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What Are the Rules of Reddit?

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Learn About Reddiquette

Reddiquette is the guidelines and rules that describe how users should interact with content on Reddit.

I am going to explain Reddiquette and how to use it to interact positively in communities

The Reddit Logo.

The Reddit Logo.

Things to Know About Subreddits

Read the Sidebar

The sidebar is one of the first things I look at when visiting new subreddits. The sidebar usually contains the rules of the subreddit and how they expect users to behave.

Read Pinned Posts

Some subreddits also have pinned posts going over rules and other important information.

There are many rules and details a subreddit may expect users to know. It is important to read these rules and guidelines.

Examples of Common Subreddit Rules

  • Before posting on a subreddit do a search to see if somebody else already asked your question. Some subreddits have rules against posting common questions.
  • No brigading. Brigading is going to another subreddit and harassing the users there.
  • No doxing. Doxing is revealing the private information of a user.
  • Some subreddits do not allow mentioning of other subreddits or linking to them.
  • Some subreddits require you use a nonparticipation link to link to other subreddits.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Be careful about making reposts. Reddit users tend to dislike it when people repost things often.
  • Don't complain about downvotes. You will get more downvotes by complaining about it.
  • Don't downvote posts just because you disagree with them. Downvote posts that don't follow the rules.
  • Don't steal content you did not make and post it as yours. Doing this will get you in trouble with subreddit users and maybe the moderators as well.
  • Share permanent links and avoid using temporary links.
  • Read a linked article before commenting on it.
  • Upvote good comments and posts. If a post is worth reading or commenting on it probably is worth an upvote.
  • When posting try to find an original source of the content you are posting. For example, if you post a story that links to another story post the original.

Do Not Be a Jerk

Avoid Being a Jerk

One of the more obvious netiquette practices is to avoid being a jerk. Insulting other users almost never will lead anywhere good.

Depending on the subreddit these actions may get you banned.

Flaming and using foul language is not a good way to present yourself online.

Be Respectful When Possible

Of course, you will not agree with what everybody says online. Nobody expects that.

But you can still present your thoughts and opinions as respectfully as possible. There is no need to be rude for no reason at all.

How to Deal with Rude and Annoying Users

Report Rude People

If people are being rude and saying mean things report them. The subreddit mods should deal with the problem if they are doing their job well.

Do Not Respond Back

My advice is to ignore what rude people say and do not respond back. Do not break the rules trying to deal with hate or toxic speech. You will not prove or gain anything.

How to Avoid Spamming on Reddit

The 10% Rule

Reddit has rules against self-promotion and spam. Reddit guidelines state that only about 10% of content should be self-promotion.

Keep this in mind as too much self-promotion will lead to your account being banned.

Check If the Subreddit Allows Self Promotion

If you have content you would like to share, make sure the subreddit you would want to post to allows it.

Certain subreddits are more open to self-promotion. But this doesn't change the rules.

Make Sure You Post the Right Content

After making sure self-promotion is OK, you need to make sure you are posting the right content for the current subreddit.

Some subreddits are pickier than others so make sure you know what the theme of the subreddit is.

For example, I would not post pictures of my computer to /r/cats/. Unless a cat was in the picture somewhere.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: Why do Reddit users dislike reposts?

Answer: Reposting on Reddit is the act of taking a picture or content and posting it again. People tend to dislike reposting because in some cases the reposter does not credit the person who made the original post and they steal the content.

People can dislike seeing the same popular picture get posted many times, and also complain about that.

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