What Is Reddiquette?

Updated on August 14, 2018
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Eric uses many online services and websites. He loves to talk about them with friends and family and he has many things to recommend.

What is Reddiquette? These are guidelines that describe how users should interact with content on Reddit.

I am going to over Reddiquette and how to use it to interact positively in communities.

The Reddit Logo.
The Reddit Logo. | Source

Things to Know About Subreddits

The sidebar is one of the first things I look at when visiting new subreddits. The sidebar usually contains the rules of the subreddit and how they expect users to behave.

Some subreddits also have pinned posts going over rules and other important information. There are many rules and details a subreddit may expect users to know. It is important to read these rules and guidelines.

I get a feel for a subreddit and decide if I want to contribute to it. If a subreddit has rules I don't understand or seem odd I won't comment or post there.

Examples of Common Subreddit Rules

  • No doxing. Doxing is revealing the private information of a user.
  • No brigading. Brigading is going to another subreddit and harassing the users there.
  • Some subreddits do not allow mentioning of other subreddits or linking to them.
  • Some subreddits require you use a nonparticipation link to link to other subreddits.
  • Before posting on a subreddit do a search to see if somebody else already asked your question. Some subreddits have rules against posting common questions.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Be careful about making reposts. Reddit users tend to dislike it when people repost things often.
  • Don't downvote posts just because you disagree with them. Downvote posts that don't follow the rules.
  • Don't complain about downvotes. You will get more downvotes by complaining about it.
  • Upvote good comments and posts. If a post is worth reading or commenting on it probably is worth an upvote.
  • Don't steal others peoples work and post it as yours. Doing this will get you trouble with subreddit users and maybe the moderators as well.
  • When posting try to find an original source of the content you are posting. For example, If you post a story that links to another story post the original.
  • Post links with permanent and avoid using temporary links.
  • Read a linked article before commenting on it.

Be Choosy on Reddit

I have found it is better to not interact with a community I do not like. You decide what content to interact with on Reddit.

The front page of Reddit only shows subreddits you subscribe to. There are also other ways to filter content on Reddit as well.

What does any of this have to do with Reddiquette? Better communities have rules that forbid trolls and other annoyances. It is a lot easier to follow Reddiquette when I am comfortable with the subreddit I am interacting with.

Chances are there is a subreddit about a topic or subject you like. If you are unsure, try doing a search based on the topic you want to read.

Do You Use Reddit?

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Do Not Be a Jerk

One of the more obvious netiquette practice is to avoid being a jerk. Insulting other users almost never will lead anywhere good.

Depending on the subreddit these actions may get you banned. Flaming and using foul language is not a good way to present yourself online.

Of course, everybody disagrees with people sometimes. Getting into negative debates or arguments never solves anything for me. I try to avoid drama and arguments at all as this is not why I use Reddit.

I mostly avoid confrontation online altogether.

Reddit on Spam

"If over 10% of your submissions and conversation are your own site/content/affiliate links, you're almost certainly a spammer."

Please Do Not Spam

Reddit has rules against self-promotion and spam Reddit guidelines state that about 90% of content should not be self-promotion.

If you have content you would like to share, make sure the subreddit you would want to post to allows it.

Certain subreddits are more open to self-promotion. But this doesn't change the rules. Keep this in mind as too much self-promotion will lead to your account being banned.

Remember the Golden Rule

Don't say mean and nasty things to people.

Contribute good content and comment on things you like.

Reddit can be a great place if you follow the rules and find subreddits you like.

© 2017 Eric Farmer


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    • profile image

      kathleen m Jones 

      12 months ago

      Thanks for the info. I remember hearing about it but really didn't understand enough to do a comparison. thanks!

    • EricFarmer8x profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Farmer 

      12 months ago from Phoenix Arizona

      I think it always nice to get a compliment. Thanks for reading.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      12 months ago from sunny Florida

      I know those who you use the site but have not been there myself. I may just give it a peek after reading this. Thanks for the heads up on do's and don'ts

      Angels are on the way and Happy Thanksgiving ps I hope that is good Hubettiquette


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