Creative and Cool Usernames

Updated on June 6, 2018

Cool Username Ideas

Choosing a good username for websites is important. It's the first thing people will notice, so choose wisely to leave a good impression. Unfortunately, coming up with a cool username can be hard—it can seem like all the good ones are taken, especially on big social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, where there are literally millions of users. You'll have to get a little creative to figure out a cool and unique username to use on these sites. Each site/app requires a slightly different approach when it comes to creating a username, a process that I will go over as well.

This article will provide you with ideas for usernames, including funny username ideas, and you'll hopefully be able to come up with a username for any site under the sun.


It is important to keep a list of all of your usernames and passwords in case you forget them or need to change them. I suggest keeping all of that information on a piece of paper in a secure spot where you can easily access it.

Cute Usernames

If you're after cute names for your username, there are many words that can be used, including in combination with your first name. However, keep in mind that you'll likely outgrow this username and that it may not be appropriate for every site/app.

Use these words below either by themselves with your own name, or combine a few of the words. For example:

  • SweetKristy
  • KristyHoney
  • BubblySnowflake
  • AngelicPrincessKristy
  • FairyPrincessKristy
  • BabyKristyButterfly

See below for other cute or sweet-themed words to use in your username.

Cute Username Ideas


Snapchat Username Ideas

Snapchat is a social media app that lets you send videos and pictures to your friends, with the catch that they expire after a brief period. Depending on what you want to do you can use some variation of your name or nickname to come up with a username. You have control over who can add you as a friend, so you do not have to be super secretive about making up a username. Keep in mind that the username you want may be taken by someone else so you may have to alter the spelling of it slightly.

For example, even something like Doctor Kristy would work just fine on Snapchat, as your friends know who you are.

32 Cool Snapchat Usernames


Twitch Username Ideas

Twitch is a streaming platform that is mainly used for the streaming of people playing video games. It is simple to set up an account and to start streaming your video game playthroughs to the world but choosing a good username is extremely important. Gamers are notoriously picky when it comes to names, so a username that has a bunch of numbers or other characters may not look good on this site. You are trying to build a certain brand identity on a site like Twitch, so you want a name that is easily searchable.

15 Twitch Username Ideas

Turbo Slayer
Cryptic Hatter
Crash TV
Blue Defender
Toxic Headshot
Iron Merc
Steel Titan
Stealthed Defender
Blaze Assault
Venom Fate
Dark Carnage
Fatal Destiny
Ultimate Beast
Masked Titan
Frozen Gunner

Instagram Username Ideas

Instagram is now the go-to app when it comes to sharing photos, and you have some options for your username. You can just use your real name (if it is not taken) as many of your friends from other social media sites will want to add you on Instagram. Having another name can make it confusing for your followers. Much like in the Twitch example, you will need to make up a username that encapsulates your profile and what kind of photos you will be posting. If you're looking for a list of cool and cute username ideas you can use on Instagram, there are some great articles out there that can help you do that.

Finsta Username Ideas

Many people have a second (or third) Instagram profile known as a fake Instagram or finsta. The reason behind this is for the person to post photos that would not fit on their regular profile. This can be because they don't want their friends seeing certain pictures or they simply want to express themselves in ways that are not appropriate for their regular profile.

9 Cool Finsta Username Ideas


Username Generator

If you are struggling to come up with a username, an online username generator can be a great tool to use. I have found this one from Jimpix to be quite fun and useful. Just get all of the settings dialed into what you want and let the generator do the rest, it's so simple!

Use a Phobia as a Username

You can choose a phobia because you like its meaning or just like the way it sounds. View a huge list of phobias for more ideas. If it strikes your fancy, you could even make up a phobia name instead of using a scientific name. For example:

  • Facebookaphobia
  • Cheesecakeophobia
  • DMVphobia

Phobias as Usernames

Phobias aren't fun to have- except as part of your username! There's plenty out there, including some really obscure ones. They sound awesome, and can be a unique username idea.

Sometimes it is easier to make a username that borrows from a famous TV show. Doing so can make your username stand out and be memorable.

Movie and TV Show-Themed Username Ideas

yabba dabba doo!
ay caramba!
If you're a fan of a television show or movie, why not let everybody know with your username? Or, you could just include a reference to the TV show, such as a catchphrase, in-joke or great line.

Your Name (or Anything Else) Backwards as a Username

Why not see what your name looks like backwards? Chances are, it looks really cool and you never even knew. You can use that as a username to have a personal username where the connection to you isn't immediately obvious. Unless your name is Eve.

