How to Add a New Book Record in Goodreads

Updated on October 12, 2017
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Goodreads is a social cataloging website where you can sign up to record and track your reading progress. Users can create their own bookshelves and add the books they have read, mark the books that they are currently reading, or add the books that they want to read. They can get book recommendations based on the kind of books they like. They can review books they liked or dislike. They can join groups and have discussions with fellow readers & much more.

While you find most book records on Goodreads already, some lesser known books or regional language books aren't available on Goodreads if they haven't already been added by a fellow reader or a Goodreads Librarian. Goodreads gives the users an option to create a new book record if the users can't find a book in the Goodreads records. This article will tell you how you can do that.

Goodreads Bookshelf
Goodreads Bookshelf

1. Make sure you search for your book in the existing Goodreads records before you add a new record. You can search your book by the Book Title, the Author's name or by the ISBN code in the search box on your Goodreads page.

Goodreads Search box
Goodreads Search box | Source

2. If you still don't find your book, you can add a new record by click on the "Still can't find the book? Add a new record" button.

How to add a new book record on Goodreads
How to add a new book record on Goodreads | Source

3. It takes you to the "Add a new book" page. You can fill in the book details here - Title, Author, ISBN code, Publisher, Number of pages, Format, Edition, Description, Language. You can also add a cover image for the book.

Add a new book on Goodreads
Add a new book on Goodreads | Source

4. Make sure you follow the guidelines laid down by Goodreads while filling in the book details.

Goodreads guidelines to add a new book
Goodreads guidelines to add a new book | Source

5. Once you have filled all the details, click on the 'Create Book' button to create the new book record.

Create Book on Goodreads
Create Book on Goodreads | Source

6. This creates a new record for your book and now you can add it to your shelf, rate it, review it or recommend it to friends.

Happy Reading! :)

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