What Does That Mean? The 2019 Guide to Internet Slang

Updated on February 3, 2019
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KS Lane is a fluent in both 'internet' and 'text message' and spends an arguably concerning amount of time online each and every day.

The world of internet slang can be difficult to navigate, even for those who grew up with instant messenger and texting. It can seem like there are new abbreviations being generated everyday, or entirely new words borne of some viral trend that are mysteries to everyone but the internet’s most dedicated users. Luckily for you, I’ve developed a handy guide of all of the most popular and current internet slang, along with explanations and examples for how to use each of the acronyms, words and phrases. With this list to refer to, you’ll never be mocked by your more internet savvy friends or family members again!

The 2019 Guide to Internet Slang
The 2019 Guide to Internet Slang | Source

The Most Common Acronyms:

AF: As F*ck. For example, "I’m tired AF."

BRB: Be Right Back! For example, "Mom is coming. BRB!"

GTG: Got To Go (note that G2G is a common substitute). For example, "GTG, mom says it’s bed time."

HMU: Hit me up! For example, "HMU for coffee tomorrow."

IMO: In My Opinion. For example, "IMO, acronyms can be confusing."

SMH: Shaking My Head. For example, "He said what? SMH."

WTF: What The F*ck? For example, "WTF? Why is internet slang so weird?"

WTH: What The Hell? For example, "WTH does 'yeet' even mean?"

The acronym WTF should not under any circumstances be confused with WWF- the Worldwide fund to nature.
The acronym WTF should not under any circumstances be confused with WWF- the Worldwide fund to nature. | Source

Less Commonly Used Acronyms:

BAE: Before Anyone Else. BAE is a term of endearment that one might use for their significant other or a close friend. For example "You’re my Bae, Jessica."

DM: Direct Message. DMs are used predominantly on Instagram and Twitter. For example, "DM me on Instagram if you want to chat."

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion. Can be substituted for IMO. For example, "IMHO, calling yourself humble is actually the opposite of what a humble person would do."

OTP: One True Pairing. This refers to a romantic couple that you admire or think are perfect together. For example, "Sherlock and John are my OTP. They’re so cute together!"

TTYL: Talk To You Later! For example, "Going to eat lunch now. TTYL!"

Best friends will often refer to each other as 'BAE,' which means Before Anyone Else.
Best friends will often refer to each other as 'BAE,' which means Before Anyone Else. | Source

The Most Popular Words and Phrases:

Burn: To insult someone, usually in a comedic sort of way. For example, "She told me I was a waste of oxygen. What a burn!"

Dab: A kind of dance move, in which one arm is extended to the side and the other is bent in front of the face. Dabbing is generally associated with preteens/early teenagers but has been adopted ironically by older teens and young adults too. For example, "Yo, did he just dab? I can’t tell if he’s being ironic or if he’s a looser."

Extra: To be extra is to be dramatic and over the top. For example, "That tantrum that she pulled was so extra."

Fam: A very good friend, to the point where you’d consider them family. For example, "Want to go see a movie tomorrow, fam?"

Finna: The abbreviated form of 'fixing to,' which essential means 'going to.' For example, "I’m finna go out with the girls tonight!"

Goals: If someone is 'goals' they’re what you aspire to be. For example, "Ugh, she’s so pretty. Total goals!"

High key: Blatantly or obviously. For example, "I high key love internet slang."

Lit: A generally positive term that can mean something is fun, exciting, cool or funny. For example, "This party is lit!"

Low key: The opposite of high key; subtly or not obviously. For example, "I’m low key angry with her right now."

This is a great example of the latest internet trend; dabbing!
This is a great example of the latest internet trend; dabbing! | Source

Roast: Like a burn, but more intense. For example, "She roasted me so hard today."

Salty: To be upset or annoyed over something petty. For example, "He was so salty when I stole his candy bar."

Savage: A savage is someone who burns or roasts (insults) people without worrying about the consequences. It can be used as a noun or an adjective. For example, "He burned me so hard before. He’s a savage," or "That was a savage burn, dude."

Ship: To wish two people were in a romantic relationship together. For example, "I ship you two so much."

Ship name: A mish-mash of the names of two people in a couple. Popular ship names include Johnlock (John Watson and Sherlock Holmes), Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie), and Phan (Phil Lester and Daniel Howell). For example, "If Paul and Jessica got together, their ship name would be Paussica."

Stan: To stan someone is to look up to or idolise them and the work they do or the content they produce. It can also be used as a noun to describe obsessive or crazy fans. For example, "I stan that actor," or "That actor has so many stans. It’s insane."

Thot: Thot initially began as a somewhat offensive acronym, meaning "That Wh*re Over There." However, more recently it’s come to be used as a word of its own instead, although much of its initial meaning is retained. For example, "Ugh, she’s such a thot."