You can also try this for words you like, or hobbies- do you like yoga? I bet the username Agoy is still available. The username "South Park" may not be available, but what about kraphtuos? Even stamp collecting almost sounds cool when it becomes Gnitcellocpmats.

Use the Dictionary to Help You Pick a Username

If all else fails, just pull out a dictionary and flip to a random page. Look down until you find a word that sounds interesting. The above are just some cool examples! (Also, you may need to use one of the tricks at the beginning of this article to

How to Change Your Desired Username

If you've already got an awesome username idea, but it's taken, try altering it. For example:

Add numbers


  • ProZack1986
  • Czarcasm2

So as to not forget the username, meaningful numbers are best, such as your year of birth, post code or favourite number. Just don't forget that if you use your year of birth, most people will recognize it as a year, guess it's your birth year and thus know your age.

Add underscores, dots and dashes


  • Cookie_Monster
  • ob-LIV-ious
  • L.i.z.z.y
  • _John_

Change the spelling


  • moodie
  • intelllligent
  • happee
  • mischeivous

Note: Make sure to change the spelling of the word only slightly, so that its original meaning is still clear. You can also use this to be ironic, by spelling a word like "intelligent" wrong.

Ideas on how to misspell your username:

  • Instead of the letter "O", use a "0" (a zero)
  • Instead of a "C," use a "K."
  • If there is an "R" in your username add additional ones. For example: Marrrrlin

Add "decorative" letters


  • xoxo_Karrie_xoxo
  • Oo_Eddie_oO

Add a word to the start or the end of your username


  • uber
  • miss
  • mr
  • ms
  • citrus

Words to add at the end:

  • inabox
  • eatingcake
  • ishot


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      -hi 5 hours ago

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      Thanks for the ideas! I finally have gotten a username for Instagram! :D

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      I can't come up with an awesome username can someone help me

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      It Did Kinda Help Thx

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      ydrubenk 3 weeks ago

      my username is ydrubenk, it mean yudo dwi rahmanto = ydr and ubenk is my band name. in asian ubenk mean like radical mindset. so it become my username like ydrubenk

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      Anna 4 weeks ago

      It helped a bit

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      I can’t find a good username

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      i like it

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      I am trying to make a page about music what is a good name for music?

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      try using somthing you like

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      can yall help me find a username

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      where are the good sugestions:(

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      Dazed_Shewolf 8 weeks ago

      Oof! I need some suggestions. Like XxAngelicFeatherxX or XxAngelicWolfxX

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      Ur mum 8 weeks ago

      Yeah boiiiiii I’m gonna get ma YouTube name being kraphtous

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      :) 2 months ago

      Oh yea boi I might get fortnite and my names gonna be DuckieSparklez

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      Catcat123 2 months ago

      I’m not sure a good girls username for ROBLOX something like XxsweetkittyxX

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      Ankitamehra 2 months ago

      Plz suggest me any cool and stylish username for my account

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      Trying to change my user iiTechnoBoy had it for so long I wanna keep techno or tech any suggestions

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      im okay with being cringy. i take it with pride

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      Decorative letters and replacing letters with numbers is terrible advice

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      Sabrina 3 months ago

      My user on roblox is issaSavage0kay

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      Cool guy 3 months ago

      I need serious help with a spotify acount,Cant find a username thats good!!!!pls help

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      Amit Kumar 3 months ago

      Plz suggest me classic name using amitkumar

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      i need new name

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      cRiNgY bOii 4 months ago

      If your name is Ana or something that starts with an A it could be: iiAesthetic_Ana Or iiAesthetic_Alex or something like that

    • profile image

      Corey 4 months ago

      Name :FelixFrost

      Name :CuteFrostGirl

      Name :OverFlowedTp

    • profile image

      Meme 4 months ago

      Superhero funny kpop

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      Tiana 4 months ago

      I have a puppy and I want to ask a question is mr_sparkleunicorn OK? Or in other words good

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      I love unicorns and pink bubbles

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      plz help me come up with a nickname for my anonymous blog. i like art, drama, animals and pink girly stuff :)

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      i made up:


      thx :)

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      @Help me, it's urgent! SnowFlakeCandy?

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      I need a username for an anonymous blog I am starting

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      I need an idea for my roblox username, can it be girly, if you think of one please reply to this comment urgently! o watch my you tube!

