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How to Create Email Template on Lotus Notes Mail 8.5 and Other Versions

I forget how to do this PC stuff all the time, so I write about it to remember and hopefully help you out too.


Creating Emails You Can Use Over Again In Lotus Notes

Say you want to write an email, save it, and use that content for repeating mailings over and over again without retyping. What would you do so you don't have to write the mail again and again? That's easy! Create an email template using Lotus Notes Stationery. Stationery is a way of making an email that you can save for the purposes of sending over and over again to different recipients either immediately or over the course of time. Say, just for example, that you get tons of emails from random people you don't know to ask, "How do I save a specific email so that I can send it over and over without retyping?" Instead of constantly re-typing and sending:

Thank you for your inquiry! There are ways on Lotus Notes version 8.5 (and other versions) to create what is called 'stationery' which acts as a pre typed, permanent copy of an email that you can send over and over again to different recipients

You can instead create pre-typed messages that you can access and send without having to redo the whole email.

Here's how it is done. This works best on Lotus 8.5 but probably will work just as well or close to just-as-well, on other Lotus versions

Creating an email you can use over again in Lotus Notes is easy enough to do.

1. Open Your Lotus Notes Mail

Simple enough: Open your Lotus Notes so that you are on the home screen (if you haven't done this already).

2. Enter the Mail Screen

From your home screen click "Mail."

Now you are on the screen where you can see all of your emails, inbox, etc.

3. To Create Stationery, Go Into Stationery Mode

On the left side of your screen, a pane/window should be open that lists a bunch of options you can view (inbox, drafts, sent, follow up, etc) click tools then click stationary.

4. Look for New Stationery so You Can Start the New Lotus Template

You will see a new view. Somewhere between the left side of the computer screen and the center of the computer screen (and a couple of inches down from the top of the monitor screen), you will see a button/drop-down arrow that reads new stationery. Click on the drop-down arrow.

5. Choose the Style of Your Lotus Template

Now you can choose two different stationery styles. One is "Message" and the other is "Personal".

"Personal" allows you to personalize your stationery with a custom header, signature lines, etc. Click on it and you'll see what I mean.

"Message" is less personal and more generic (actually I tend to use this one)

6. Choose Which Is Better for You: Message or Personal on Lotus

Click on either one that you want message or personal.

7. Enter Your Lotus Template/Stationery

OK, now start typing. Enter all the relevant information you want to continuously send out as an email.

Once this is entered click save.

8. Name Your Lotus Template/Stationery

You'll then be prompted to name the template, go ahead and name it. This name is how it will appear next time you go to select it from your other templates/stationery.

9. Open or Access Your Stationery/Lotus Template

I typically access my template (ie email copy, boilerplate, stationery, email copy, etc) from the same screen as my inbox. Enter your inbox and look to the left of the screen.

Find tools, click on it, then click on stationery, and from there select which stationery you want to send.

Don't forget that you can also modify this stationery prior to sending and/or add or delete as much information as you want. Any modifications you make after you open the stationary and send it will not affect the permanent stationery. The only way you can change that is if you are in the edit mode.

Have Fun!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope that you now know how to create an email copy that you can open, modify and send to various users over and over without having to retype the whole mail.


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TurtleDog (author) on March 03, 2016:


Guest on March 02, 2016:

It's spelled "Stationery".

TurtleDog (author) on September 09, 2013:

Thanks NellRose ! You are awesome

Nell Rose from England on September 09, 2013:

For someone like me who sits there scratching her head at stuff like this, this is great news! lol! bookmarked for further reference, thanks!