Woke: Someone who’s woke is hyper-aware of current social issues and news and is generally politically engaged. For example, "Yeah, she’s totally woke. She went to a protest about DACA yesterday and we talked about voter fraud this morning."

This is a great example of a 'savage' internet 'burn.'
This is a great example of a 'savage' internet 'burn.' | Source

Less Popular Words and Phrases:

Doggo/Pupper: a cute way of saying dog. For example, "Your doggo is so cute!"

Hunty: like the endearing term 'honey,' but generally used in a negative or condescending way. For example, "Hunty, don’t look at me and my friends like that."

On fleek: When something is 'on point' or perfect. For example, "Your outfit is on fleek!"

Sus: Sus is a shortened form of suspect and can mean shady, dodgy or generally suspicious activity. For example, "I think that guy is a drug dealer or something. He’s super sus."

Slide into the DMs: To DM (direct message) someone on Instagram or twitter, typically with sexual or otherwise sleazy intentions. For example, "He totally tried to slide into my DMs last night. What a creep!"

I’m shook: If you’re surprised or shaken by something. For example, "Did you hear they broke up? I’m totally shook!"

Wig: Wig is a shortened version of the saying "wig snatched," which means that something is so exciting or shocking that your hypothetical wig literally flies off. Wig can be used as an alternative for 'shook.' For example, "He just asked me out! Wig!"

'Doggo' or 'Pupper' is another way of saying 'Dog' on the internet.
'Doggo' or 'Pupper' is another way of saying 'Dog' on the internet. | Source

References to Viral Videos:

Yeet: In the video that the revolutionary word 'yeet' comes from, a girl is handed a soda can and, upon realising that it’s empty, throws it down a hall of crowded people and shouts "YEET." The exact meaning of Yeet is difficult to pinpoint, but it’s something like a declaration of excitement. It’s generally used with a particular inflection that’s difficult to pin down unless you’ve watched the original video. For example, "I aced that test! YEET!"

Dab on the haters: This phrase pays homage to Youtuber Jake Paul, who encourages his young audience to dab on people who try to criticise them. It’s generally used ironically by everyone but Jake Paul’s audience. For example, "If someone tries to tell you what do do, just ignore them! Dab on those haters!"

Eyebrows on fleek: To have perfectly drawn or plucked eyebrows. This phrase is starting to loose popularity and comes from a 2014 viral video. For example, "Damn girl, your eyebrows are on fleek!"

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In Conclusion:

And there we have it, the most popular current internet acronyms, slang words and viral video references. This article is regularly updated with the new trends but be warned, because in this digital age entirely new words can sometimes appear overnight. It can be impossible to stay ahead of the game, so don’t feel ashamed to whip out your phone or laptop to google something you’ve never heard before. You’re not any less of a person just because you don’t understand what "Yeet! I'm finna get my eyebrows fleeked with my fam and then go slide into my bae’s DMs" means.

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Questions & Answers

  • What does “oh worm” mean?

    I had to look this one up because I hadn't heard it before. Apparently the phrase "oh, worm?" originated on Tumblr as a misspelling of "oh, word?" This was so inexplicably hilarious that some people turned the phrase into a meme (visible here: https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1283377-oh-worm) which started to circulate. Basically, it's one of those things that doesn't really mean anything but that has been swept up into internet culture.

  • What does ''r/wooosh'' mean?

    r/woosh references a Reddit thread that people use to post their experiences of people completely missing a joke or a point. For example, if someone was to make a sarcastic or satirical comment and someone else replied and clearly didn't understand the joke, the original commenter could reply with r/woosh. Take a look at the original Reddit thread if you have a spare few minutes; there are some real gems in it!

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    • profile image


      5 months ago

      What does succubois mean literally?

    • profile image

      Ghostsliginginto those DMs 

      9 months ago

      Lol well I already know a ton of slang but I mean I’m 13 and I was just interested to see if there was something I didn’t know but it was interesting. Btw tbh the dab is definitely not popular anymore lol. Thanks though interesting article. Lmao oof.!!?!!

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      Oof. I love internet slang. I use it literally like every day. Lol

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      Well I learned more so when I watch my favorite youtubers, I don"t feel dumb when they talk.

    • profile image

      Ankit From India 

      14 months ago

      Article is cool AF

    • K S Lane profile imageAUTHOR

      K S Lane 

      20 months ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Pamela- thanks for your comment! I'm glad the article helped expand your slang knowledge. Most people definitely don't know everything on this list, so you're ahead of the game now!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      20 months ago from Sunny Florida

      I sure learned a lot! I knew a little of this internet slang, but not much. This is an interesting article.


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