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Updated on October 24, 2016
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James Lamprey is the host of a Youtube channel called FunFoodsYT. He enjoys cooking/baking and traveling. He is also an event speaker.

After learning these techniques, your Facebook videos will be more attractive to those who you wish to target. You will see your videos get more Likes, comments and shares. If your strategy is to use these videos to grow a Facebook page, you will notice more fan page likes as well.

My Facebook page has had much success using these techniques. I have had multiple videos that exceeded 1 million views! My best video to date has over 21.2 million views and has been shared almost 700,000 times. You will learn the techniques I used to get these results.

These techniques will soon become second nature when you produce videos for your Facebook page. Even if you only use a few of these techniques it will help improve the chances of a large number of shares on your videos.


Original Content

If you want people to share your videos on Facebook one of the most important things to remember is to create something interesting. It may seem like an obvious thing to consider but surprisingly many people and businesses share the most mundane things and can't understand why they aren't getting shares on their posts.

Regardless of your niche, making original content is key. There is always a way to create something unique and still reflect your brand. For instances, I create "How to" recipe videos for my Facebook page. There are millions of recipes on the internet but I try to either present the recipes in a way that is different and interesting or use unlikely combinations to create something truly unique.


Duration is one of the most important attributes to consider when making a Facebook video. Shorter videos do better than longer videos. This makes perfect sense considering that the average human attention span is only 8 seconds! I suggest keeping your Facebook videos under 2 minutes.

People don't have time to spend 10 minutes on a video to see if they find it interesting. They also don't want to annoy their friends on their own Facebook pages by sharing content that is too long and boring.

Hook your viewers with something amazing within the first 3 seconds! Why 3 seconds? On Facebook a video does not count as a view until after it has played for at least 3 seconds. Also, think about how you use Facebook. As you scroll down your feed, it takes about 3 seconds to scroll from the top of page to the bottom. That is as long as you do so in a somewhat constrained manner.

If you capture your viewers interest in this time period, they will stick around. I always show the finished product first on my videos. Since I make food videos it is important to do this. Nobody will find it interesting to see me adding flour or sugar to a bowl without first having a reason to watch that. Of course if you make other types of content, you will have to figure out what the hook will be for your content.

If you have content that requires more in-depth details to convey, just link to a longer video on Youtube or other site. More detail about this in the "Helpful Links in Your Video Description" section.

Structure of the Video

The structure of your content is also important. Most people view Facebook from their mobile devices now. It is more important then ever to create content that looks good on these devices. One way to do this is to make square videos.

What do I mean by square videos?

You can format a video in your editing software to be square. For instance, I use Final Cut Pro X as my editing software and the video format defaults to a resolution of 1920 x 1080. This is the typical rectangle format you see on videos. Problem with this format is that the viewer will have to turn their phones sideways when viewing. People are lazy!

Don't give them a reason to not watch your video. It is simple to change the format to a 1080 x 1080 format with just a few clicks. You may also have to crop your videos to fit to the format as well.

Square videos also make your videos more noticeable in auto play. If you are unaware of auto play, this is where your video automatically plays in someones feed as soon as your video appears. If you use the rectangle format you video will appear smaller.

Please let me know in the comments if you want me to write a separate hub going into detail about how to edit your Facebook videos.


Sound in Facebook videos are not very important. Of course if you are doing comedy or singing it is. In these cases, make sure to let people know to turn on the sound!

Most people watch Facebook videos without actually clicking on them. This means the sound doesn't start to play.

I suggest using bold titles and subtitles to convey information in your videos.

If your content warrants it, use upbeat background music. Make sure it is royalty free music. Also use subtitles to tell the story.

Helpful Links in Your Videos Description

Including helpful links in a videos description is a great way to show your viewer that you care about them. How many times have you watched a video and wanted to know more about what you just seen but there was no information easily available?

Make it easy for your viewers to find out about you or your brand. Since I make food videos, I always include a link to the full recipe in my videos. If your Facebook video is just a teaser video, add a link to the full video. I also add Amazon links to products that I used in the video. It is important to only add these links if it will be helpful to the viewer. I have spent many hours answering questions about where to find a mold or flavored extract. Now I anticipate the questions and include the links to help my viewers and save me time.

Call to Action

The reason most videos are not shared or "Liked" on Facebook is because people don't ask for others to do so. Simply asking someone to Like or share your video will increase the likelihood that they will do it.

Now I don't mean for you to send out mass emails asking people to like or share your videos. What I am referring to is ask in the post itself. At the end of the video include text asking your viewers to share or like your video. You can also include text in the description asking for the like or share as well.

When are your fans online?

Number of fans Online
Peak time that # of fans are online
This is an example of a Facebook insight table showing peak days and times of fans. This is only an example and does not represent actual figures. You can find your specific figures on your insight section of your Facebook page.

Best Time to Upload

Finding the best time to upload can be a bit tricky. It is less tricky if your video appeals to a specific geographic area. For instance, if you operate a local business and want your video to attract new business in that area, you can schedule a video to upload at a time when most of your customers, clients and prospective customers are on Facebook.

How to determine when your viewers will be on Facebook? If you have content that appeals to school age children then don't upload the video during school hours. Maybe between 3-5 pm would be best as they are exiting school and checking their social feeds at this time. If you want to appeal to a broader audience, between 6-8 pm would be better as most people are off work at this time.

Facebook offers a host of different resources and insights to help you determine a good time to upload. This is a good starting point but does not always guarentee success. The main thing to remember is that it's important to tryout different times to see which times suites your content.

Examples of good Facebook Videos

Here are a few good examples of Facebook videos:

  • Of course I will have to start with one of my own. This "Mountain Dew Ice Cream" Facebook video has almost all the elements discussed above. It was under 1 minute in length and was original. This makes it easily sharable and people were engaged so much with the content that many people recreated the recipe for themselves.
  • Here is a comedy Facebook video that was very successful using most of these elements. Codeblack Comedy posted a video called "improv at it's best" which was around 1 minute in length and had bold text to convey the message. It was funny and short. Everyone loves a funny video to share on their Facebook page.


Whether you decide to implement all or just part of these techniques in your next video, you will see an increase to your shares and likes. Remember that as with any social media strategy things change quickly. What works today may not work tomorrow!

What is the longest length video you would share on Facebook?

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