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10 Reasons Why PewDiePie Is So Famous on YouTube

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Felix Kjellberg—AKA PewDiePie—boasts more than 100 million subscribers.

Felix Kjellberg—AKA PewDiePie—boasts more than 100 million subscribers.

Who Is PewDiePie?

The first question most will be wondering, if they are not familiar with this particular YouTube star, is just who or what is PewDiePie? Well, he is a person, or rather, a YouTube channel name. His real name is Felix Kjellberg.

For the purposes of this article, Felix will hereon be referred to as PewDiePie, just like on his channel.

He is a Swedish content creator who, like most YouTube stars, started uploading his videos merely for fun. Given his unique personality, however, he has managed to turn fun into a full-blown online career.

A career, you say? That's right; the unusually named online entertainer earns a tad more than a living making and uploading videos made at his house. He has made millions of dollars over the years through his channel.

PewDiePie lives in an apartment in the UK with his wife, Marzia. She was a fellow star with her own channel called CutiePieMarzia. The channel has more than 7 million subscribers, although she left YouTube and stopped posting videos in 2019.

Reasons for Success

YouTube has been providing users a way to upload their videos to their own channels from the very start. Those who tagged on in the early stages and saw the potential of the platform are now the reigning kings and queens of YouTube.

PewDiePie is one of these people. Since his channel was uploaded, his online fame and success have been increasing constantly.

#1 - The Personality

As seen in the image above, the man is a pretty face. But he offers more than that. His personality is borderline insane, which is the best kind of sane for any successful entertainer.

He has a charm that makes all of his videos a joy to watch. His topics predominately include video game walkthroughs, so there is more of an appeal to younger audiences. However, he can definitely be entertaining to all age groups. He shows off many new independent titles that fans may be interested in.

His connection with his equally eccentric wife, Marzia, also offers more amusement. The audience can see a little into PewDiePie's nice and friendly nature.

To sum it up, he is funny, entertaining, and crazy. In all, he has the perfect traits to be an online entertainer.

#2 - The Perfect Niche

PewDiePie has picked a topic that has grown substantially over the years that YouTube has been running. Video game walkthroughs have seen a rise in popularity along with indie gaming. He has found a niche that has a strong following that has allowed him to rake in subscribers.

Being at the forefront of his niche, it is nearly impossible to start up a rival channel on the same topic. Most interested viewers will have already pinned PewDiePie as their favourite and will not switch from his channel. His fans have a strong brand loyalty.

The best perk of this strong hold on viewers is that developers are willing to pay good money for their titles to be featured. They know they can get a ton of recognition on the channel.

#3 - An Entrepreneurial Mindset

It can't be argued that PewDiePie has an entrepreneurial spirit. He has made a fortune where others would struggle to make pennies. He made $70 million in 2019 alone; most other YouTubers can never reach a fraction of that. He has started making his own video game titles and he even has a fairly successful merchandise company for his channel.

#4 - Never Sells Out the Channel

While a title or gadget may be featured occasionally for a bit of cash, the channel has never become overly commercial. The videos never feel scripted or like they were made to sell something. He has always maintained the same creative style and antics that developed his audience. Despite his wealth, we can still see he is a simple entertainer that enjoys making videos for fun.

#5 - Uploads Videos Daily

An impressive feat for PewDiePie is consistently uploading videos on a daily basis. It can not be easy to create, edit, and upload videos daily due to all of the work that has to be put in. Of course, with each of his videos averaging 2 million views, it is easy to see where the motivation comes from. All those views create a ton of cash from ad revenue.

Some YouTube stars upload around 4–5 videos a week, which is not a small amount. But 7 videos a week ensure that your audience never forgets you as there is never a lull in content. All in all, PewDiePie's dedication to his channel shows an unbelievable amount of motivation. His fanbase knows they never have to go a day without his humor and funny antics.


#6 - Creates, Edits, and Uploads All of His Own Videos

PewDiePie creates, edits, and uploads all of his videos without any outside help. This is a good financial move as he does not have to pay any video editors. Because he is involved in the entire process, all of his videos carry his edgy touch that makes his content unique.

He typically spends 10–60 minutes filming. The real bulk of the work is the editing process. There are cuts to be made as well as adding in sounds and images. It is quite a hectic endeavor considering a video must be completed and uploaded in a day. Because only he is involved in the creative process, all of his videos maintain a personal feel.

#7 - Video Image Covers Are Unusually Eye-Catching

Something that may be overlooked about the success of PewDiePie is the image covers that he uses for each of his videos. They are not always the most appropriate but they have a way of moving eyes in their direction.

The goal of these covers is the same as the images seen on books, movie discs, or music albums. They are meant to get the attention of the audience that will likely want these products. They have to be catchy, unique, and attractive. Otherwise, they will be ignored over thousands of competitors on YouTube. PewDiePie's covers are a little out there, but they work given the target audience of young people.

#8 - Puts His Fans First

Another reason for the growing success of the channel is the appreciation shown to the fanbase.

In a weekly video, PewDiePie will open fan mail, read fan tweets, and give replies to a select number of questions that he receives. Showing gratitude and offering thanks to his audience shows that he cares and that he has a level of respect for his fans. A YouTube channel is, of course, dependent on its views, but it is refreshing to see a content creator set up a kind of communication to his fanbase like this.

#9 - Down to Earth

PewDiePie is a very relatable person. He is never pretentious, arrogant, or irritating to watch. Some content creators can have some of these flaws, which can hinder the growth of their audience. While he can be pretty odd, he is always genuine and fun without being fake or annoying to his audience.

Being down to earth is something a lot of YouTubers fail to do. They either try to be funny when they are not or simply try to be someone that they are not. It all just comes across as awkward to watch. This may not be the most obvious factor for PewDiePie's success, but it is one that can't be ignored.

#10 - Created a Brand

This closely ties into the entrepreneurial point that was made earlier in this list. The channel is a major brand at this point. There is the P logo that is simple yet very recognizable. He refers to his fans as the bro army, making the audience a part of the brand as well. There is his signature fist bump gesture that he calls the bro fist; it is very simple and dismissible but he has somehow made it work to be iconic for the channel.

The PewDiePie!