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How to Repair and Maintain Your Magic Jack System

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Discover how to troubleshoot issues with your Magic Jack devices.

Discover how to troubleshoot issues with your Magic Jack devices.

While searching through Google, I couldn't help but notice the myriad of complaints concerning Magic Jack. Many of these tend to focus on call quality and missed calls. Others refer to Error 3002 in conjunction with the Magic Jack Plus.

This isn't surprising. With a normal 'landline' phone service, the customer is responsible for maintaining the telephone and its attached cord. If the user has a problem, he ensures the telephone set functions by testing it at another location. If it works, he passes the problem onto his telephone company.

A telephone system powered by Magic Jack presents the user with far more responsibility. As well as the Magic Jack device and handset, the system depends on the serviceability of the user's internet connection and, in the case of earlier MJ devices, their computer system. The task of locating the exact fault is set squarely on the customer's shoulders.

Routine Maintenance

To ensure your telephone system operates reliably, it is advisable to conduct some form of routine maintenance. Below is listed a routine that can easily be performed on monthly basis. It is not difficult. You are simply turning the complete system off, then restarting it.

The following refers to the older version of Magic Jack that must be connected to a computer's USB port. If you own the Magic Jack Plus or Magic Jack Go, which take advantage of your wireless internet connection, ignore instructions below that refer to the computer. If you encounter connectivity problems, remember to test your ability to reach the internet by using another piece of equipment that utilizes your wireless connection.

Suggested Monthly Shutdown/Reboot Procedure

  1. If your telephone set requires power, unplug it.
  2. Remove the Magic Jack and lay it aside.
  3. If your Magic Jack was connected through a powered hub, unplug the hub from its power source.
  4. Log off and shut down the computer.
  5. Unplug the computer from its power source.
  6. If you use a router, unplug it from its power source.
  7. Unplug the modem (device connecting the system to the internet) from its power source.
  8. Count slowly to ten. Then reconnect the modem to its power source. Allow this device a couple of minutes to stabilize. At this point, there should be no red warning lights on the modem. Red lights are an indication of problems involving the modem, the line from the modem to a wall socket or the internet connection.
  9. If your system uses a router, reconnect it to its power source. Allow a minute for the router to stabilize.
  10. Plug in the computer. Turn it on and log in. Wait five minutes to allow the computer to fully load.
  11. If you are using a powered hub in conjunction with the Magic Jack, reconnect the hub to its power source.
  12. If you are using a telephone that requires power, reconnect it to its power source. Ensure the phone set is connected to the Magic Jack via a phone cord.
  13. Reinsert the Magic Jack into the system. Allow the software time to load.
  14. Check the handset to ensure you have dial tone.

It may come as a surprise, but many faults concerning electronic equipment can be solved simply by temporarily removing power. By following the above procedure, you are preventing small, unnoticed glitches from becoming major problems.

The Magic Jack Plus.

The Magic Jack Plus.

Instructions on the backside of the device.

Instructions on the backside of the device.

Fault Finding

Okay, your Magic Jack phone system is not working properly. How do you find the exact cause? Well, technicians like to keep things simple. Check out the easy stuff first.

  • Is everything turned on?
  • Is the blue light inside your Magic Jack dongle on? (Note that the Magic Jack Plus should have a flashing red and green LED as well.) If you use the older model, you might need to connect it through a powered hub to ensure the device receives enough power to operate properly.
  • If this is a new installation, is your internet service and computer capable of handling the requirements placed upon them by Magic Jack?
  • Do all your connecting cables appear to be firmly attached?
  • Are you watching Netflix, downloading or streaming files at the same time you are attempting to place a call?
  • If you are using the Magic Jack Plus, does the system report Error 3002?


Your next step in the fault finding process is to perform the power shutdown/reboot described in 'Routine Maintenance' above. If this fails to solve the problem, continue on to the next step. If your Magic Jack Plus reports Error 3002, please read the appropriate instructions below.

Consider Recent Changes

Next, you should ask yourself what recent changes you have made to the computer/Magic Jack software? What recent upgrades have you performed to your hardware? Could this have effected the performance of your Magic Jack?

