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How to Create a Popular Internet Meme

David has some interesting ideas and views about the happenings regarding computers and the internet.

LOLCats are a very common internet meme.

LOLCats are a very common internet meme.

What Is an Internet Meme?

Memes have been around for many years, even prior to the internet. Basically, it's an idea that spreads from person to person. The reason why internet memes are so popular is that it is so easy to pass a meme from one person to another. This allows memes to spread like wildfire all over the world.

Internet memes not only produce some hilarious media, but are also an effective way to advertise an unknown or obscure product. Companies have used memes to advertise themselves, making a brand well known just by word of mouth over the internet.

Mostly, people like to coin memes themselves. In some cases, they can even earn a profit from them. Earning money from a meme shouldn't be the goal. The goal is to poke fun at something and to share it with others.

A word of warning, memes can be adult-oriented, even mature in nature.

This article will cover the basics of how to make your own meme and how to spread it around the internet.

An Example of Dog Shaming

Dog shaming has been a very popular meme among animal owners.

Dog shaming has been a very popular meme among animal owners.

Creating Your Own Meme From Scratch

There are a few things you need to create your own meme, without the use of a website:

  • A graphics editor program, such as MS Paint, Gimp, Photoshop, etc.
  • The font "Impact", which should already be on most Windows computers.
  • The ability to change the font to have white text with a black outline. A stroke effect should also be used in programs such as Photoshop.
  • Once you add the text to a photo, post it somewhere on the internet.

Video memes require much more, depending on what you want to do. You may wish to use your own equipment, software, etc. Or have someone else do it for you.

Grumpy Cat

If you are lucky you will have a meme that will make you rich.  Grumpy Cat is one of the small few that has made money due to the popularity of the Grumpy Cat memes.  Unfortunately, Grumpy Cat died in 2019.

If you are lucky you will have a meme that will make you rich. Grumpy Cat is one of the small few that has made money due to the popularity of the Grumpy Cat memes. Unfortunately, Grumpy Cat died in 2019.

Internet Meme Generators

Back in the day, people had to use programs like MS Paint, Photoshop, etc. to make a picture meme. Fortunately, there are websites out there that make it simple to create your own meme. For the most part, you have a few choices when creating your very own meme:

  • Using existing pictures. There are hundreds of pictures that circulate the net which are used in memes. A lot of websites, such as Quickmeme, allow you to pick a picture, type in what text you wish to add to it, and let you go wild. The problem with this method is that there are potentially thousands out there already more popular than your own. While it may get a chuckle out of some, don't expect your meme to catch on.
  • Upload your own picture. This is where memes are born. Someone takes a picture, uploads it on the net, and a meme is made. Some sites, like Meme Generator, allow you to upload an image and create your own caption for it. While hundreds of people may be doing this all the time, a funny picture and catchphrase can make a meme start and spread throughout the internet.
  • Make your own video. What can be harder, but potentially much more rewarding, is making your own meme video. It's hard to describe what could end up being popular. Something not meant to be funny, but could turn into something funny if used in the right way. There are also websites, like Meemsy, that allow users to use existing videos to create a meme.

There are other kinds of memes out there. While an internet meme generator can create a standard meme picture for you, some of the best ones out there do something different to stand out that can't be done in an internet meme generator. This article has many examples of that.

The Ha! Ha! Guy

Ha! Ha! Guy - An old, but popular internet meme.

Ha! Ha! Guy - An old, but popular internet meme.

Spreading Your Meme on the Internet

For a meme to grow in popularity, you must post it on various social media platforms. While the table below gives examples of different places you can post a meme, here are a few things to consider before doing so:

  • First, be active somewhere prior to posting something. Don't just make mass accounts everywhere just so you can post your meme. Users that see you have only one post with no other activity may dismiss your meme, unless it's incredibly funny and worth passing on. If you are active on a website, other users will take notice of you when you post something.
  • Choose sites related to the picture or video. If your meme has to do with video games, post it on forums and imageboards related to video games. That will generate the most interest to people who understand what your meme means. If it's about a particular game, then focus on websites associated with that game.
  • Post on to multiple meme websites. While memes can be anywhere, focusing on a few of the major meme websites will help your meme spread. Keep in mind these sites are hit with hundreds of memes a day. So unless yours really stands out, it could be buried and forgotten about in no time.

