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30+ Pretty Symbols and Text Emoticons: The Ultimate List

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In this guide, we'll take a look at lots of pretty text symbols for you to try out!

In this guide, we'll take a look at lots of pretty text symbols for you to try out!

Looking for Pretty Symbols?

If you're on the lookout for pretty symbols or text emoticons, then you've come to the right place! In this guide, we'll be taking a look at some of the best pretty symbols out there to help inspire you! These can be used in so many places, including status updates, messages and bios also. Text symbols can add a cute and aesthetic touch overall, so it's always great to explore all the options available!

Let's get started!

Stars and Sparkles

There are lots of super cute and aesthetic stars and sparkle text icons available for you to take a look at. These would look amazing in status updates, bios and so much more. I'd definitely recommend exploring the full range of stars and text symbols available in order to help you create your very own sparkles and so forth.

Here are some examples to help inspire you:

  • Stars: There are lots of super cute star text symbols available, including the following: ✮ ✪ ✯ ★
  • Flowers: Lots of flower text symbols are available also, such as: ⁎ ✽✾
  • Sparkles: If you'd like to incorporate some cute sparkles in your bios or messages, for example, you could add some of the following: ✧✦⋆

These would look amazing in messages, bios and so many other contexts. I've always been a huge fan of adding stars as they add such a beautiful aesthetic to messages!


There are lots of shapes available too, including:

  • Squares: There are all sorts of square text symbols available, including those with cross hatches as well as grids too, plus checkboxes. Here are some examples: ▨ ❒ ▢ ▦
  • Circles: These can also be great for bullet points or for embellishing announcements (such as in a Discord server, for instance). Here they are: ❍ ◍ ⊛ ◑
  • Other: There are a whole plethora of other shape symbols available too, from arrows to triangles and so much more. If you'd like some examples, I've provided some here: ▷ ▸

These shapes could be very useful if used as bullet points, for example, you could have a circle beside each point. These could be used in Instagram captions, Discord server announcements or WhatsApp group chat list messages, amongst many other contexts.


Hearts can make for a lovely touch to usernames and status updates. You could also combine these with aesthetic fonts for a super cool combination.

If you'd like some examples of heart text symbols, these would include the following: ♥ ♡ ❥

As you can see, these would look amazing in a variety of places, from bios to custom statuses and so many more places. If you'd like to recreate the pink aesthetic, then I'd recommend taking a look at some of the heart text symbols provided up above, and you could potentially incorporate these with your text also.

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There are also a huge variety of flower symbols available too, which would also be great in combination with sparkles or cloud text symbols too. They also look amazing if you'd like to emulate the cottagecore aesthetic, as flower text symbols could be combined with other text symbols and emoji to help create this aesthetic.

If you'd like to add a cute twist to status updates or bios, I'd definitely recommend taking a look at some of the flowers below:

❀ ❁ ✿ ✽ ✾

These flowers would look amazing in a variety of contexts, so I'd really recommend taking a look through the full range available!


There are lots of other super cute and pretty text symbols available, including:

  • Alphabet symbols: There are lots of cute alphabet symbols available, which comprise the letters of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase and are encircled too. ⓐⓑⓒ
  • Brackets: These could be useful for Discord servers, for example, for channel names or announcements too. If you'd like to discover more of these symbols, especially for Discord, I'd recommend an article I wrote on Discord symbols. Brackets are quite popular amongst servers on Discord now, especially within announcements and channel names, so these can be great for that. You'll also see them used on social media sites such as Instagram (particularly in bios) and Twitter too. Here are some useful and cool brackets symbols you could potentially make use of: 『』 〘〙

Those were some examples to showcase the great range of text symbols available, but there are so many more to take a look at! I'd definitely recommend taking a look at text symbol sites in order to discover even more, too. For more aesthetic symbols, then be sure to check out a guide I've also written on cute text icons, in case you're looking for further ideas!

You could also combine a variety of text symbols together in order to create cute kaomoji also! You'll find many examples of super adorable kaomoji in the graphic below, which comprises a whole set of these to help inspire you!

Here are some examples of super cute kaomoji!

Here are some examples of super cute kaomoji!

Pretty Symbols

Here are some pretty symbols to take a look at!


Stars and Sparkles

Stars or sparkles can add a lovely touch to messages, status updates and bios!


There are lots of shapes available too, including circles, squares and arrows, which could be useful for announcements, as bullet points, and so on.


There are lots of super cute heart text symbols available also.


Flowers can add such a pretty and aesthetic touch to text and could be combined with emoji or aesthetic text fonts too.


Other categories of text symbols available include brackets, circled letters and many more.

Hopefully, You've Found Some Pretty Symbols!

Thanks very much for reading; hopefully, you've found some super pretty symbols in this guide! We've taken a look at a variety of categories, from stars to sparkles and hearts. If you'd like to discover more text symbols, I'd recommend an article I wrote on cute aesthetic symbols, also!

What were your favourite text symbols from this guide? Do you have others you'd like to include or want to recommend? Make sure to let me know down in the comments section below, as I'm always on the lookout for new text symbols to make use of and try out.

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