The Ten Most Tragic Selfie Deaths

Updated on April 6, 2020

The invention of the front camera feature on smartphones has changed how people capture pictures. One doesn't have to struggle to take a selfie with the rear camera of a smartphone. It was a blessing to millions of people but as it is with other inventions, people started misusing and abusing this feature.

As it stands, a new form of death had emerged - selfie deaths. While cases related to selfie deaths and injuries aren't many, it is expected the rate will increase in the coming years. Selfie deaths is not yet recognized as an official death.

The following are selfie deaths that have occurred in different scenarios indicating the extent at which people can go to get that perfect selfie, sometimes becoming unconscious of their surroundings which contribute to the rising number of selfie deaths.

Selfie | Source

1. Fall from 27th Floor

October 2018, Panama, Portuguese

A 44-year old mother of two and a teacher plunged from a balcony on the 27th floor of an apartment leading to her death.

Sandra Manuela Da Costa Macedo spent several minutes taking selfies before sitting on the balcony's railing for a final selfie. The last selfie proved fatal. She lost her balance and fell to her death.

She had been warned by construction workers from an opposite block to be careful.

The horrible death was filmed by nearby construction workers which show the woman falling from the 27th floor. She fell while holding the selfie stick.

2. Drowning in Lake

March 2015, Kahi Taluka, India

Seven youths drowned in Lake Mangul, Kahi Taluka when the boat they were in capsized.

The group of youths consisting of ten young boys in their late adolescence and early twenties had gone for a picnic near the lake. Seven of them got on a boat to shoot a selfie as a group on the lake.

They crowded on one side of the boat rendering the boat unable to maintain its equilibrium. They fell on water and struggled to stay afloat.

The three youths that were left on the land shouted for help. A crowd gathered to save the drowning youths but due to poor lighting, it was an impossible task.

Their bodies were recovered the next morning.

3. Business 85 Road Crash

April 2014, Guilford County, N.C., U.S.

A 32-year old woman crashed onto an oncoming truck on Business 85 in High Point. The accident which occurred in the morning resulted from lack of proper concentration on the road ahead.

Courtney Ann Sanford crossed the median and hit the truck which veered off the road. Sanford's car also ran off the road and caught fire. The fire was quickly put off.

Investigators found out that Sanford died seconds after posting on her Facebook's status wall: 'The happy song makes me HAPPY! '

While tracking her online activity, they noted she was posting selfies while driving.

The driver of the truck wasn't injured.

4. Romanian Teen Bursts into a Flame

May 2015, Lasi, Rome

An 18-year old girl caught fire while her 17-year old friend was thrown off the roof of a stationary train.

Ann Ursu together with her friend had gone to a train station in the town of Lasi to capture perfect selfies which she intended to post on Facebook.

They got on the roof of a train and laid on it. While laying on the roof, Ursu lifted one of her legs which brought her in contact with an electrical field that surrounded the overhead cables. 27,000 volts of charge passed through her body resulting in her bursting into flame.

The powerful charge threw her friend off the roof of the carriage.

A passerby who witnessed the horrific incident rushed to the top of the carriage to put off the fire from her burning clothes. After diminishing the fire, he called the emergency service number.

Both girls were airlifted to a hospital but Ursu died shortly because half of her body was covered with burns.

Selfie | Source

5. Mauled to Death by a Bear

May 2018, Odisha, India

A man was killed by a bear when he tried to take a selfie alongside it.

Prabhu Bhatara had stopped the truck he was driving to relieve himself in a forest in the eastern state of Odisha.

The man saw an injured bear and thought why not take a selfie alongside the beast. He neared the creature for a selfie. Instead of getting a good selfie shot, the animal attacked him.

He had been warned not to approach the creature but he ignored the locals' concern.

A film which was taken of the incident shows the man struggling to free himself from the animal's grip. A man could be seen trying to scare off the animal including a stray dog.

He died on the spot.

6. Death by a Live Grenade

January 2015, Russia

Some deaths can be avoided if people restrain from snapping selfies of their daring acts in unpleasant situations.

This is what happened to two Russian soldiers who posed for a selfie while holding a live grenade. As dangerous as it is to be close to a live grenade, for these two they did not mind the danger they were putting themselves in.

Unfortunately, as they didn't expect it, the grenade exploded. Both soldiers were killed by its impact and a selfie photo survived to tell the sad death story.

Selfie | Source

7. Death by Gun Shot

March 2016, Washington, U.S.

The problem with posing for a selfie with a gun pointed at your face is that you can accidentally shoot yourself when you press the trigger.

A 43-year old man whose name was withheld shot himself on the face not realizing one bullet had remained in the gun.

He was cautious by unloading the bullets before shooting the selfies and loading the bullets after the photo session. The last selfie was fatal as he didn't notice a single bullet had remained in the gun.

He was with his girlfriend who witnessed the horrific death.

8. Crushed by Train

May 2019, Hayana, India

When people take selfies they become obsessed with the capturing of their own selves rendering them unconscious of their surrounding.

Four teenagers had gone to Panipat City located in the northern state of Hayana to attend a wedding.

They decided to take selfies on a train track. When they noticed a train was approaching, they jumped on a second track to avoid being hit by the train. They didn't notice another train was approaching the second track they had jumped onto.

The fourth teenager was lucky to escape the impending death when he jumped on an opposite track.

9. Fall from a Dam

October 2019, Tamil Mardi, India

A newly-wed bride, V. Nivedha, 20, drowned alongside her three members at a dam when they were taking selfies. The first to slip was the youngest member, Santosha, 14. This caused others, Kanniga, 20, Sneha, 22 and V. Nivedha to fall into the water.

The husband, G. Perumalsamy, 25, narrowly escaped and managed to save his younger sister, Yuvurani Perumalsamy, 15.

The bodies were recovered on the same day.

10. Airstrip Incident

March 2017, Chihuahua, Mexico

Two female teenagers, Nitzia Mendoza Corral, 18, and Clarissa Morquecho Miranda, 17, were hit by a wing of an airplane that was landing on an airstrip in Chihuahua.

The girls were visiting a horse race next to the airway when they decided to take selfies in that location.

They got into a van and stood at the back of it to capture some selfies. They were obsessed with the selfies they didn't notice there was a plane that was landing. One of the wings of the plane struck them on the head which proved fatal.

The girls had been warned by some people to get off the van as it was dangerous but they didn't take serious note of it.


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