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Why Do People Love the YouTuber Emmy (Made in Japan)?

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E.B. Black loves keeping up with internet trends and watching YouTube in her spare time.

Emmy is a Chinese-American who started her YouTube channel while she was living in Japan.

Emmy is a Chinese-American who started her YouTube channel while she was living in Japan.

Who Is Emmy (Made In Japan)?

Emmy is a Chinese-American who started her YouTube channel while she was living in Japan. If that sounds like a woman who has experienced several different cultures and knows a lot about the world, then you're right. Emmy loves to travel and try new things, not only from other countries, but other decades and cultures. Food is a unifying substance that all cultures have, and one that can teach us a lot about a region, the climate, what's available there, and what the people are like, and it's a good way to experience other cultures. Emmy takes us on a journey with every video as she tries different foods and recipes. Here are a few reasons why people love her and her YouTube channel.

1. She's an Adventurous Eater

I am the opposite. While I am not an extremely picky eater, I can get picky at times and would be unable to stomach the majority of food she eats. Not only is she willing to try a lot of different foods, but she does so excitedly, eager to experience something new. She always goes into a new dish with an open mind, never judging it ahead of time, even if the recipe calls for ingredients that are traditionally discarded or seem barely edible.

That kind of positive attitude makes her audience excited to see her taste the food as well and hear her thoughts on how it tastes.

2. She Has a High Tolerance for Disgusting Food

I've seen a lot of YouTubers try the same food she does, but most of them do it for the shock value, not seeking to genuinely review it. She has a very open palate. She likes the different tastes and textures of a lot of things.

It's shocking to see her eat a tarantula and enjoy the taste of it. I don't think I could take a bite of it, let alone touch it. It looks too terrifying.

But her sophisticated palate and the way she doesn't let preconceived notions influence her taste buds, makes it much more interesting to watch her try things. Because it's not about throwing them up or grossing out the audience, it's about genuinely reviewing foods that are unique.

No one else can do it like her because very few people are as open-minded as she is.

3. She Makes Food Look Good

I've heard so many people say military rations are disgusting, but she makes them look delicious and fun. It's entertaining to see the unique way people have to cook things while out on the field and secretly sometimes I imagine people might eat these things in a zombie apocalypse. Or I wonder what it's like to be in the middle of a horrific war and have this one good thing to look forward. to

It makes me want to try the food as well, just watching how excited and fascinated she is with making all of them, even though I know I probably won't like them myself. She's just so excited that she makes even the pickiest eaters want to try new things with her.

It's a refreshing take on food after Chefs like Gordon Ramsey are seen on Jimmy Kimmel, for example, spitting out Girl Scout Cookies because their palates are hard to please. They make eating food look disgusting, but Emmy makes food look pleasurable and relaxing, like it's supposed to be.

4. She Makes Crazy Recipes

Have you ever seen those disgusting retro recipes from the 50's and 60's? I was shocked when I first saw them. I couldn't believe so many people made such gross things in the past voluntarily. A lot of them are a mixture of savory flavors and jello molds, which is extra revolting.

But Emmy isn't afraid of those recipes. She wants to understand why they were popular, make them herself, and see how they taste.

And she doesn't stick to just recipes from other decades, she also makes recipes from prison cookbooks and recipes Americans would find weird from other countries, to see what those things are like as well.

She's always honest in her reviews and sometimes it's shocking how much she likes things that sound disgusting, like spaghettio jello. That's a big nope from me. I don't think I can eat those even out of the can, plain on the stove top, let alone cold in a jello mold.

5. She's A Great Cook

With Poppin' Kitchen and a lot of other DIY candy kits and other things available for children, there was a large boom of videos on youtube of people making these kits and failing at them.

But not Emmy.

When she makes anything, she puts her all into it. No matter how gross or weird the end results seems like it will be, she reads the directions and takes her time to give it a good shot.

She has a youtube channel where she's actually trying things and making things, rather than one about messing everything she touches up. It takes a certain level of skill and patience to do this, both of which she has in abundance.

6. She Teaches Us About Food in Other Cultures

Food is such a big part of every culture in the world, so when she eats foods from different countries across the globe, she can't help but teach us some about their culture as well.

Because of her, I now want to say "Itadakimasu" before eating every meal. It's what Japanese people say before they eat. It means,"Let's eat." And try other weird, quirky cultural things like that from around the world.

She's exposed me to food and ideas that no longer feel as strange to me, now that she's given them genuine shots and tried them. She's the kind of person who brings the world and all it's differences together...through food.

And you can see it in her fans, which come from all over the globe.

7. She Knows How to Enjoy Food

I've seen so many YouTubers eat century eggs and they all eat them wrong. Of course, for Emmy, these eggs are from her childhood, so she knows best from her life experiences how to eat them. But she also tries to enjoy other food, the way they are supposed to be eaten,, even when they aren't from her childhood. She does her research, is willing to cook, and give it her best effort.

She doesn't do things for shock value. She does things to learn and experience the world, whereas other YouTubers just slam century eggs whole down their gullets and then are surprised when they hate them so much.

8. She Gives Great Descriptions of the Food She's Tasting

A lot of the food Emmy tries, most of us are not willing to try ourselves. But we watch her because we're still curious about other cultures. We want to know more about how other people eat in certain circumstances and places. So it's very important, while watching her that she is so good at describing the tastes of things she eats so we can experience then vicariously through her.

Of course, no description can compare to actually tasting something for yourself, but her descriptions and reviews come as close as you can get to actually eating and enjoying the food along with her.

9. She's Really Sweet & Has A Soothing Voice

So many YouTubers have a loud and "annoying" personality. They need to act all the time like the center of attention to get any attention. But Emmy manages to get her audience's attention while still being sweet, soft spoken, and like someone who seems enjoyable to spend time around.

Because of her gentle soothing voice, I often find myself watching her while I am stressed. She relaxes me and makes me stop thinking about anything that is bothering me. It makes her extra enjoyable to watch.


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Sandra R on August 08, 2020:

“Because of her gentle soothing voice, I often find myself watching her while I am stressed. She relaxes me and makes me stop thinking about anything that is bothering me. It makes her extra enjoyable to watch” this is totally me! I find myself watching her so I ca relax before going to bed. She is great!

ed marshall on September 06, 2019:

i dig this chick. idk...there's just something adorable about her. maybe it just feels like the stuff she does, is the first time she's done it.

Dave on February 17, 2019:

Let's not be so proper there needs to be one more reason which is the most obvious and it's her appearance she looks charming and beautiful

KatieBird on September 22, 2018:

I adore her, been with her since the beginning, she’s articulate and witty and dorky and a lovely combination of quirk and smarts, HOWEVER, sometimes the cutesy “I’m so precious” stuff grated on me and I feel SO GUILTY, and her chewing and swallowing sounds send a misophonic reaction OFF THE CHARTS. It’s not an ASMR channel and I often get lost in the mouth squelching sounds and my teeth grit and fists clench and then sorrow kicks in because she’s so wonderful

Buddy on August 15, 2018:

And she's easy on the eyes...swoon.