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27 Scary and Disturbing Websites That Will Creep You Out

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Get ready to be terrified—check out these freaky websites for the thrill of your life!

Get ready to be terrified—check out these freaky websites for the thrill of your life!

27 Creepy and Disturbing Websites That'll Give You the Scare of Your Life!

What is your greatest fear? Is it ghosts, killers, darkness, blood, haunted objects, paranormal events, or entities? If so, then you're in the right place!

This article is a collection of creepy, scary websites from around the internet. You're here, so that means you asked for it! This is just the beginning, though. There's still time to escape! Now, will you push through, or will you chicken out? I'm warning you now—some (or probably most) of the websites here are not for the faint of heart!

Are you ready? Let's start your haunting journey through 27 scary, seriously disturbing websites that will creep you out!

1. CreepyPasta

This is just the start, but if you visit this site, you'll be terrified already! With CreepyPasta, you've got a haven full of scary stories and mysteries!

I don't know why it's called CreepyPasta, but it is quite creepy! The name actually sounds bloodcurdling (in my opinion) and witty. After all, it's supposed to be a scary place for scary stories and articles.

With a weird name like that, CreepyPasta just might tie you with its unending pasta strands and pull you into the bosom of darkness.


2. White Enamel

White Enamel. Wait, what?!

White Enamel is an interactive game! Or perhaps it's a short movie—a movie that you can interact with! Well, it's actually both! And it's so weird and unnerving!

In terms of interactivity and gameplay, White Enamel is very haunting. It's creepy and freaky and gives off an eerie vibe.

The music, the environment, the way you can act on things—White Enamel is a test of mental resilience. After all, it takes place in a mental institution!

At most, I think this game is as creepy as it gets.

3. Fateful Day

Fateful Day tells you the year you're going to die. I'm not forcing you to believe me; after all, its predictions are actually very, well . . . inaccurate.

If you're brave enough, then go for it. Discover for yourself . . . your fateful day.

4. Death Row Last Statements

On this website, you can learn the final, dying words (read, last official statements) of executed offenders. Yes, you heard that right—executed offenders!

The dying words you'll see on this site are all real and said by prisoners who were on death row. They're the final words of their lives, which makes everything much creepier. Just imagine reading through all of the last words. The mere thought of it might just send shivers down your spine.

By the way, this is a totally legitimate website. It's all real and is actually a government website (Texas, to be exact). Now, did that add more points to the scare factor?

5. The Outbreak

Zombies, zombies, zombies . . .

They're everywhere! But in this game, your survival depends upon your decisions.

The Outbreak is a zombie survival game that can be played solo or with teams. Of course, zombies are the mainstay problem of the story and it's up to whether you survive or not.

Frankly, this isn't that scary at all, but the makers are truly highly commendable for the efforts they put into this game. Trust me, this game isn't just a waste of time.


6. Bong-Cheong Dong Ghost

I say to you now—turn back while it's not far too late! Because once you move towards this site and start scrolling through the page, fear might actually get the best (or worst) of you.

Bong-Cheong Dong Ghost is a horror webcomic. It's a brief yet satisfyingly horrific webcomic. Notice that it has the word "ghost" in its title? Well, that's because it's about a ghost!

I wouldn't go spoiling it out for you because that's what you must discover yourself. Whether you learn things the easy or HARD way, that's up to you now. Just don't go blaming me afterward if things get a little bit out of hand, 'kay.


7. Ok-su Train Station Ghost

Oh! Since you're here reading about this Ok-su Train Station Ghost, then that means you've made it past the Bong-Cheong Dong Ghost barricade, right? Or perhaps you chickened out at the last minute and decided to move on to the next, correct? Either way, this Ok-su Station Ghost is another one of those terrifying webcomics.

Ok-su Train Station Ghost is definitely not as scary as Bong-Cheong Dong Ghost but, it has its own merits. Its story is actually quite eerie, and it also has an air of creepiness that just won't leave you after you read it.

Don't worry; it's also brief to read and very easy on the eyes. I wouldn't say the same for the possibilities that it might actually happen to you in a train station in real life though.

8. Marble Hornets

This is a chronicle—a video timeline depicting the mystery of the paranoia-inducing Slender Man.

Marble Hornets is a web series composed of several video clips following the truth-searching adventures of Jay. It all started with a school project titled Marble Hornets, and Jay's on his way to discovering the undeniable truth!

This is real terror. If you decide to follow the story and venture deeper into the web of horror, don't ever blame me for the nightmares to come.

9. The Scary Maze Game

Have you ever heard of the classic Scary Maze Game? Oh, I'm pretty sure you did already. After all, it's one of the best classic scare pranks ever made in the history of humanity!

