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How to Change Your AT&T U-Verse Wi-Fi Password

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Changing the modem settings can render your internet service completely useless if done incorrectly. You can change every aspect of your modem from the Wi-Fi frequency to the Wi-Fi channel. If you find yourself lost and confused—or once you've completed all the steps correctly and can not connect to the internet—don't worry.

On the back of your modem where all of the wires are plugged in is a little red button. At any time you wish to get rid of the changes you made, this button is the 'fix it' button.

Press and hold the red button on the back of the modem. All the lights on the front of the modem will start flashing. Keep holding the button until all the lights, except for the power, stop flashing.

Give your modem a few minutes to boot back up. This is called a factory reset and all the original settings will be back to normal as soon as the Broadband and Service lights are solid green.

The screenshots I am using are for the Pace Modem Model 5268AC. If your screen doesn't match the photos, it's okay. The layout may be different, but the changes are the same.

If done correctly, your computer WILL get kicked off of the current Wi-Fi connection. You can leave these instructions on the screen for you to scroll through. Just don't click any links or refresh the page and you can see them. If you've read through them and don't feel comfortable, you can also copy and paste them into a Notepad or Microsoft Word document.

Example of Modem Information

Example of Modem Information

Step 1: Locate the Modem Information

The modem can be various different types of shapes and sizes depending on the service you have. Most of them are standing upright and are either near the DVR, if you have TV service, or near the computer. It will have the AT&T name and/or logo stamped on it somewhere.

On the side or back of the modem will be information you will need to continue. If the modem is not near your computer, use a phone to take a picture of the information or you can write it all down. What you'll need to take note of:

  • Wi-Fi Network Name
  • Wi-Fi Password
  • For advanced Device Configuration, go to
  • Device Access Code
Url Bar to Type the

Url Bar to Type the

The Modem Start Up Page

The Modem Start Up Page

Step 2: Log Into the Modem

Make sure your computer is connected to the Wi-Fi. Open a browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

In the url bar, where you normally type "" or "" go ahead and type the IP address you copied from step 1 ( and press Enter.

This should bring up your modem start up page.

Link to Wi-Fi Settings

Link to Wi-Fi Settings

Change the Information in the Highlighted Boxes

Change the Information in the Highlighted Boxes

Step 3: Locate and Change Wi-Fi Settings

Wi-Fi settings will be easily displayed and you should just need to click the link.

If you don't see a link, you may have to click around to find the settings in "Network" or "LAN" tabs, depending on the model of your modem. Make sure you do not change any settings while you're clicking the tabs and links to locate the Wi-Fi settings.

Change the Network Name SSID to a name of your choice such as "SmithFamily" or "MyWiFi." Or you can be witty and use a funny Wi-Fi name if you choose.

In the Wi-Fi Password option, make sure to click the radio button that says "Use Custom Wi-Fi Network Password."

Where it asks for the password, you can now change it to whatever you choose. Many people choose a phone number. Whatever you choose is now completely hidden to only you. Only give this password to friends and family.

Some modems and encryption types require an exact 10-digit password.

Choosing Unique Wi-Fi Names

Choosing Unique Wi-Fi Names

Step 4: Save

Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you find a Save button. Click it.

The next screen will ask you for the Password or the Device Access Code.

Using the information you took from Step 1, enter the Device Access Code and click Continue or Save.

You should be getting kicked off of the default Wi-Fi now.

Simply locate the new Wi-Fi name that you created in your network settings and connect to it using the password you created.

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Clyde King (author) on April 15, 2018:

Kristi, in step 1, the 3rd bullet point says "For advanced Device Configuration go to". That ip address is just the modem and is used on all AT&T modem models.

Kristi on April 15, 2018:

No where in step 1 did it say to get IP address