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True Crime Podcasts to Listen to if You Like My Favorite Murder

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Em is an armchair detective who falls asleep listening to true crime podcasts.

10 Podcasts to Check Out if You Like My Favorite Murder

  1. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
  2. Affirmative Murder
  3. The Murder Squad
  4. Crime Countdown
  5. That's Spooky
  6. RedHanded
  7. Bailey Sarian
  8. Something Was Wrong
  9. Killer Queens Podcast
  10. This is Actually Happening

I think we can all agree that the premiere of Serial in the fall of 2014 changed the true crime community forever. For the first time, you didn't have to sit down to become engulfed in a mystery. The show, which was available only as a podcast (a fresh concept at the time) made the genre accessible outside of that hour before bed. You could listen on your way to work or wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve and you didn't have to worry about anyone side-eyeing the dark cover of your book or shielding your own eyes from awful scenes flashing across your TV.

Yet it was Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark who brought true crime podcasting full circle when My Favorite Murder debuted all muffled and giggly in 2016 and helped us to recognize that interest in the genre didn't have to be purely academic and dry.

Yes, facts and dates and pronouncing words correctly are important, sure, but it's not very fun - because it shouldn't be. However, for a lot of us, a topic so dark and puzzling can't be tackled without a little levity and the reminder to breathe, call our dads, and never, ever go into the forest and that's exactly what they've brought (along with "Steeeeeven!!") to us for the last five years and counting. If you love MFM then not just any true-crime podcast will do.

But if you've gobbled up every episode and need to fill your workday playlist here's ten podcasts that you're going to love:

1. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

Who Hosts Morbid?

With a full decade between them, Ash Kelley, a twenty-something hairstylist, and Alaina Urquhart, a momma bear/autopsy specialist are almost-sisters who grew up stealing each other's clothes, dating the wrong people (much to the chagrin of the other), and creeping each other out with true crime stories.

On their podcast, they reminisce about the good ol' days while trading detail-rich cases and jumping at random weird noises. Listening in is like sitting around the campfire with two of your coolest, kindest friends.

Why You'll Like It if You're an MFM Fan

  • Alaina and Ash jive the same way we all do with our very best and oldest of friends.
  • For those who miss the giddiness and unapologetic lecturing of the OG MFM days, there's a lot of both in Morbid. Ash and Alaina do a ton of research and bring each story to the table fully ready to answer questions and dive into the nitty-gritty that true crime fans crave.
  • Ash and Alaina are compassionate and inclusive without pandering. Again, if you prefer the first three years of MFM over the more recent ones, you'll appreciate Alaina's lectures about safety and awareness that isn't followed up by a dozen apologies and wishy-washy virtue signaling and they're both comfortable disagreeing with each other.

Where to Listen

Anywhere you like to listen including Spotify, iTunes and Stitcher.

2. Affirmative Murder

Who Hosts Affirmative Murder?

Alvin Williams and Francel "Fran" Evans host Affirmative Murder, a true-crime podcast that covers marginalized victims and minority offenders with a dialogue that's imbued with the same snark my brother and his friends used to throw at each other while playing video games in our basement on weekends.

Why You'll Like It if You're an MFM Fan

  • The chemistry between the hosts is effortless
  • Like Karen and Georgia, Alvin and Fran's conversation often veers into random tangents that make you forget, for a moment, how unnerving what they're talking about really is.
  • The podcast covers crimes from the perspective of two black men in America, a voice that, let's face it, is drowned out by the banter of virtue-signaling white women with mics and wine.

Where to Listen

iTunes, Spotify, Podchaser and wherever else you like to get your podcasts.

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3. Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad

Who Hosts Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad?

Nonother than Golden State Killer busting detective Paul Holes and investigative journalist and true crime writer Billy Jensen. If you're an OG MFM fan then you know Karen and Georgia have been fangirling over the pair since the beginning so it's fitting that this show kicked off as the first original production of Karen and Georgia's podcasting powerhouse Exactly Right Network.

Why You'll Like It if You're an MFM Fan

  • Billy and Paul wrap listeners into each unsolved case they cover and at the beginning of 2020, the show's efforts led to their first closed case after a listener submitted their DNA at the behest of the hosts.
  • Both Billy and Paul are extremely versed in investigations and their combined perspective is the stuff of true crime dreams. While Paul picks apart the psychology of criminals, Billy questions the why and how of law enforcement making for a well-rounded peek into the nuances of the genre.
  • The hosts are pretty opposite and yet compatible, just like our beloved MFM ladies.

Where to Listen

It's available everywhere, so wherever you get your podcasts!

4. Crime Countdown

Who Hosts Crime Countdown?

We're back with Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart of Morbid!

This time around the sort-of-sisters take turns counting down crimes in themed episodes ala best-of-lists with episodes like "Twisted Spring Break Crimes" and "Game-Changing Murder Trial Evidence".

