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The 10 Weirdest YouTube Trends

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E.B. Black loves keeping up with internet trends and watching YouTube in her spare time.


Every day, a new YouTube trend is born. Some of them are amazing, deep, beautiful, or funny, but others are so bizarre that we just can't look away. This article is about some of the most bizarre YouTube trends over the years.

1. 100 Layers

The concept is simple: put a hundred layers of anything on your body and bizarre, creepy results will follow. It takes a normal product or item and turns it into something uncomfortable, probably disgusting, and possibly painful. People have used everything from make-up, false eyelashes, clothing, nail polish, and in the case of he video above, glue. It's wasteful and pointless, yet it sparks a curiosity in all of us because we want to see how horrible the hundred layers actually turns out every time.

2. Mukbang

Some people are on a diet and just want to watch other people eat because they can't eat themselves or don't want to feel alone while they enjoy a meal, so they turn to Mukbangs. A mukbang is also called an "eating show." It's where someone enjoys a meal, often making loud chomping and smacking noises and sometimes talks during it, but not always. The more popular ones appear to all star beautiful women and most of them involve eating unhealthy, high fat meals.

I'll admit, I've watched a video or two like this when I've been on a diet.


ASMR stands for "Auto Sensory Meridian Response." It's the idea that listening to certain soft, gentle noises can give certain people a lot of pleasure and help them relax or even fall asleep.

I can kind of understand the concept of it. These videos probably are very relaxing if you have a pair of headphones, lay down, and possibly close your eyes while you watch them. But most of us aren't doing that and a lot of ASMR videos are boring at best, bizarre and not at all relaxing at worst. Not to mention that some ASMR videos have people scratching things or eating louder than normal, which are often sounds that actually get on a lot of people's nerves.

Either way, without the headphones, these videos seem really strange, yet they are highly common on YouTube, one of the longest and most prevailing trends on there.

4. 10,000 Calorie Challenge

A 10,0000 calorie challenge is a challenge where people torture themselves by eating large quantities of food in one day. For some reason, the rule "drinks don't count for calories" is always thrown around and used, so the experience for the participant as they try to eat so many calories in one day is as uncomfortable and difficult as possible.

I always watch these videos in both shock and wonder because there are very few people out there who can complete this challenge. Some people participate just to try to push themselves to their limits (looks so painful) and other people seem to only participate because they want to brag about how healthy they are in their normal life and complain about how disgusting Americans are (even though the vast majority of us would never participate in eating 10,000 calories in one day.)

It's the ultimate binge, a binge so excessive that even their favorite foods become disgusting to them after awhile.

I don't know how they do it. That's probably why I'm fascinated by these videos because if I were to participate in the same challenge, I'd have to go to the hospital or at the very least throw up a few times before the day was over.

5. Emoji Makeup Challenge

Emojis are adorable and fun ways to color your texts to loved ones or messages online. So dressing up as an emoji should be equally as cute, right? Wrong. Not if you are putting on emoji makeup. I've seen several YouTubers attempt to do this, the result is always a thing of nightmares.

6. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

People were horrified seeing so many people participate in a challenge that could so seriously damage their faces. I was surprised myself to see such a simple thing could cause such a long term reaction. And it's all because Kylie Jenner got some lip injections and everyone else wanted to have the same lips as hers.

7. Bugs In My Beauty Blender

We were all told to throw away our old fashioned applicators and sponges for the sake of using beauty blenders and brushes instead. We were told repeatedly why they were superior and we all bought into it.

All of us who use beauty blenders have weird little holes in them and black stains due to wear and tear. We all know they're kind of dirty because we don't wash them as much as we are supposed to, but to find out that some of those stains and things are actually because bugs burrowed inside of them? It's horrifying and makes us all terrified to put those things near our faces. It happens so often that it's obviously a major problem with beauty blenders, but you can't tell if yours has a bug inside it unless you destroy it first, so there's no way to remain one hundred percent safe from this disturbing problem.

Watching these is like watching true crime documentaries. They're scary because they're real and can happen anywhere,

8. Pimple Popping

Not only do a lot of these videos involve popping pimples and black heads (which sometimes ooze, explode, or come out like silly string), but a lot of these videos involve popping cysts as well, which are like giant, often painful pimples.

It's such a gross process that most people will have to look away, even from people just eating pimple popping cupcakes, yet it's such a huge trend on YouTube that videos are getting millions of views as they go viral.

Some people are curious or enjoy being grossed out. Others find the videos satisfying. Either way, this is a weird YouTube trend.

9. People Destroying Their Cars With Their Speakers

Who knew the power of sound could be this destructive? These loud, expensive, intense speakers have the power to crack windshields and warp the metal of cars. While the results are entertaining and informative, they are also horrifying.

How could people spend so much money on speakers that they are only going to use to destroy their cars (possible forever)? Do they hate their cars? Do they have spare cars? Or did they just have no idea this was going to happen? And how do so many people have enough money to do this, therefore making it a trend? Either way, something that is so powerful that it can make windshields and car doors wave like flags in the wind is a fascinating thing indeed.

10. Climbing Unfinished, Dangerous Skyscrapers

Some people are such adrenaline junkies that they are willing to possibly die for their hobby. Unlike skydiving, which has a lot of safety measures in place to protect you and rarely results in death, climbing skyscrapers like this is highly illegal because it can easily kill you and there are no regulations for it. Yet these people participate in it, willing to run from police and risk falling if it means gaining attention, views, and fame on the internet.

These acts are so terrifying that it's hard not to watch them. I usually spend half the time shrieking in actual terror as I watch, even though I know they made it back safely or they couldn't have uploaded what they did.

Fidget spinners were a weird and popular trend both on and off YouTube for awhile.

Fidget spinners were a weird and popular trend both on and off YouTube for awhile.

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Finn from Barstow on July 16, 2018:

an interesting compilation of bizarre videos. Other than the skyscraper challenge, I had no idea some of the other topics were covered. The ASMAR but a bit creepy and annoying......most of the other were too unappealing for me to watch.