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The Positive and Negative Effects of Facebook

There are many pros and cons to using a social media platform like Facebook

There are many pros and cons to using a social media platform like Facebook

Facebook is a very popular social networking site with over eight hundred million users. As an avid user of Facebook myself, I find it hard to believe that at one point it didn't exist. In fact, it has become so much a part of people's lives that you can learn their life story just by checking their page. Their friends, likes and dislikes, relationship status, phone number, address, everything. Sounds a little dangerous. There are positive and negative effects that Facebook has on people, and they can be quite significant.

The Positive Effects

  • Keeping in touch with family and friends: Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends that live far away. With instant messaging and even video chat, Facebook is the perfect environment to stay connected. With the status updates, photos, and profile information, it can keep you up to date on the happenings of all of your close ones.
  • Making new friends: Facebook makes meeting new people extremely easy due to the fact that it allows you to add up to thousands of friends, and acts as a social melting pot of the internet. If you comment on a friend's status, and one of their friends comments on it, maybe you two will strike up your own conversation. This can lead to a great friendship down the road. Most people find it a lot easier to start a conversation with someone over Facebook than in real life, so a lot of high-school relationships tend to start there. It's as simple as a "You should text me sometime."
  • Expressing yourself: Facebook makes expressing yourself very simple with status updates. Between showing off your favorite song lyrics, to posting pictures of your new outfit, Facebook is the most common way that people express themselves these days. It is a lot harder to feel embarrassment over the internet than in person, so people find it easier to "vent" their feelings on Facebook.

The Negative Effects

  • Cyberbullying: On Facebook, it is very easy for cyberbullies to thrive. They can harass and/or gang up on one person even easier than they could in a school environment. There aren't moderators that go around monitoring what people say to each other. Anything can be said. There are also a relatively small amount of parents that have Facebook accounts and keep up with their children's. More than once I've witnessed this form of bullying, whether it be about race, appearance, intelligence, etc.
  • Ruined relationships: Facebook is notorious for causing couples to break up. Let's face it, no one wants to see their girlfriend/boyfriend telling other people that they look cute, or liking their pictures, or instant messaging them constantly. It builds up jealousy, which causes quite a bit of tension in a relationship. The fact that many people try to hook up with others over Facebook while not realizing that these people are in a relationship doesn't help the issue.
  • Distraction: At the end of the day you may have seen your cousin's new outfit or talked to your sister who is in college, but you still haven't really accomplished anything in the hours that you were on. Critics of Facebook claim that it is a worldwide distraction and even obsession that amounts to nothing except for significant amounts of time wasted. There is even a group that is trying to stunt the influence of Facebook called "Facebook Detox."
  • Insecurity: Facebook is a cause for insecurities due to the fact that it makes people compare themselves to others. How can you not when all you see is pictures of your friends and acquaintances on your newsfeed?
  • Stalker friendly: Facebook is a very stalker friendly website. Theoretically, someone that you don't even know can say that they go to your school, add you, and get all of your information. This may include your phone number, house address, and locations you visit frequently. Not to mention the fact that they will be able to go through all of your pictures and get to know you completely without you ever knowing. This is a scary thought, but it is a real issue.


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Gary V. Giardina on September 30, 2019:

