5 YouTubers Who Wrote Books (and My Reviews of Them)

Updated on February 16, 2018

Books Written By Youtubers

I'm a big fan of youtube videos. Most of them are quick, and I can watch them while I am taking a break or can't sleep at night. I can also leave "Story times" playing while I do chores, so I watch a lot of YouTube.

When I found out that a lot of the YouTubers I watch had actually written books, I felt intrigued. I love reading, and I love YouTube, so why don't I buy some of them and review them?

I was a little worried at first because I wasn't sure how these YouTubers were going to make their books as entertaining as their videos. A lot of people who watch youtube videos have too short of an attention span for books. I wanted the quick, entertaining fix in the books that I got in the videos.

I wound up pleasantly surprised. These people are entertainers at heart, and they know what they are doing. Here are my individual reviews of each of their books.

"This Book Loves You" By Pewdiepie

My Thoughts

Reading Pewdiepie's book is like scrolling through any social media site. It doesn't have stories; there aren't a lot of words. It's more of a picture book.

The pictures either have inside jokes in them or are mocking motivational pictures online. I think that's why he called the book "This Book Loves You." He even mocks people who look at inspirational pictures online to find strength directly in the book.

I thought it was funny and that anyone who loves Pewdiepie will likely enjoy it.


From the mind of PewDiePie, the #1 YouTuber in the world with 40 million fans and more than 10 billion views, comes This Book Loves You, a collection of beautifully illustrated inspirational thoughts and sayings. In This Book Loves You, PewDiePie delivers advice and wisdom that everyone can use. If all else fails, remember: "Don’t be yourself. Be a pizza. Everyone loves pizza."

Purchase On Amazon

"Selp-Helf" By Miranda Sings

My Thoughts

If you like Miranda Sings' channel, you'll definitely enjoy her book. It's full of ridiculous advice on how to have a better life (in a variety of areas) according to Miranda. Not only is her advice humorous, but so is her spelling as always. She spells like she talks.

You should read her book with your cell phone next to you since she has some QR codes you can scan with funny videos on them scattered throughout.

I got the ebook version of this book, but I'd recommend getting the print version instead. She has a lot of random activities to do in the book, and most of them involve cutting out something or writing on something. All the activities are ridiculous on purpose, so just looking at them without doing them will give you a giggle, but I kind of liked the idea of actually doing some of them.

The ebook version is still good and worth reading, but get the print version if you can.


In this decidedly unhelpful, candid, hilarious “how-to” guide, YouTube personality Miranda Sings offers life lessons and tutorials with her signature sassy attitude.

Over six million social media fans can’t be wrong: Miranda Sings is one of the funniest faces on YouTube. As a bumbling, ironically talentless, self-absorbed personality (a young Gilda Radner, if you will), she offers up a vlog of helpful advice every week on her widely popular YouTube channel. For the first time ever, Miranda is putting her advice to paper in this easy-to-follow guide, illustrated by Miranda herself. In it, you’ll find instructions on everything: how to get a boyfriend (wear all black and carry a fishing net), to dressing for a date (sequins and an orange tutu), to performing magic (“Magic is Lying”), and much, much more! Miranda-isms abound in these self-declared lifesaving pages, and if you don’t like it…well, as Miranda would say…“Haters, back off!”

Purchase On Amazon

"I Hate My Selfie" By Shane Dawson

My Thoughts

Sometimes, when I see that a celebrity has a book deal and that their book is a NYT Bestseller, I get irritated. You know people like the Kardashians are not writers, that they hired ghostwriters to write their books, and that the books aren't even any good, yet they make tons of money off of them.

Shane Dawson is not like that at all. I can tell the book is written by him. It has his voice and his sense of humor. He has a way of talking that is unique to himself. Also, he's great at telling stories. He takes all the things that make him adorkable and funny on youtube and brings them to this book. But unlike youtube, he's not reviewing anything or talking about conspiracy theories or making parody videos. Instead, he's vulnerable and shares with you important moments in his life, but never stops being entertaining.

It's obvious why Shane Dawson is so popular and why his book is a NYT Bestseller. As he explains in his book, he's always been good at selling things (including diet food) because he actually cares. Although he made it clear in the book that he never meant to be a controversial person, he most definitely is. He speaks his mind and makes the funniest comparisons, poking fun at everyone around him and at himself more than other people, but that's what attracts people to him.

It might seem intimidating at first to read because it is a chapter book, but it's divided into quick, easy-to-read sections (just like youtube videos!) that are easy to read and enjoyable.