The Scary Maze Game may look like an innocent maze game, but it has a dark twist to it! If you concentrate hard enough and reach the final stage (the third stage), then you'll be in for a surprise! If you know what I mean, that is!

If you play this game (or played it before), you'll know why it's simply one of the most frightening games ever made.

10. Castle of Spirits

The world-renowned ghost story website—this is what Castle of Spirits is known for!

Castle of Spirits is a website comprising of collected stories about ghosts and the paranormal world. It tells stories in a hair-raising kind of way that shocks readers into oblivion.

Not only does it have an assorted array of paranormal stories, but it also has an assemblage of scary photos and creepy pictures. Besides those, it also covers shriek-worthy urban legends and many other trepid resources.

So are you in? Welcome to the Castle of Spirits!

11. 973 Eht Namuh

First things first, who the hell made this website? It doesn't make any sense! Why does it even exist? For what purpose?

973 Eht Namuh seriously is a very weird and odd website. Everything in it doesn't make sense. I really don't know what came into the mind of its creator.

One thing's for sure, 973 Eht Namuh backward is Human The 370. Well, that still doesn't make sense, but at least there's progress.

That's not all, though; there's a lot more of these unusual things. Crazy pictures, creepy words, indescribable scribbling—this site sure is freaky!

12. Purgatorium

Purgatorium, as vile as it sounds, is a game that actually seems to take place inside purgatory. Hence, the name purgatorium.

It's a short game, a horror game! In this game, you move about inside a room and explore every nook and cranny. Every detail is disturbing, almost like things are leading to a sinister turn.

And it does! The end is very sinister! I don't know if you'll make it through but believe me, the menacing end is all worth it!

13. Take This Lollipop

Would you want a stalker? I'm not talking about a harmless stalker here, but a very scary stalker that's out for blood!

Take This Lollipop features a stalker that will come to get you after you enter your Facebook credentials. Don't worry; it's very safe to input your credentials because it's actually just an app like every single legit app ever made. It's perfectly fine!

Once you connect Take This Lollipop with your Facebook account, all you need to do is sit back and watch as a stalker realistically skims through your profile and seemly come to you for whatever he wants to do with you!

14. This Man?

This man—do you know who this man is? You do? Well, you're not alone! Countless people actually know this mysterious man (or are at least familiar with him).

No one's sure who this man is or where he even comes from but, he appears in the dreams of many people around the world. There's a good chance he appeared in your dream already as many are in agreement that this exactly is the image of the mysterious man.

Who is he? Why does he appear in dreams? Why are many people familiar with his face? Is he an alien? Is he someone special? These are just some of the questions many people are asking about this mysterious man. You'll find more information about this peculiarly odd man on the This Man website.

Have you ever seen this man? Do you know him?

Have you ever seen this man? Do you know him?

15. World Births and Deaths

How many people are born every day? How many people die every day? All those questions are answered by World Births and Deaths.

This peculiar website discloses real-time information about live births and deaths throughout the world. I don't know how accurate it is, but it does show the country and number of births and deaths happening in a continuous fashion. How amazing is that? Or in this sense, how creepy is that?

With this kind of information available, it can't be helped but feel that life is short, and everything is a fleeting moment. One second, you're alive. Then another second, you might be dead. It's scary to think how life is very ephemeral and fleeting. And that's why it is so precious and wonderful.

16. The House

I present to you, the scariest game of them all (almost). Dare you enter the House? This is your last warning; do you really want to enter the house? It's legitimately scary, so proceed at your own risk.

The House isn't just a house; it's a haunted house! And not just a haunted house; it's a really terrifying house that's intent on taking your soul. It has a very dark history, and it won't stop with the past. It's gonna take lives in the present and in the future as long as it exists.

Now, now, this game is easily one of the scariest games for its own class. You won't find any other game like it at this moment. Play it while you still can.

17. The Deep Web

So you think that you've seen everything that the internet has to offer. Well, you're totally mistaken!

Everything you've seen so far online is just the tip of the iceberg. From search engines to the results they entail, everything is just a small part of the internet.

There exists the deep web which contains not just the entirety of the internet but, sketchy stuff you wouldn't even think you could imagine.

There is a way to access it using a special browser but, the hurdle is—do you really want to see it? Are you fully prepared to sink deeper? Mind you, the deep web's contents are things that may scar you for life.

18. Opentopia

What would you feel if many eyes are on you everywhere and everytime? Would you feel safe and comfortable? Or would you feel distressed? For a lot of people, "distress" would be the answer but, it's another story if the thing watching you is a surveillance camera.