My only concern is that Mr. Zuckerberg's creation has caused a generation to define who is a friend over the Internet.What if someone doesn't see the request for a while?The other individual than defines them being an adversary?Ridiculous!That's my only knock and the pontificating venting that goes on.Some people come out of the hills like the Springer show except they aren't censored and the Hatfields and Mc Coys think they've become quite sophisticated and hip yet they either rise above or they don't .Facebook seems to result with those that don't rise above at least occasionally.Yikes!Some of God's work gets done and the rest gets trashed and some of the demons actually think they've fooled the world.Whoa!Better with than without I guess and it gives anyone a witness and or witnesses whose purpose is to right a wrong.For those individuals I'm glad.Oh yeah and there's those that spout it makes things "official".Yikes and whoa!I've been a Federal Bureau informant and connectee since 2001 and it would be anti productive to chance information getting into the wrong hands.The only thing it seems not to have caused is the modern media's obsession with "transparency".How are you going to expose true demons with near complete transparency.That would be impossible yet covert detection has become frowned upon or at least wantingly decreased.It seems whose zooming whom and I'm rediscent that some of the supposed "modern press" are the "zoomers" and it started with them "doing a hissy" because one of the first amnd only private sector modern Presidents side stepped the usual press liason protocols and they went bonkers!!!!!!!!!It seems an addiction to Senators and Governors not that they didn't and don't do a great job being Presidents yet lo and behold enter a private sector Real Estate New Yorker and somethings gone afoul at the "barn dance".Allemain left is right is left is oh my God the Cow's are loose and Richard Simmons doesn't know what to do with them!Even his mother knows they give straight forward milk of course.Modern press + excessive transparency = Zoom !I'll conclude this correspondence with something I actually witnessed during the first three months at a Presidential press conference.A male Media integer actually expressed to the President "we don't hate you ".That expressed after I witnessed a same gender male lifestyle media anchor while moderating the debate between Mrs. Clinton and the future President lecture him about respect for women amongst his moderating duties.He wasn't an encumbent yet the attitude is unprecedented.Can you imagine Edwin Newman doing a stunt like that during past elections?These Historical glimpses were recorded!Oh and that Moderator ended up sitting next to Kelly nearly the very next day while Abc was deciding who would be her co anchor.Could you imagine Edwin Newman exploring the depth of "Quiche" with Miss Walters after a debate?- though he was an Nbc contributor to their early hour show back then.This merely the backdrop for the new Facebook era's litmus with the private sector President.It probably explains during the first month of the new Presidency why walking down the hall of the White House the President had a "what the hell was that Look" glancing back at what I presume was the Oval Office!It was either Linda Blair's Regan or Richard Simmon's aquaintance's Media plant who was zooming 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.One more thing-if you noticed you can tell it like you think it is if you're a brown haired or brunette hAIRED President.Yet daddio if you're red headed look out you're anything that the press conjures up opinionatively.No not follicular bigots?Zoom once again.Precedent and prototype at the Presidential level has been revealed .Just some advice Facebook zoomers oh and don't forget if it's anyone's business or not Jennifer Flowers and Stormy Daniels have nothing on a girl named Lewinsky.And why was she wearing a Black Tam anyway?Self esteem?Take care and God bless the blessed!Absolutely no twisted parallels!

Absolutely straight forward!Gary V. Giardina!This sent before 9:21 P.M. September 30th. 2019!

katrina on April 03, 2019:

if you say something positive to someone it will change the world with that one comment.

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nobody on March 07, 2019:

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Monali Dave on January 31, 2019:

Good writing and you are correct about all positive and negative things

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Google user on July 29, 2018:

Facebook is waste of time and destruction of adults life.....

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Daniel on June 25, 2018:

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ryanholmes on April 18, 2018:

I'm really scared that facebook is going to leak my nudes before I got buff!

arielucki88 on April 03, 2018:

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Katerina on February 03, 2018:

People are missing the point, it's not Facebook that's the problem, it's the people that use it. Facebook is an inanimate object, so is a phone, you can easily cyber bully someone by texting as well as on Facebook. Facebook isn't the one doing the cyber bullying, it's the people... I understand that Facebook provides an easy medium for sharing negativity, but the point is it's the people that use it negatively, they are positing the offensive material and insults. If you want to have a positive experience with facebook, block those who post offensive material, don't friend thousands of people you don't know, develop self-control to use it at the correct time so you don't get distracted, use it only to spread positivity. If your partner is feeling jealous over likes, messages or comments on your picture, either they have major insecurity issues that need to be discussed or they are right and you are really being unfaithful. Facebook does not 'make' you jealous, it's you that already has a tendency to be jealous, in the same way that seeing your partner talking to another man/woman in person would make you jealous, it's the action, not the medium itself. Maturity and responsibility would probably remove 90 % of the issues people claim to have with Facebook.


thanks for this i have to do my English debate


thanks for this i have to do my English debate

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More negative about Facebook to Students

autonomous on May 25, 2017:

From the experience of facebook addicts, its more likely to cause depression

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Garvienne Darlington Boyah on January 07, 2017:

wow! Facebook seem to be very attractive for it accessibility to friends and family members far away. Facebook is a" white teeth black heart" site and we as user should walk in chalk line it. what we post or say reflects our characters. please use it wisely, academically, and/ important conversation.

