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3 Ways Social Media Has Drastically Changed Communication

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How Has Social Media Changed the Way We Communicate?

According to recent social media statistics, more than 3.5 billion people in the world use social media. As you may already be aware, the world's population is roughly 7.8 billion; this means that nearly half of human beings are on a social media platform of some sort. Kind of scary when you think about it, right?

Before technology existed, we were very limited in our means to interact with others. And the people that we did interact with were those that we already knew in person. Forms of communication that people my age (and older) had "back in the day" included landline telephone calls, letters in the mail, hand-written love notes, developed photos, beepers, morse codes, and so forth.

If you were to walk up to any millennial and ask them what a pager or telegraph is, chances are it would be like a foreign language to them. They would have absolutely no idea what you are referring to. Why is this? Simply because technology has evolved drastically over the years and has taken over nearly everything.

While there are several different factors, I am here to share with you three of the biggest changes in the way that we interact with one another due to social media networks.


1. Interactions

Because of the thousands of social media users, we have the ability to "connect" with people all over the world. That is why you see people with thousands of Facebook "friends" or are "followed" by tens of thousands of Instagram users. The internet gives us a sense of urgency to communicate with others. After all, sending a text, DM, email, or snap, takes a matter of seconds. The amount of time it takes to send out an instant message and receive a response is extremely convenient, so it is the preferred form of communication today.

2. No Filter

Before social media became popular, you spoke to people face-to-face. Nowadays, we can express our thoughts, opinions, and ideas on the interweb. Social media has been used as an outlet for people to share their personal stories with the world. While some stories are inspirational, all social media platforms are uncensored, allowing people to have freedom of speech. This can be extremely alarming, especially for the younger generation. The way that we express ourselves through text can also give people the wrong idea at times. Some things may be perceived differently in the eyes of others, which could potentially result in conflict.

3. Social Skills

Although technology has its advantages, unfortunately, most people would rather check their phone every two minutes than to engage in meaningful conversations. Nowadays, some people are completely incapable of holding a normal conversation and interacting because of their dependency on social media. Any time that I am out in public, I notice couples out on dates that are using their cell phones. I notice parents on their phones, not paying attention to their children. I notice groups of friends snapchatting one another or scrolling through Instagram feeds. The trouble with technology is that it has brainwashed people into thinking that it brings people together when in all reality, it separates us.


There is no right or wrong way to communicate or adapt social language into our everyday lives. However, we are all becoming brainwashed in this "new world" of communication due to technology—and if we haven’t done so already, we will almost be forced to learn this new form of interaction.

Let me ask you—how do you think social media is affecting communication?

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Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on December 05, 2018:

Good presentation, although the facts hurt my heart. I miss the handwritten letter and occasionally, I write cards. People hardly think anymore. Just click.

Ashley Riley on December 03, 2018:

I agree with you 110%, Jason!

Jason Behm from Cebu, Philippines on December 02, 2018:

I guess a lot of us tend to abuse the use of social media. It has its advantages but by the time we focus too much on ourselves,i.e., our freedom to do whatever we want we forgot to manage our decisions in using social. As a result, we tend to post whatever we see, hear, think and feel without control. More so, it becomes handy which we could access it anytime anywhere. Thus, it steals recreational time and get us locked up accessing it. This arcticle serves as wake up call for everyone. Thanks Ash.. :) !

Ashley Marie Riley (author) from Ayer, Massacusetts on November 30, 2018:

I agree, Zia

Zia Uddin from UK on November 29, 2018:

People are forgetting how to talk, the larynx will disable and quality time communicating in reality is long gone.

Ashley Marie Riley (author) from Ayer, Massacusetts on November 29, 2018:

There are plenty more, I'm sure! And it is a very saddening feeling when you come to realization as to how much the world has changed/still is changing!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 29, 2018:

My first reaction was "only three ways?" I was trying to remember the last time I sat down and wrote a letter with a pen and paper....I truly cannot remember.