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The 16 Most Satisfying Types of Videos to Watch

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I am a diabetic woman who writes novels, loves animals, and has had various experiences in life that I think I can use to help people.

Satisfying and Relaxing

I watch television on my phone a lot of times before going bed. The problem is, many television shows are exciting and when you get into the plot they can be overstimulating and leave you wide awake. That's why I started watching oddly satisfying videos instead.

These videos make you feel like all is right in the world. Things just go together perfectly, fit together just right, or are just overall relaxing to watch. It calms your mind and makes you feel good, since real life is usually chaos in comparison.

Perhaps that's why the video below, by the YouTube channel Dude Perfect, became one of the most-watched videos on the internet in 2018. This channel creates a lot of videos similar to this one, but this has been their most popular video recently.

Dude Perfect is a YouTube channel and I don't count channels as "types" of videos, which is why I didn't include it on the list below of "types" of satisfying videos, but they are definitely someone you should watch. You can tell they worked very hard, practiced over and over to calculate everything in the video going together just right to give the audience a sense of pleasure.

The types of videos below use science, expertise, precision, math, and just overall fun to create a sense of peace and happiness for all who watch them. I wanted to include a list with different types of videos on it, so you know what to search for when watching satisfying videos. You can find out what you like, since all are not equally pleasing, and search for more of them online when you need to calm your mind.

This list was arranged in no particular order, except for slime, which I put at number one because it is one of the most popular categories. I've included videos with every item on the list, so you can see a sample of all the kinds of videos I am talking about.


16. 1,000 Degree Knife

This was a huge trend on YouTube for awhile with all kinds of people (usually who didn't know what they were doing) copying it. This is because when you warm up a knife to an extremely high temperature and cut things with it, you can destroy all of them in unexpected and enjoyable ways. These are not the kinds of experiments you'd want to be doing yourself because of safety risks, so it's nice to watch them through the protection of your computer screen.

15. Opening Cattails

We've all seen these plants, on television if nowhere else, but who would expect them to explode in fluff like this when they are opened? Since learning they do this, I've seen some wilderness survivalists say they can be used for kindling to start a fire, but all I want to do is gather a bunch of them and just explode them into fluff, where they will sail away in the wind.

14. Things Fitting Together Perfectly

Nothing's better than when things fit together perfectly. It feels like destiny. It makes everything about the universe feel right, like it's all falling into place. It gives you a sense of order and peace.

This is why the "Dude Perfect" videos are so enjoyable to watch. In their videos everything falls perfectly into place. Real life doesn't work that way, but it's enjoyable to watch it do so when it does.

13. Tire Crushing Videos

I love the sounds in these videos: the crunches, the fizzing, the bursts, and the goo. This is the one type of satisfying video where I absolutely must have the sound on. It's so interesting to guess and see what these items will do when they are run over and the result is always pleasing.

12. Factory Videos

Factories are fascinating. How can it do so much, so perfectly, in such a short amount of time? Over and over again, machines complete precise tasks and it's mesmerizing. You can watch them all day.

11. Magnet Videos

A lot of these satisfying videos are heavily science related. Magnets are a particularly interesting type of science to watch. They have very specific rules, yet they can do so many crazy things. You don't want to look away.

10. Pimple Popping & Other Medical Videos

This is the one item on this list that some people might not enjoy, which is why I posted a rather harmless video with Dr. Pimple Popper on it (probably the most well known YouTuber in this field) popping fake pimples on Rhett and Link's faces, rather than real pimples.

Medical videos can be gross to some and I understand. I don't like watching them much anymore, but there was awhile where it was all I wanted to do. It's not all medical videos that have this effect. Mostly ones where someone is cleaning out something, like popping pimples, blackhead, or boils. My personal favorite used to be watching people's earwax getting cleaned out.

I think it's satisfying in the way that cleaning can be satisfying, but in this case it's people's bodies being cleaned rather than people's houses.

9. Soap Carving/Crushing Videos

This video has a little bit of every type of soap carving or crunching video that people find interesting. I love the sound the soap curls make when they are being smooshed into little pieces. They sound like someone eating potato chips. I also enjoy the way they score the soap before slicing it, so it bursts into a thousand pieces, all decorated in a precise pattern like beads falling to the table beneath them..

I also love when they shave pieces off of soap that's a different color on the outside than it is on the inside. It reminds me of peeling a potato.

This is one of the few types of satisfying things to watch that I might try in real life someday.

8. Power Washing

Power washing videos are so enjoyable to wash because it takes something really dirty and with just a hose makes it clean and almost brand new again. It's so easy to do and so effective that it creates a sense of peace to watch it.


7. Bubbles

I don't know what it is about bubbles that is so fascinating. Maybe it's that they all have tiny rainbows inside of them or that they wiggle and float, moving different than most things do in our world. But we all loved blowing bubbles as kids and just watching them float away and pop.

As an adult, you need a little more than that to enjoy bubbles and that's where these videos come in. People who can do amazing tricks with bubbles, tricks you never imagined, are hard not to watch.

6. People Who Know How to Do Their Job Really Well

There's just something about watching someone who has done something a million times that is gratifying. They do it so quickly, precisely, and better than the rest of us. You can replay it over and over again. I have watched this video so many times on repeat that it borders on ridiculous.

Bonus Video

Most of the videos you will find of people knowing how to do their job well will feature people cooking or preparing food, especially street food. But I didn't want to end this entry without showcasing an artist who fits in this category as well. They can be just as fascinating to watch.

5. Dominoes

Most of us don't want to spend hours and hours building up a system of dominoes, only for the whole thing to be knocked down in minutes, but boy do we all want to watch one of those things fall down if someone else does all the work. There's just something about every domino, one after another, falling perfectly into place and effecting each other like a giant machine, until all of them are done that is highly satisfying.