ICPN on November 21, 2016:

Seems as good as place as any.....Hello, If this is not allowed please delete! I am a parent who almost lost my child to internet predators. My child will forever be a victim. Anything posted on the internet has a possibility to be there forever.After my child was victimized by people that had been met online, I looked online for help. I found little that was updated. You can say your child does not have a phone. You can even say you know your child's passwords. Did you know most teens have mulitpul pages on such sites? When we were young and our parents said "no", we still found away. It is much worse now.

Any device can be used as a phone and have social media apps.A phone does not need service to it. The phone can be from anywhere! Everything can get deleted before you even know what they are up too. That was the case for me, I did not know what kik was. I regret everyday not being informed.

Between "Cyber bullying", "child pornography" and human trafficking our children are available 24 hours a day. If they are getting bullied at school the safety of home is no longer there. I started this page to help other parents, caregivers and grandparents a sounding board. It is a non judgmental and informative page for anyone who cares about the young people in our lives. Education is the key. The internet is constantly changing and so are the threats. Lets help each other keep current.We cannot make the internet a safe place, we can make our kids more internet safe

K on November 18, 2016:

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p45h4 on November 10, 2016:

half of these features arent true but okay

PrinceJr on September 03, 2016:

With Facebook,I experienced cyber bullying and harassment by people's comments on my posted pictures ( insecured Frenemies). Unfriend and block them was the best thing to do.After that,me and those bullies always cross our path,but I am pretty sure,I am not guilty,and they felt awkward towards me and melted like an ice ceeam in a cone.I smiled at them and that is my sweet revenge,being happy and still I am just posting good things happend about my daily life activities as well as my blessings,and I don't care about their feelings,its my life and no one can deprived my freedom of expressions as long as I never hurt anybody!The best revenge is be a better man!Sorry for my grammar,pls correct me!Peace!

suaraz on July 15, 2016:

this was for my social project work thank u so much for putting this thank u ................

Edel on June 22, 2016:

Facebook is good and bad in ways but if I have to be perfectly honest I think it's mostly bad.... I feel it's ruins perfectly good relationships due to insercurity when you see your Boyfriend/Girlfriend liking other girls/guys photos, commenting things like you look lovely and things like that..... Just makes the other person that you are with that sees that to feel unworthy or not good enough for them for your boyfriend/girlfriend to go and do something like that to you.... Just think it's very bad for your mental health in many ways than one

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Abhilash on December 01, 2012:

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My girlfriend says that if I don't "deactivate" (so-called 'delete') my account on Facebook, she's gonna leave me (high and dry)—ha ha ha—well you know what, THANK YOU—and yes, we talked about it—I don't want unwanted Facebook Detox in my lil' life; 'cause she means a world to me—am washing my hands off Facebook—Flickr or Twitter are healthier—I have a blog : great for expressing yourself (I'll miss the 'likes' and traffic though)—and I mulled over the "insecurities" and "detraction" points too—to be noted—great job—hats off—thanks for making up my mind, once again— :) (y)

kevinrcain on July 23, 2012:

Great article. I think one of the negative effects of Facebook that can't be overlooked is what it's doing to communication. I'd argue that Facebook has done to how we communicate what McDonald's has done to the way we eat. More on this here:

Freeandlaughing from Brisbane, Australia on June 14, 2012:

A timely topic! You've raised the major concerns and benefits. Maturity and a balanced life-style can certainly help to keep Facebook addiction at bay...