How to Find and Delete Old Tweets

Updated on November 10, 2016

People want to delete their tweets for various reasons. Some just don’t want new followers to see their embarrassing posts and pictures; others remove them to maintain a healthy tweet-to-follower ratio.

A year ago, finding and deleting tweets was a quite a chore. But now it’s an easy task, thanks to Twitter’s advanced search option. With this new feature, you can find all posts - right from the day you started tweeting - and remove them one by one. This step-by-step guide will help you find and delete old tweets as well as RTs.

Using Twitter's Advanced Search Filters to Remove Tweets

1. Login to Twitter and visit the site’s new Advanced Search option - (Copy the URL and paste it on your browser's address bar)

2. You will see plenty of search filters that will allow you to find your tweets by word (or more than one word), exact phrase or hashtag. There are other word search options, which in my opinion won’t be as useful as the ones mentioned above.

3. Once you have entered a word, hashtag or phrase, enter your Twitter handle name in “From These Accounts” box under “People”. You may also search for RTs that contain the entered word by selecting the “Include Retweets” checkbox. Once done, click on Search.

4. You will find your tweets based on your search criteria. Now all you have to do is click on the Delete link below each post to remove it from your timeline. You can delete posts individually, but can’t bulk delete them from your account.

Find and Remove Old Tweets by Date

Finding your good, bad or embarrassing tweets posted in May 2012 (or any other month, year or day) has now become easier. Twitter’s nifty Advanced Search Filter also lets you filter your tweets by date. Here’s what you should do:

1. In the “Dates” section, enter the dates in From and To sections (Example: From 15th May 2011 to 20th June 2012). Next, type in your handle name and hit the Search button. Tweets posted between the dates entered on both boxes will be displayed on your TL. Click on the delete link below each post to remove it from your timeline.

2. The advanced search option is a sure shot way to find and delete old tweets, but you will need to remove them one by one. To bulk delete or remove selected posts, use these tools:

Find and Delete Old Tweets by Date
Find and Delete Old Tweets by Date

1. TweetDeleter

The counter on TweetDeleter’s header area just shows how fast tweets are deleted using this tool. It allows users to find and sort tweets easily and remove them at a click of a button. Just hit the sign in with Twitter button to authorize TweetDeleter and you are all set. Note that you can only delete the first 3.2K tweets on your twitter account.

Now that you have logged in via Twitter, it’s time to remove unwanted tweets. Just click on the empty checkbox beside each tweet. You can also click on the “Select All” button at the top to delete all tweets at once. If you want to delete over 1K tweets, then scroll until you reach the 1000th tweet. It may take some time to load all and you may have to constantly scroll down for older tweets to load.

TweetDeleter had an “automatic delete” option as well as a date-wise delete option, but currently there aren’t any. May be the developers want to keep things simple. Anyway, the new website can really be of immense help in case you want to remove multiple tweets.

2. TweetEraser

TweetEraser lets you filter your tweets by text, hashtag or date. You will need to authorize this tool before you can start using it – Just press the sign in with Twitter button and you will be taken to the tool’s advanced search options where you can search tweets by hashtag, date or text.

In the Search Options, select text from the drop-down menu and enter a word. Hit the Start Searching button and you will see only those tweets that contain the text entered. Now click on the tiny checkbox beside each tweet and hit the big “Delete Selected Items” button to remove them from your timeline.

TweetEraser’s date option isn’t really helpful if you are looking for 2 year or 3 year old tweets. However, all three filter options (Earlier, Since and Between) will return results that are a year older.

3. TwitWipe

Warning! Using TwitWipe will delete all of your tweets. ALL! You have been warned. If you are too possessive about your posts, then you should start using the above two tools or use Twitter’s Advanced Search option.

If you still want to take the risk, then just hit visit TwitWipe, hit the “Get Started” button, enter captcha, click “Proceed”, authorize app and give permission to TwitWipe to remove all tweets by clicking on the Yes button (Hit No if you don’t want to). Tweet wiping can’t be undone, so think twice before removing them from your timeline.

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