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      i need a username for my insta slime acc hellpp

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      IvySpark2317 6 months ago

      I think that this site can be helpful to some1 or some ppl who r just starting a new account on SM not to every1 but most ppl in case they've can't come up with a username

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      a.waste.of.time 7 months ago

      um sorry but no one wants this! people want a "lit" username! this was a waste of time. HOLD IT. YOU JUST GAVE ME THE BEST USERNAME I DEA EVER! thx.

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      Food-A-Phobia 7 months ago

      Best username ever X3 Thanks for the help!

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      Unknown 8 months ago

      What about good username I mean we’re all looking for a good username so why not let it just be a good username

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      SUGGESTIONS 8 months ago

      ph0biabubble, paranormaa, h0riz0nss, dreaming0fyou, _falllingroses

      idk just some random suggestions?

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      Idkkkkk 9 months ago

      What would be a good username for an audio acct for like musically or insta?

      I was thinking cover•audios but I can't use any special characters..any ideas?

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      E4Envy 9 months ago

      E4Envy for me :)

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      This actually helped kinda but eh want do I know anyways thx for da help

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      do you think this is good? i think it is :D

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      im thinking of slime names for my instagram and these are the ones i came up with, OozingSlimePopz, NightLightSlimeZz, ShimmerGlimmerSlime ... gotta choose by the end of the day! AGhHGhh so hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Jada 11 months ago

      How old are you

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      Filip 11 months ago

      I like Fidget spinner cars bikes and much more othet things

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      Want cool name for profile

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      I think the username "IShot_TheUber or "IShotTheUber Is Pretty good

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      Can you help me make my own username and password

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      What could be a good slime ig username with slimey?

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      Not very helpful, but i recommend this website.

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      Hopoate 17 months ago

      I need a Username that is good and people wont make fun of it and a roblox username is all i need so, can you give me some roblox username ideas and that arnt taken pls because i really need it

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      Lei 19 months ago

      Very helpful! Thanks! I was able to get a cool unique username. Steps were great! Thank you for doing this article! It helped me so much, instead of having my lame old username. My old username was HeyoKiddo (cause I didn't know what to put) but now my new username is Xx_Zarcasm_xX! Thanks for creating this article! Helped me a lot!


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      heetrono 20 months ago

      thanks for the ideas...

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      Want some cool name for profile

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      I think yodivasistax would work for me

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      Thanks this helped ~ Shady.

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      In between love hate and weed

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      Need something to look different then plain boring Christy. Thanks!

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      Want something cool

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      Fox Ockellen 3 years ago


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      i want to put a cute animal or fruit in it

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      Love it ty:)x

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      irshadanduzma 3 years ago


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      H a t y y y y 3 years ago

      Princess , pooh bear , gummy bear (if they are taken change the spelling or add more letters) princessssssss,poo bere , gummie bare , something like that to make it sound cool don't just put a word at a twist to it

    • profile image

      Madissyn 3 years ago

      I want something that goes with my. Name

    • profile image

      Miss Priss123 3 years ago

      I'm only 10 so i didn't really understand how to do it but I think that LadyCraft3895 is a cute minecraft username

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      Joshua 3 years ago

      Be a person

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      Amber 3 years ago

      Hi this just said my comment was rather short so I'll say sup meh homies

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      T_partaaah 3 years ago

      I can make a few usernames from daz_black vines:










    • Cheuax profile image

      Will-I-Am II 3 years ago

      doyousitdown&wonderwhysomeusernamesaresocatchy. Use this one. Risk will be yours.

      I love to just think of some of this usernames:




      Why can't i seem to get a username i like?

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      3 years ago

      Awesome hub !

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      I want a good username for Instagram x

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      jellybutt is funny

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      you should try to make a username that is easy to see and to pronounce and that people will like. mines is short and simple it is @lolbeatrice_

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      Qt get it cutie

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      Jennifer 4 years ago

      I want to change some letters to numbers or something

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      Can you also give website names? Im trying to start a social media like instagram or facebook or kik or twitter and I can't think of any good names

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      Vachelle318 4 years ago

      I need a popular one that can get more followers thanks

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      Zy Kierra Guice 4 years ago

      I found my name it is miss star.. you helped me, thank you.,

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      Keyeraaaaa_ 4 years ago

      I want like a cool user with my name or something in it or having to do with a sport

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      Nurse_Sydney 4 years ago

      I love sweet usernames like SweetKissy or something girly :)


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