I love Shane Dawson's videos, but I think I love his book even more. I can't wait to read the next one!


New York Times Bestseller● Publishers Weekly Bestseller ● Los Angeles Times Bestseller ● Wall Street Journal Bestseller

From his first vlog back in 2008 to his full-length film directorial debut Not Cool, Shane Dawson has been an open book when it comes to documenting his life. But behind the music video spoofs, TMI love life details, and outrageous commentary on everything the celebrity and Internet world has the nerve to dish out is a guy who grew up in a financially challenged but loving home in Long Beach, California, and who suffered all the teasing and social limitations that arise when you’re a morbidly obese kid with a pretty face, your mom is your best friend, and you can't get a date to save your life.

In I Hate Myselfie, Shane steps away from his larger-than-life Internet persona and takes us deep into the experiences of an eccentric and introverted kid, who by observing the strange world around him developed a talent that would inspire millions of fans. Intelligent, hilarious, heartbreaking, and raw, I Hate Myselfie is a collection of eighteen personal essays about how messy life can get when you’re growing up and how rewarding it can feel when the clean-up is (pretty much) done.

"It Gets Worse" By Shane Dawson

My Thoughts

This book was just about as amazing as his first book. Shane Dawson is one of the best storytellers I've ever seen. He's funny and knows how to keep people's attention. I'm pretty sure I could enjoy listening to him tell any story.

But my favorite thing about him is how he's not afraid to share any vulnerable or embarrassing moment in his life. He has a way of putting people to ease because he's so real about everything. He's not fake at all, and he's really struggled through life in a lot of ways.

One of the highlights of the book is where he talks about his struggle with bulimia. While eating disorders are talked about, it's very rare that people discuss the fact that eating disorders affect men, too. I'm glad he brought this up, especially considering the age group of a lot of his audience and the fact that some of them might be struggling with the same thing.

I hope he writes more books and if he does, I will definitely be reading them.



New York Times bestselling author Shane Dawson returns with another highly entertaining and uproariously funny essay collection, chronicling a mix of real-life moments both extraordinary and mortifying, yet always full of heart.

Shane Dawson shared some of his best and worst experiences in I Hate Myselfie, the critically acclaimed book that secured his place as a gifted humorist and keen observer of millennial culture. Fans felt as though they knew him after devouring the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Los Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal bestseller. They were right… almost.

In this new collection of original personal essays, Shane goes even deeper, sharing never-before-revealed stories from his life, giving readers a no-holds-barred look at moments both bizarre and relatable, from cult-like Christian after-school activities, dressing in drag, and losing his virginity, to hiring a psychic, clashes with celebrities, and coming to terms with his bisexuality. Every step of the way, Shane maintains his signature brand of humor, proving that even the toughest breaks can be funny when you learn to laugh at yourself.

This is Let's Pretend This Never Happened and Running With Scissors for the millennial generation: an inspiring, intelligent, and brutally honest collection of true stories by a YouTube sensation-turned one of the freshest new voices out there.

"My Japanese Husband Thinks I'm Crazy (Texan & Tokyo Book 1)" By Grace Buchele Mineta

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book. It was just like watching Grace's YouTube channel. Basically, she took a bunch of her blog posts and some of the comics she's put on her blog posts (she had a blog before a youtube channel) and made it into a book. Just like her youtube channel, it was both funny and informative. Grace is always good at explaining what life is like in Japan and teaching random things to Westerners like me (ever since I've been watching her youtube channel, I've been telling my husband random facts about Japan, and he thinks this is super weird because I've never been this interested in Japan before.) Also, there are bits of Ryosuke's humor sprinkled in. Not only did he write the forward, but a lot of her comics are about Ryosuke and how silly he is. The rest of the stories are about the awkward situations she gets into being an American in Japan.

It was an easy read. I read through it quickly, and I really enjoyed every page.


“My Japanese Husband Thinks I'm Crazy: The Comic Book” is the autobiographical misadventures of a native Texan freelancer and her Japanese “salaryman” husband: in comic book form.

From earthquakes and crowded trains to hilarious cultural faux pas, this comic explores the joys of living and working abroad, intercultural marriages, and trying to make a decent pot roast on Thanksgiving.