Places to Share a Meme on the Internet

There are a variety of ways you can spread a meme throughout the internet.









Text Messages


Meme Sites

Sites Related to Topic of Meme


News Sites

Search Engines

Doge Meme

Doge is a very popular meme.  It even spawned a digital currency by the name of Dogecoin.

Doge is a very popular meme. It even spawned a digital currency by the name of Dogecoin.

10 Tips on Posting Memes

Here are some general tips when posting a meme that you created:

  1. Be respectful. Not everyone will like your meme, with some insulting it and you. Don't lash out at those people. That will only make you look bad and will discredit your meme, preventing it from catching on.
  2. Be prepared to hit adult-oriented websites. Some of the more popular memes spread across some of the more adult-oriented websites. So if you want your meme to spread, those could be the best websites to start with first.
  3. Provide the original, unaltered photo or video. This will allow others to make their own memes out of it, causing it to spread. If you can, try to ensure it starts with you, but that can't always be possible.
  4. Your meme will be modified. Some memes don't end the same way they start. Someone could take your picture and make some changes to it, then it turns into a popular meme. You will know that it started with you, though.
  5. Don't expect to earn a profit. Memes are meant to be funny, not to make money. While some companies make memes to spread the word about something, they aren't used to directly make money. However, if you are in it to make money, focus primarily on videos.
  6. Don't be a copycat. Copying another meme in a poor way won't earn you more than a chuckle here or there, unless it's one that really stands out. Go for unique ideas that haven't been used before.
  7. Do research on a meme before you put work into it. Sites like Internet Meme Database cover the majority of memes on the internet. Do a search on memes like the one you want to make to see if it's been done before.
  8. Hope that you are lucky. You can't force a meme to become popular. A lot of times something becomes popular just by pure chance. It's all about luck and having your meme exposed in the right way.
  9. Have fun with it. Memes are meant to be funny, so have fun with it. You may be offended if someone makes fun of your meme, or does something with it you don't approve of. That is the point of memes.
  10. Don't give up. Your meme may not catch on right away, or may not catch on until the right joke is used with it. Keep posting them and don't give up. Never know, you could have the next big internet meme that spreads throughout the world.
Typical internet meme format.  #1 is where the text goes, while #2 is where the picture goes.  An example of this type of meme is below.

Typical internet meme format. #1 is where the text goes, while #2 is where the picture goes. An example of this type of meme is below.

Ponder Monkey Template

Offer the original photo for people to use to make an internet meme from.  I call this one "Ponder Monkey".

Offer the original photo for people to use to make an internet meme from. I call this one "Ponder Monkey".

Ponder Monkey Meme

My first Ponder Monkey meme.

My first Ponder Monkey meme.

Examples of Some of the First Internet Memes

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RoadMonkey on December 26, 2019:

Interesting hub. I think also a sense of humour is a good help in creating a meme.

Gail Meyers from Johnson County, Kansas on December 25, 2019:

Also the vast majority of our original (created) memes that were posting on our Facebook page did not link back to our page when indexed by Google in the search results.

Gail Meyers from Johnson County, Kansas on December 25, 2019:

We have created about 2,500 awareness raising memes over the last not quite decade, and were looking for some fresh ideas. We created our meme quotes on PicMonkey for years, then it restricted its use and we had to find another site. Thanks for the cute and informative hub.

roger on July 17, 2018:

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Joel Diffendarfer from Jonesville on November 13, 2014:

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Thanks for letting us know how easy they are to create, and sharing your tips on creating them.

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This is a really great article and I loved your illustrations. Voted up!

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Wonderful. A good topic with interesting features. Thank you for sharing such a nice stuff.

Nigel Kirk from Calgary, AB, CAN on June 05, 2013:

The whole idea of a meme is that it just happens. A meme can't be forced. If it is forced, than it's just mass marketing, but by definition, it isn't a meme. One cannot create a meme. One creates a concept, and the rest of the community (in this case, the internet) makes it a meme. The internet community either likes what they see and imitates it or parodies it, or shares it, or it dies days after being released.

That's why Milhouse is not a meme, but "Milhouse is not a meme" IS a meme.

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Trust humanity to move reliably from the profound to the ridiculous.

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