Try to Pinpoint the Fault

If your difficulties persist, it is time to divide and conquer. Google a YouTube link and watch the video. If you cannot connect to the internet, consult your internet provider for assistance. If the video is choppy, the internet connection might be too slow or bogged down. Perhaps your computer is outdated or requires maintenance. If you cannot hear sound, you might be experiencing problems with your soundcard or sound drivers. You should check Control Panel/Sound and ensure that 'USB internet phone by Tigerjet' is installed.

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If the video ran correctly, the next step would be to test your handset and phone cord at another location.

If you prove the handset/phone cord to be correct, you have pinpointed your fault to either the Magic Jack or its software. Contact online support for Magic Jack.

Side views of the Magic Jack.

Side views of the Magic Jack.

Error 3002

This error is intended to inform the operator that the Magic Jack Plus cannot connect to the internet. Below are listed methods to fault-find and repair.

  1. Disconnect power from modem/router and Magic Jack Plus. Wait ten seconds and then reconnect. Wait two minutes to allow time for the Magic jack to establish a connection before you test the device. If this fails to solve the problem or proves to be only a temporary fix, go on to step two.
  2. The included patch cable, which is intended to connect the Magic Jack to your router, may be prone to interference from other devices. Replace it with a standard Ethernet cable - like the one that connects your computer to your modem/router - and repeat step one. This fixed the problem with my Magic Jack device.
  3. If the problem persists, it is possible your internet provider allows only one device to be physically connected to the system. This can easily be checked by calling your service provider.
  4. If your unit still reports Error 3002, there could be a problem with the Magic Jack device. If the Magic Jack has never operated properly and has not yet been registered, go to and attempt to register the device. If they cannot locate your Magic Jack, you will be instructed to insert the unit into a USB plug of your computer to complete the registration.
  5. If your problem is intermittent or you were unable to successfully complete the registration, it is time to contact Magic Jack support.

Customer Support

Once I switched to the Magic Jack Plus, I experienced difficulties accessing an extension after a call had commenced. I contacted Magic Jack using their chat line.

After a three-minute wait, a service representative asked me to describe my difficulty. The problem proved trickier than expected, requiring the attention of three levels of support personnel. Those that assisted me were unfailingly polite, friendly and professional and, after one hour of work, my problem was solved.

Before you resort to Magic Jack's chat line, it is advised that you read their FAQs, searching for the answer to your problem.

Magic Jack Go

Three years after I purchased the Magic Jack Plus, it failed. I consulted FAQs, determining that the device functioned properly when attached to a computer but lacked power when connected to my router and an external power source.

I tracked the problem down to a defective power adapter. Instead of replacing this part, I decided to order the new Magic Jack Go. It was on sale and came with a one-year subscription.

It arrived by the scheduled date. Using the handy video at the registration website, I physically attached the Magic Jack to my system. Then I clicked the Detect Device button. It was immediately detected, and I was given the choice of setting up the device or moving my phone number and the remainder of my contract to the new Magic Jack. I chose the latter.

My understanding is that, technically, the Magic Jack Go is very similar to the Magic Jack Plus. This device should not be considered an upgrade. If, however, you are a new customer or need to replace a broken device, the Magic Jack Go is an excellent option.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: How long does a Magic Jack Plus last?

Answer: As with any electronic device, the Magic Jack Plus will eventually die. I cannot give an accurate estimate of its lifespan, but mine is a couple of years old, and it's still going strong.

Question: Does MagicJack replace your unit when it goes bad?

Answer: They would if it were within the warranty period. Otherwise, replacement is your responsibility. Having said that, MagicJack makes money from your yearly subscription. They might be willing to cut you a deal.

Question: what is error 23 concerning the magick jack?

Answer: I have never run across this problem but I did find the question and an answer that appears to work while searching one of the forums. You can thank SteveHC from Southwest Florida for this answer:

All that error code means is that your MJ+ is - at least temporarily - losing its proper Internet connection. The causes for this can be almost endless - but 99% of the time its hardware related. Can even be caused by a loose or corroded Ethernet cable, a router suddenly acting a bit flaky, a loose AC power connection, you name it. Assuming you're using the MJ+ as a stand-alone device, if I were you I'd first try running it via direct USB connection rather than a direct router connection - if it then works properly start looking at the MJ+'s own AC adapter, the Ethernet cable you've been using to connect it to the router, etc. But - and this is VERY important, more so than most people realize - also do THIS:

a) Power down your modem & router by unplugging their power connections, and fully disconnect the MJ+ from its AC adapter and your router.

