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Top 5 Software Testing Podcasts for Testers & QA Engineers

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Haley works in quality assurance as a software tester. She is in charge of managing testing projects as well as training new testers.

Podcasts are a great way to hear how others test and gain new skills.

Podcasts are a great way to hear how others test and gain new skills.

What Are the Best Software Testing Podcasts?

It's tough to find solid advice on how to become a better software tester. Here are ten podcasts (in no particular order) that can help you level up your testing skills on your daily commute.

  1. Ministry of Testing
  2. Perfbytes
  3. Test Talks
  4. AB Testing
  5. Let’s Talk About Test, Baby

These podcasts all focus specifically on testing, but it's important to remember that learning how to test better includes learning about all sorts of technology. So make sure that you're listening and watching podcasts on broader technology as well.

Some of these podcasts are not currently putting out new episodes; however, if they're listed, they still have a large backlog of previous episodes that are useful.

Ministry of Testing offers a large amount of resources for current and future testers.

Ministry of Testing offers a large amount of resources for current and future testers.

1. Ministry of Testing

The Ministry of Testing (MOT) podcast has been an ongoing podcast since 2017. It's hosted by a varying cast, including the Super Testing Bros, Michael Bolton, and Mark Thomas.

This is one of the most popular testing podcasts out there. It covers a ton of different topics, including:

  • Neurodiversity in testing
  • Interviews with a multitude of very different testers
  • Mentoring
  • Office culture
  • Working with other types of testers (like penetration testers)

2. Perfbytes

PerfBytes focuses on 'Helping IT Professionals to Improve Performance Practices', and has four flavors PerfBytes, PerfBytes Español (the only Spanish language podcast on this list), News of the Damned, and Ask PerfBytes.

As of writing this, PerfBytes has hundreds of episodes, so if you're looking for a podcast that has plenty of material to binge, this is a major contender.

The PerfBytes hosts include:

  • Leandro Melendez (a.k.a. Señor Performo!) - PerfBytes Español
  • Brian "Emperor" Wilson - Ask PerfBytes
  • James Pulley - News of The Damned
  • Mark TomlinsonPerformance Sherpa - PerfBytes
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3. Test Talks / Test Guild

Test Talks has over 300 episodes. IT recently was renamed to the Test Guild Podcast. This podcast is run by Joe Colantonio and covers plenty of topics. The earlier episodes cover a lot of hands-on technology that Joe was using in his day to day work as an automation engineer, and has evolved to cover more research topics.


  • Automating testing with specific tools (Selenium, JUnit, etc)
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing

4. Let's Talk About Test, Baby

This is one of my personal favorite podcasts.

Let's Talk About Test, Baby is a podcast of 101 episodes that follows the learnings, personal lessons, and everyday work of Gem. Gem interviews a ton of guests on her show, so you can get plenty of advice from multiple software testing professionals. The end of most episodes also give a reading list of interesting articles and books for learning more about what they talked about.

Gem doesn't appear to be posting new episodes of the show now, but she's taken breaks from the show in the past. Let's hope she'll be back with new episodes soon!

The logo for the long-running AB Testing podcast

The logo for the long-running AB Testing podcast

5. AB Testing

AB Testing podcast is a currently active podcast with over 340 episodes for you to binge-listen. AB Testing is hosted by Alan and Brent where they focus on what they've deemed the seven "Modern Testing Principles":

  1. Our priority is improving the business.
  2. We accelerate the team, and use models like Lean Thinking and the Theory of Constraints to help identify, prioritize and mitigate bottlenecks from the system.
  3. We are a force for continuous improvement, helping the team adapt and optimize in order to succeed, rather than providing a safety net to catch failures.
  4. We care deeply about the quality culture of our team, and we coach, lead, and nurture the team towards a more mature quality culture.
  5. We believe that the customer is the only one capable to judge and evaluate the quality of our product
  6. We use data extensively to deeply understand customer usage and then close the gaps between product hypotheses and business impact.
  7. We expand testing abilities and knowhow across the team; understanding that this may reduce (or eliminate) the need for a dedicated testing specialist.

They have a guest on almost every other episode, so there are plenty of other viewpoints to listen to, and it keeps the large number of episodes from feeling repetitive.

Some of their recent episodes cover:

  • Devops vs Oredev
  • Project Management
  • Challenges in testing LMS (Learning Management Systems) software
  • Lack of testers vs the Lack of Testing

Go out and listen to a couple of these great podcasts. Remember that it's important to always keep growing your skills as a tester; thankfully, podcasts are a great way to facilitate that.

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