Making the Switch to Bing

Updated on January 23, 2018
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Emily is a free spirit who manages her own website, Erratic Ramblings. She enjoys writing about a variety of topics.

Internet searches are a staple these days. So much so in fact, that "just Google it" is a common phrase you hear, especially among younger crowds. Why is it always Google, though? Why not some other search engine, such as Bing or DuckDuckGo? These are perfectly viable options for searching, but they don't get nearly as much love or attention. It's high time for a search engine other than Google to receive a little glory.

The Initial Shock

Some time ago, I made the switch from Google to Bing. I was, of course, somewhat hesitant. After all, everyone knows Bing has nothing on Google. Yet, I had plenty of reasons to make the switch and nothing to lose, so I proceeded with my plan. I can now say with confidence that I prefer Bing and have no plans to return to Google.

When I first switched, however, it was somewhat of a shock. My own biases made me assume I wasn't getting good results, and I maintained my belief that Bing was a subpar search engine. All it really took, though, was getting used to a new system. Once I was able to do this, I realized it was just as good as Google - maybe even better.

Now that I firmly believe this, I'd like to share with you a few of the reasons why. I urge you to take them into consideration the next time you go to search for something online. It might be worth giving a new search engine a try.

Money, Money, Money

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of switching search engines is the opportunity to make money. Microsoft has a program that awards points every time you use Bing, which can then be redeemed for different items. Among these items is a $5 PayPal option. Essentially, you'll get paid to do exactly what you're already planning on doing anyway. Who wouldn't want that?

Microsoft offers a few other ways to earn through searching as well. They have multiple trivia games you can play each day that will reward points based on correct answers. These games are connected directly to Bing, so you can easily search for and find the answers to the questions. This also highlights how efficient the search engine is at coming up with the information you're looking for.

Pro Tip: Switch to Bing on your mobile as well as your computer to earn even more points.


Aesthetics are another thing Bing has going for it that Google doesn't. Every day you'll find a new photograph dominating the background of the screen. Not only are they visually striking, they're often intriguing as well. Fortunately, if you scroll down the page, you can find lots of information on the photograph, so you're not stuck wondering about it.

From time to time, Bing will also have special backgrounds. For example, over the month of December they had the option to switch fro the typical daily photos to a more festive background. You could have a fire burning, holiday lights or icicles (or both) around the edge of the screen, snow falling, and jingle bell sounds. It was a fun addition to the typical photos and was a great way to get in the holiday spirit.

While aesthetics aren't the most important thing when it comes to search engines, they do add a nice touch. They make the overall experience more enjoyable and offer an added bonus to what you're already doing. It's a minor thing, but it plays a role in favoring Bing nonetheless.

Easier Filtering

One of the things I often have to search for on a regular basis are pictures that are free to share and use commercially. Doing this on Google was annoying, to say the least. If you didn't know where to look, you'd have to spend time trying to find the advanced search options. Even if you did know where to look, it requires more extra steps than it should. With Bing, it's a simple matter of hitting the filter button, then selecting what filters you want to use. This saves time and makes the experience less bothersome overall.

Bing also allows you to search for pictures in a more specific fashion. For example, if you wanted to look for a picture with specific dimensions, you'd simply have to apply a filter. You can narrow your search and spend less time hunting for what you need. It's a helpful feature for those who use a lot of images on a regular basis.

Which Search Engine Do You Use?

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What Do You Think?

There are many reasons why a person chooses to change which search engine they use. If you're looking to use something new, consider giving Bing a try. Even if you're not looking to make a change, it might be worth checking it out for a brief period. See what you think or if you even notice any real difference between it and Google. Sometimes change is a good thing, so why not give it a shot?

Questions & Answers

  • Which search engine is least radical or left?

    I'd try DuckDuckGo.

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    • erratic ramblings profile imageAUTHOR

      EM Schultz 

      2 years ago

      It definitely takes some getting used to, but after a bit you really don't even notice the differences.

    • K S Lane profile image

      K S Lane 

      2 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      I've been meaning to try out different search engines for awhile now, but the familiarity of Google always stops me. If I ever manage to tear myself away, though, it seems like Bing is a good alternative!


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