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How to Use Amazon SiteStripe in Affiliate Marketing

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Amazon SiteStripe

Amazon SiteStripe

How to Use Amazon SiteStripe

Who doesn’t know Amazon? Inc, mostly referred to as one of the most influential economic forces in the world, is an American multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing and also artificial intelligence.

It is a vast, Internet-based enterprise that sells books, movies, electronics, music, toys, household wares, and many more good products. Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces.

What Is Amazon SiteStripe?

As defined by Google, SiteStripe is a feature that allows you to create links directly from the without having to visit Associate Central.


How to Enable Amazon SiteStripe


On your Amazon Account you will notice that SiteStripe is at the top left corner of your screen because you are associated with the ‘Amazon Associates’ as an affiliate. But if it is not seen, there are ways to enable SiteStripe.

  • Login to your regular Amazon Account and then go to your Amazon affiliate account which is your ‘Amazon Associates’ and login there also.
  • Go to where your email is located on your Amazon Associate bar Account and go to ‘Account Settings’ then, you will see ‘Associates SiteStripe Options.’ Click it and go to ‘Display Settings’ and click the ‘Display Status’ box to enable. Above, it will say, ‘Status updated successfully’ in green letters.

Getting Started With Amazon SiteStripe

Once logged in both in your Account and on your Amazon Associate Account, you can begin to use SiteStripe as seen in the top left corner of your Amazon Account. Now, you will have to use the SiteStripe to promote products, but first a product has to be selected.

Click the search bar and search for the product you want to promote. Once the result of the search shows, click the product that you want to promote and go to the ‘Text’ located at the top left side near SiteStripe and click ‘Text.’

That's where you will obtain your product link.


Say, for instance, I want to promote boots. I will navigate to the search bar and type in ‘Boots’ then the search result will display varieties of boots. I then click on this product, “Wolverine Men’s Rancher 10” Square Toe Steel”, as the product I want to promote. It displays as a single entity giving me the properties of the boot I have selected.

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But how do I get a link for it? I will take my cursor up to where we have ‘Text’ in the top left corner, and then a drop down box containing links of this product we have clicked on will appear.


An option of either a short link or a long link will be displayed. This is the link you will copy and paste in your blog or your social media accounts, or where you need to. Both links are automatically redirected to your Amazon Account once a customer clicks on that link.


Preferably, a short link is better if you want to paste it in your social media accounts because people may be discouraged to click on it if it is too long. But the long link can be used if you want to paste the link in your blog or article as you will just embed the link in a wording such as ‘CLICK HERE’ and if this link is clicked, it will redirect your customers to your Account in Amazon.

Both the short and long link are the same, you just have the option to choose the one you would like to use depending on where you want to use it.

If you want to use image link to promote a product: Using an image link to promote a product is the same think as using a text link, only that this time the image is the clickable link that redirects people to the product in your Amazon Account.

Go back to the product that you selected and click on ‘image’ (beside the ‘text’) an option for small or large image will appear. Choose whatever size you desire to use and copy the link to your blog. Once the image is clicked, the customer will be redirected to you Amazon Account.

Amazon SiteStripe is easy to use to promote your product and whatever method you choose to use, the person who clicks any of those links you choose to use will still be directed to your Amazon Account and you will still earn your commission once a customer purchases the product.

  • Toggle the ‘Display Status’ on. You have successfully enabled your Amazon SiteStripe.

When you sign out and sign in again, you will notice that SiteStripe now appears in your Amazon Account.

  • Another way, to enable SiteStripe in your Amazon Account is by going to ‘tools’ under your Amazon Associate Account.
  • Under ‘tools’ click on SiteStripe. Information on how to use the SiteStripe feature will display, then go to ‘learn more’ and scroll down to the ‘Display settings.’

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