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Why Do People Love the YouTube Channel "Walking With Giants"?

E.B. Black loves keeping up with internet trends and watching YouTube in her spare time.

I don't know why, but I find mini-versions of things to be absolutely adorable, and I know a lot of other people feel the same way. Walking With Giants is a youtube channel where a regular-sized person cooks food in a tiny kitchen (with tiny appliances that actually work) and makes adorable meals out of it that are so small they look like they were made for a hamster or a doll to eat.

Walking With Giants was created by a man named Jay who identifies himself as an artist. He takes all the videos he makes seriously, and you can see how talented he is based on the tiny details he puts into each video.

Here are the reasons why people like watching this channel.

1. The Food Is So Adorable

How in the world did he get such tiny apples? Things like this are not only adorable, but it's super fun wondering how he gets ingredients this small.

Some people in the comments think he's using crab apples, but they still seem really tiny, even for crab apples. My husband suspects that they are actually cherries and not apples at all, although they're not as curvy at the top or squished looking as most cherries are.

They're not squishy enough to be grapes and they don't have all the markings that some cranberries have.

What do you think?

No matter which way it is, I think these are adorable to look at and that he is so creative for coming up with this stuff. It's why every video is so addicting!

2. The Kitchen Is So Adorable

Just like the food, the kitchen is adorable as well. I'm left wondering where he got all this tiny silverware and appliances. Some of it might be from dolls, but dolls don't come with working ovens and stoves. Did he make these things himself? Did he hire someone else to make them for him? Did he run into some one-of-a-kind items by accident and these videos are a result of that?

It's really easy to want a tiny kitchen of my own as I watch him make his tiny meals.

3. It Probably Tastes as Good as It Looks

He uses real, edible ingredients and cooks things until they are beautiful and brown. This french toast looks perfect, which impresses me a lot because tiny food is probably much harder not to burn than regular food. Since it's small, it cooks so quickly.

A lot of people worry that this food goes to waste, but I've heard the people who make these channels actually eat the food afterwards.

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4. We're Amazed at the Patience He Has

He cuts all this food with the tip of an Exacto knife, which sounds difficult enough in and of itself, but the fact that he does it so perfectly and so carefully, as well, amazes me.

This guy has serious skills. I've never been able to use a grater to make cheese into that small of shredded bits.

Because he uses real ingredients from real recipes I've made before and because things like his cheese sauce come out so perfectly in this video (it's easy for the shredded cheese not to dissolve enough to become liquid), I know he's likely great at making bigger food.

It looks way harder to make this tinier food. It looks slow to cut it and annoying to flip it around on the stove or pile it carefully into pans. Not to mention, how do you convert recipes for bigger plates of food into measurements this small? You have to really know what you are doing and be willing to make mistakes. He has to have a lot of patience to film and run this channel.

5. We're Surprised He Can Find Ingredients That Small

Where does he come up with how to make these dishes and find these ingredients? Like I said, part of the fun is trying to figure that out.

Sometimes, it's obvious because the ingredients are commonly found in any grocery store and I've seen them before. I can also tell that he makes some of the ingredients himself. Like he bakes the bread from scratch (even though he usually doesn't usually show it) and he cuts things like carrots into tiny pieces or uses baby carrots for his recipes.

Some of the things are hard to find, but I still know what they are, like the tiny eggs he uses. But other things baffle my mind.

I wish I knew where in the world he got such a tiny turkey in this video, for instance. Did he somehow find a bird for sale that has barely any meat and is that small? Or did he somehow take a real piece of uncooked turkey and fashion it to look like a tiny turkey, bones and everything? Either way, I'm impressed.

6. The Attention to Detail Is Amazing

At first, I wondered where he got all these mini-candies and then I realized after watching this a couple of times, that all these "candies" are probably actual sprinkles of different shapes and sizes. So he's literally putting frosting on these graham crackers and placing each sprinkle, one at a time, in the right place. I've never heard of someone more detailed than that.

7. Pleasant Atmosphere

Every video is different slightly, the kitchen has changed in some way, like real people are living there and changing it. He takes the season or the theme of the video and adds little details to the set. He also uses different music for every video and each new song adds to the pleasure of watching it.

Best of Tiny Kitchen

Walking With Giants is not the first channel to have videos about tiny kitchens and neither will it likely be the last, but I do think it's the best. Jay is better at editing than other channels, he prepares more before each episode, and his videos have a better feel to them.

Unfortunately, tiny kitchens with real working refrigerators and stoves, still aren't available for purchase, for the most part, but that doesn't mean you can't buy adorable tiny kitchen toy playsets and have fun pretending with those.

Questions & Answers

Question: What eggs are used on the YouTube channel, "Walking With Giants"?

Answer: Quail eggs.

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