b) Power up the modem.

c) Wait until a minute or so after the modem has fully powered up and reconnected completely to your Internet service.

d) Power up your router.

e) About a minute after your router has fully powered up and fully connected to your modem and Internet service, connect your MJ+ to the router and its AC adapter in *EXACTLY* the order that MagicJack's instructions state:

Using magicJack PLUS without a computer:

1. Plug the magicJack PLUS into the (UNPLUGGED) power adapter that has been provided

2. Plug the Ethernet cord that has been provided (or better yet use a higher quality one) into the magicJack PLUS

3. Plug the other end of the Ethernet cord into your router

4. Plug a telephone into your magicJack PLUS

5. Plug the MJ+'s power adapter (which now has the MJ+ attached to it) into a power outlet.

6. Wait a couple of minutes then check to see that the MJ+'s blue electrical power LED and green Internet LED both remain continuously lit and its orange Internet LED continuously blinks on & off; if the LEDs function as described then try making/receiving calls.

Question: Does the MagicJack internet port light turn on when you plug it into your router? Mine has no lights for the Internet port.

Answer: On my unit, it blinks green to indicate a proper connection. If yours does not but the unit works correctly, I wouldn't worry about it.

Question: The red light on the magic jack is not on. Is that the reason why when you are trying to make a call you are getting an error 3002?

Answer: Best to contact Magic Jack support. They should be able to help you.

Question: I keep getting a weak line message when I try to fax using my Magic Jack system. How can I fix this?

Answer: I have never tried to fax, using Magic Jack although I cannot see why it would be different than utilizing the system for a normal phone call. Perhaps it is a cabling problem between your fax machine and where ever it is connected.


rnchivu on September 08, 2020:

I renewed my Magic Jack plus a month ago for 3 years and now it’s not working(4years)

SteveD on July 25, 2018:

Mine had the 3002 and the 23 error (cannot connect to internet). What finally worked was to disconnect each cordless phone from the power and the line. When reconnecting, they worked.

Walter Shillington (author) from Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada on June 22, 2018:

I've never had that problem. Does it still work? If not, you might want to contact Magic Jack support.

Brett VanderMolen on June 21, 2018:

My Magic jack plus has a flashing red line. I have dial tone and green and yellow light is on.

Why would it be flashing red?

Walter Shillington (author) from Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada on April 14, 2017:

Thanks for your advice, Kathie. It might prove helpful to some frustrated MJ users.

Kathleen Andrews on April 14, 2017:

Hi Folks: I have used the original MJ dongle for about four years without any problems. Out of the blue I got a terrible static problem. I checked out various websites and found this article by Walter that reminded me of basic MJ maintenance. I hit my forehead like I forgot to have a V8 drink :). One of the lights on my modem had started blinking when it is usually a solid blue colour. I uninstalled the MJ software, disconnected the dongle, shut down my PC then powered down my whole system. I waited a couple of minutes then repowered, rebooted etc. Problem cleared up. The next day the problem was back. I contacted MJ support by email. They are very polite and helpful. They suggested a new USB cable to replace the six inch one that came with the dongle. It is Easter and I don't have one. I tried moving my mouse and keyboard USB cables to the front of my PC tower then directly connected the dongle to a rear USB port and repeated the power down routine etc - still lots of static. I then tried something else. This is what I wrote to the MJ support site:

"Damned if I haven't come up with a possible solution. I picked up the handset for my phone plugged directly into the MJ dongle (just learned that term). Like the old movies, I repeatedly tapped the hang up lever (disconnect button) on my phone and listened to the static on the line. As I tapped I could hear the static decrease then it disappeared all together. Thought this might help you with other customers. Later and thank you, Kathie"

Walter Shillington (author) from Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada on June 15, 2015:

Hi Bond: If your Magic Jack is not detected by your computer I suggest you contact customer support. You might have a faulty unit.

bond on June 15, 2015:

what should i do if my magicjack could not detect to the computer?

honda4fun on February 24, 2015:

Spent 4+ hours with 4 different agents, none of which could help. Even though they (supposedly) took time to read the previous agent(s) fixes, 2 of them kept trying to get me to do the same things all over again. I wish I came here first. THANKS A BUNCH. Saving this info for the next time!

john on August 04, 2014:

if my magic jack breaks can I use the same number for a new magic jack

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