Opentopia is a website where you can watch people and places all over the world through the eyes of many surveillance cameras. Literally, it opens up the whole world for everyone to see.

From here and there, there's a live camera watching everything that happens. So, the places with these cameras are fully open for public scrutiny. If by any chance you do something bad and sketchy in these places, then you should be scared! The whole world sees and knows.

19. 99 Rooms

Here's another odd and freaky game, and it's called 99 Rooms.

99 Rooms just how its words are laid out is a game where you take a journey through 99 different rooms with no purpose and goal. All you have to do is visit each one and try to get to the next.

You might think that's total BS but, these 99 rooms aren't your normal, usual rooms. All the rooms are sketchy and filled with freaky stuff. Every single room is ODD!

The rooms won't make you jump in terror or induce cold sweats on you but, they will definitely make you feel uncomfortable and all creeped out.

20. Last Words From Plane Crashes

Oh how last words can be frightening! They are, after all, the final words of a people whose lives will turn to death in a couple while.

Last Words From Plane Crashes compiles some of the last words recorded before the tragedy of a plane crash occurs. What makes them terrifying is that the words are very proportional to the situation happening, which is, in this case—a plane crash.

Most of the things recorded are woes of the inevitable death situation. And sometimes, some of the words are truly heart-breaking and heart-wrenching.

21. The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

This is the original recorded audio of the exorcism of Anneliese Michel. It's not for the faint at heart, so avert your curiosity now!

I'm serious! If it's dark at your place right now and you're all alone, listening to this audio and video is not recommendable. It can trigger nightmares, and it's actually very disturbing to hear.

One more thing, this is the real deal! It really happened in the past, and it just proves something horrifying. If you're brave enough, listen! If not, leave!

22. Magibon

I don't know what's with the name "Magibon," but I do know that it's kinda nerve-racking to view this website. It's nonsensical, yes, but it also does seem to impart a message that is pretty paranormal.

Magibon is made up of two videos, "video 1" and "video 2." Both are dark and mysterious. I don't know what they're trying to tell but, based on the transition of the video—it's just trying to scare!

23. Sachiko Ever After

If you're an anime watcher or a manga reader and have seen the Corpse Party series, then this Sachiko Ever After charm is from that series.

Sachiko Ever After is a charm that ties friendships forever! That may sound like a good thing, but if everyone's pretty ignorant about what they're doing, then the charm might just turn into a curse!

For the story of the series, the people who did the Sachiko Ever After ritual became indeed together forever. But, the place they all came together wasn't exactly as they had imagined. They were all together . . . in hell!

24. Scary Car Commercial

Yet again, another relic from the not-so-long-ago past. Here comes the Scary Car Commercial!

Okay, okay, I know I've already spoiled it for you by putting the word "scary" in the Scary Car Commercial but, many people actually know this commercial by now because it's old enough.

If you don't know anything about it, then I suggest you forget what I've said so far and watch the commercial in its full glory. After all, it's just a silly old car passing by the road. Just what nasty thing could happen, right?

25. Rate My Poo!

Rate my poo? Eww . . . that sounds so disgusting already!

As you know, in some cases, disgusting equates to scary! And for poo and other nasty stuff, they are indeed scary up-close and personal.

Rate My Poo is a subreddit (a community on where you can post pictures of your excrement and rate different kinds of poo. One to ten is the rating, and it depends on your preference. Well, that's if you can rate the poos without feeling all green and disgusted. I myself can't even bring myself to rate anything here because one look and I feel like puking.

Seeing disgusting stuff is, after all, a scary experience!

26. PonySmasher's Short Horror Films

Oh, look! This is a real horror treasure! These short films have been circulating around the web and social networks for a while now, and they deserve all the hype!

PonySmasher's short horror films are very spooky and scary. Also, they are very charming in the department of horror films. They're short, but they really pack a lot of ghostly vibes. Especially the "Lights Out - Who's There" short film, you'll see that it's a masterpiece!

There are other films by PonySmasher, of course, but "Light Out - Who's There" is the best one in terms of execution and plot. This is a must-watch! Don't chicken out now, will ya!

27. Hotel 626

First of all, I've got sad news to deliver—Hotel 626 doesn't exist anymore. It's been taken down for who knows what reason. It's now just a golden relic of the past. But who knows if it'll ever come to being again.

Hotel 626 was a horror game. Long ago, it could only be played from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., but now, it doesn't even exist anymore. By the way, the 626 in its name came from time-frame in which it could be played. And oh, that's nighttime!

If you had played this before, you'd know how scary it was. It was very well-made and truly ghastly and sinister! It was indeed a rare gem, especially for its time. Who would have thought it existed back then? But now, all you can do is read about it and watch videos about it.

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