Why You'll Like It if You're an MFM Fan

  • Like the newer set of MFM episodes, Crime Countdown is highly researched, scripted, and then handed over to the hosts to narrate. When it comes to narrating Ash and Alaina are both fun and engaging to listen to and they still definitely have a lot of unscripted commentaries to share with listeners.
  • These are shorter episodes, coming in around half an hour each and packed with lots of stories, so if you tend to favor Hometown episodes you'll love this show!
  • In Crime Countdown, Ash and Alaina each tell each other five stories so hearing the other's reaction is reminiscent of when Karen and Georgia used to each tell a story during a single episode. The good ol' days!

Where to Listen

Stitcher, Spotify and iTunes/Apple

5. That's Spooky

Who Hosts That's Spooky?

Johnny Cann and Tyler Hyde host That's Spooky, a show that, like all of the others on this list, features true crime but heavy on the spooky.

Why You'll Like It if You're an MFM Fan

  • Johnny and Tyler retell a lot of older, more legendary campfiresque cases like the ghost of Grace Brown.
  • Like Hometowns, the show is an easy listen to keep your mind off breathing through a sweaty mask in the dentist's office waiting room.
  • The hosts imbue each episode with humor. If that's not your particular cup of tea, this list isn't for you.

Where to Listen

Apple, Spotify, Podchaser and Stitcher

6. RedHanded

Who Hosts RedHanded?

Brit buddies Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala have been hosting the award-winning podcast RedHanded since 2017.

Their episode library includes multi-episode deep dives and lesser-known cases from across the pond.

Why You'll Like It if You're an MFM Fan

  • The hosts seem genuinely interested in both the details of their cases and the victims involved. There's no skimming here, everything is well researched and narrated.
  • Suruthi and Hannah don't pander or coddle and often proclaim the same healthy confidence as Karen fresh off a therapy sesh.
  • Like newer MFM episodes, Suruthi and Hannah handle one case per episode, ensuring every detail is accounted for.

Where to Listen

Apple, Spotify, Acast

7. Bailey Sarian

Who Is Bailey Sarian?

A makeup artist and YouTuber, Bailey Sarian covers true crime every Monday while she does her makeup. She covers older, legendary stories like Ed Kemper, the exorcism of Anna Ecklund, and The Son of Sam along with newer cases like Chris Watts and Lori Vallow.

Why You'll Love Her Videos if You love Karen and Georgia

  • The makeup really takes a backseat to the narrative, so you don't have to watch to enjoy. But it also makes the show feel casual, like you're just listening to your cousin while she tries out Tarte's latest colorway.
  • Like our OG Murderinos, Bailey gives her opinion on each case and takes time to play devil's advocate.
  • Also like Karen and Georgia, Bailey keeps us updated on what's going on in her personal life, struggles, mental health woes, and all of the good stuff between. She's kind and easy to admire!

Where to Watch/Listen

Exclusively on YouTube @makeupbyBAILEYSARIAN

8. Something Was Wrong

Who Hosts Something Was Wrong?

The award-winning podcast Something Was Wrong is hosted by Tiffany Reese and covers bizarre stories of gaslighting, domestic trauma, and pathological liars as told by the people involved.

Why You're Going to Dig It

  • Like Karen's beloved "I Survived" stories, the stories in this show are covered by the people who lived them.
  • If there's something Georgia and Karen have really instilled in us over the years it's to, you know, *ahem, I don't want to get blocked by Google* eff politeness and these true tales are one of the reasons why.
  • Host Tiffany Reese does an excellent job sharing without inserting herself into anyone's story.

Where to Listen

Spotify, Apple or wherever you get your podcasts.

9. Killer Queens Podcast

Who Hosts the Killer Queens Podcast?

Killer Queens is hosted by Tyrella Slemp and Tori Tobi, two southern gal pals who cover all the usual cases - Delphi, Albert Fish, and the Dyatlov Pass Mystery - all with a heavy dose of sass, opinion, and side-eyeing.

Why You're Going to Like It if You're an MFM Fan

  • Like Karen and Georgia's earliest episodes, Tyrella and Tori plod through each episode with a cutting honesty that hints they've never had to wrangle a dumpster fire Facebook group before.
  • This podcast, like most of the others on this list, follows the two-friends-sitting-crooked-and-talking-straight formula - and it works!
  • The show is tight. The hosts are more generation Steeeeeven than our OG Murderinos and their episodes are solidly produced.

Where to Listen

Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and Audible

10. This is Happening

Who Hosts The Podcast This is Actually Happening?

This is Actually Happening is hosted by Whit Missildine and features a slew of "What If...?" stories. The caveat here is that not all of them center around true crime, but a lot of them do like:

  • Episode 139: What If Your Father Disappeared?
  • Episode 159: What If Someone You Love Committed a Monstrous Crime?
  • Episode 163: What If You Grew Up in a Violent Gang?

Why You're Going to Love It

  • You know those shows Georgia is always falling asleep to? This could be one of them. Host Whit Missildine's narration is of the intelligent, commanding NPResque variety.
  • The stories are told by those who experienced them firsthand so instead of guessing what the person went through, you find out exactly, without outside interpretation.
  • The episodes are engaging and leave you wanting more. If you listen to MFM to keep your mind occupied while you do a mountain of dishes or power through a treadmill run, you'll love This is Actually Happening.

Where to Listen

Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes and Audible

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