"My Japanese Husband (Still) Thinks I'm Crazy (Texan & Tokyo Book 2)" By Grace Buchele Mineta

My Thoughts

I forgot to say this in the last review, but I will say it in this one. I got a digital copy of this book. If you can get a physical copy of this book and her other books, that is probably better. Amazon has an annoying habit of resizing pictures in their self-published books inappropriately. I could read and see the comic strips well in this book and the other one, but it's probably more enjoyable to see a larger version of them (which I'm pretty sure is the case with the physical books.)

Anyway, if you liked the first book, you will definitely like this one. There's all the entertainment mixed with education about a different culture, all the funny moments and the serious ones, of the last book in this one. As Ryosuke says, Grace has a very interesting perspective on the world, and it's very entertaining to read her stories and see her comic strips. This is why she's become as popular of a blogger as she has.

I thought it was funny also how she described herself explaining what a Punnett square is to Ryosuke and included her explanation in the book. One of the things that draws people to Grace is her desire to educate the world and truly change it. She likes teaching and explaining things, she's also good at entertaining people and keeping their attention.

I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the next one!


Grace and Ryosuke are back, with another year of adventures in Tokyo!

Ever wonder:
Why is sticking your chopsticks in a bowl of rice socially unacceptable?
What's the best way to get free tissues in Japan?
Why do people buy chicken on Christmas?
Does eating an egg hard-boiled in sulfur really extend your life?
What are you really supposed to do with business cards after a meeting?
Who actually buys a poop-shaped hat?
How are you supposed to recycle expired Tofu?
What is the easiest way to get rid of a cold (in Japan)?
The answers to these questions and more are drawn in the pages of this book.

My Japanese Husband (still) Thinks I'm Crazy is the semi-autobiographical story of Grace, a native Texan, her hilarious husband Ryosuke, and her over-active imagination personified in a talking rabbit, Marvin. Their life is told through a series of comics depicting the joys and hardships of living abroad.
After all, just because something is different doesn't mean that it's wrong.

"Confessions Of A Texan In Tokyo (Texan & Tokyo Book 3)" By Grace Buchele Mineta

My Thoughts

This book is just as good as the other two, very similar in content and style, so if you love the first two, you'll also love this one. Grace talked more about what it is like to be a writer in this book, which I highly appreciate since I am a writer as well. She also got more personal in this book and revealed more information about herself and not just the way she related to Japan, like all the times she had moved in her life and all the different countries she had lived in. Or the fact that she can't really travel much anymore because of how easily she gets sick. I can relate to this. As a diabetic, I am more at risk for illness than other people and also terrified of the idea of going to another country and them confiscating my insulin. Grace is always very real and funny in her writing and videos.

Ryosuke drew a few of the comics, which was a nice touch.


It's not easy squeezing your life into a suitcase and hopping on a plane halfway across the world. Then again, the most meaningful things in life are never easy.
In this hilarious comic book, Grace weaves fact and fiction - to create an authentic window into the life of an American living in Tokyo. Joined by her husband, Ryosuke, and their imaginary pet rabbit, Marvin, watch as this young couple tries to carve out a little slice of "home" deep in the concrete jungle of Tokyo, without going crazy.

"The History Of My Insanity" By Trisha Paytas

My Thoughts

This book reads a lot like a Trisha Paytas story time. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she narrated the entire thing to her computer instead of typing it up because it reads like she's talking to you about her life story.

But this is not the usual Trisha Paytas you see in her videos. This is not upbeat or glamorous. It's a lot more personal and vulnerable than any of her videos are. It has stories about people she knew personally in her life, stories about her family. She doesn't hold anything back in order to paint people in a good light. She's honest, whether the stories or good and bad, fully aware, as she says several times in the story, that the people involved in it might be angry at her for writing this.

I appreciated it because Trisha Paytas is pretty unique. She's over-the-top, curvy, and crazy. She likes to troll people in her videos and sometimes will do anything for attention. I thought all this started with youtube, but it started long before that, in a small town in Illinois. She was already starting to become the Trisha we know today back then.

I haven't read her other books (yet), but this seems more autobiographical than most of them probably are. Those books seem to only talk about short sections of her life, while this book discusses her childhood and how she got where she is today.


When circumstances become insane, sometimes feeling or acting crazy is the only way to keep reality from crushing the spirit. In The History of My Insanity, YouTube and reality TV sensation Trisha Paytas explores her own history of increasingly insane situations, taking an in-depth look at the real world of stripping, escorting, and what the sex and entertainment industries can do to a person’s mental and emotional well-being. This is the revealing, raw, and true story of a life that is full of regrets, written to inspire others to do more than they think they can.


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