type your old Gmail address, then select "delete Gmail's copy";
  7. Save and confirm your settings, then log out of your new Gmail account;
  8. Log in back to your old Google Account and access Gmail settings by following the same steps described previously;
  9. Navigate to the "Accounts and Import" tab;
  10. Under "Send mail as," add a new email address;
  11. Type your name and surname, then the new Gmail address you have registered previously;
  12. Save your settings and verify your ownership by following the instructions that you will receive shortly in your inbox;
  13. After confirming your address, go back to "Send mail as" and set your new address as the default you will use for every email you send.
Gmail Settings

Gmail Settings

After following all the steps above, you can use your primary Google Account as always. Every email you'll receive to the new Gmail address will be forwarded to your existing account, and all the messages you'll write will be automatically sent by using the new email address, always without the need to switch accounts.

With the steps above, you will not technically change your Gmail address on your existing account. Still, you will obtain the same effect by relying on two popular Gmail features: mail forwarding and sending through aliases.

2. How to Change Your Gmail Address With a Custom One

An alternative to creating a second Gmail address and binding it to your main account is registering a custom email address. By doing this, you get a domain name, and then you can create professional email addresses that end with the domain you have chosen instead of the free ending.

This solution has some advantages:

  • You fully own your email address, which is associated with your domain name: this means you can keep it even if you want to change email provider in the future;
  • You look more professional when you own a custom email address, especially if you run a business;
  • Since the domain name is yours, you are free to create the email address of your dreams without worrying about it being already taken by someone else.

Some people believe subscribing to Google Workspace (which requires creating a new account) is the only way to bind a custom domain name to Gmail.

While Google Workspace is the most professional solution for companies, you can easily attach a custom email address to your personal Gmail account by registering a domain name through Google Domains. To proceed, you can read about how to set Gmail custom domain without Google Workspace.

3. How to Change Your Google Workspace Email Address

This situation is the only one for which Google explicitly allows changing an email address: dealing with a Google Workspace account. In fact, the Google Workspace admin console allows you to easily edit a user's email address in a few seconds.

If you own a Google Workspace business account and you want to change your email address or that of a member of your organization, below are the steps to follow:

  1. Login to Google Admin Console;
  2. Browser to "Directory," and then to "Users";
  3. Near the account for which you want to change the email address, click on "Update User";
  4. Edit the email address, then click on "Update User."

After you have edited the email address, the previous one will become an alias so that the account can still receive emails sent to the old address.

Editing Email Address in Google Workspace Admin Console

Editing Email Address in Google Workspace Admin Console

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