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Why Do People Love YouTuber (That) Poppy?

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E.B. Black loves keeping up with internet trends and watching YouTube in her spare time.

Who Is Poppy?

Who Is Poppy?

Who Is Poppy?

Is Poppy real? This is the question a lot of people have when they watch her on YouTube. How much is an act? How much is the real her? There are videos out there that exist of her not being Poppy, but they are rare and hard to find. Her identity is a mystery and her purpose even more so.

Poppy is a sweet blond-haired pop singer who posts her music videos to Youtube. She also vlogs daily, making videos that seem nonsensical to some, terrifying to others, and deep to even more. She stands out as very different from most YouTubers.

Here are a few reasons why people love watching her and her music videos on YouTube...

1. They're Scared Of Her

There's something slightly off about Poppy. She's beautiful and sweet looking, but she speaks only in a monotone and talks about strange things that sound creepy and dark. Most things she says appear (at least on the surface) to make very little sense. This causes people to feel uncomfortable and frightened by her.

Some people view her as some kind of monster or witch. Others see her as a cult leader. She's made videos encouraging people to believe these things or mocking them for it (dependiing on your viewpoint of her), which all just fuels the rumors further.

2. They're Looking For Deeper Meanings In Her Videos

A lot of people who have done analyses of Poppy's YouTube channel or research on the creator of it have come to the conclusion that Poppy is some kind of social experiment/social commentary on being a celebrity and society. People who believe this, believe her videos all have deeper meanings to them that may take some time, studying, and/or research to find the meanings of.

People love a mystery, so in the comments and on separate videos or blogs, people enjoy analyzing her: everything she does and says. This gets her a lot of attention and the fact that she never fully explains herself or the meanings of the videos she is making, keeps people going back for more.

3. Her Music Is Actually Pretty Good

While Poppy's personality may be fake and the music she creates may be based on that personality, that doesn't mean the quality of her songs suffer. They put a lot of effort into the music she creates and their videos to make them interesting to listen to and watch, so she doesn't just say she's a pop star, she genuinely is one. She has catchy tunes with interesting lyrics that seem to be talking about something deeper than what is on the surface.

4. The Shock Value

One of the best parts of the internet is the shock value of it. Humans are naturally curious, so we enjoy watching things that are terrifying or strange. This especially appeals to us when we are safe behind a computer screen, unable to be harmed by whatever scary thing we see, but still able to experience it.

A lot of people watch Poppy just for the shock value of it. She's so weird and creepy that it is fascinating to them.

5. She Seems Like A Cult Leader And Other Conspiracy Theories

People love conspiracy theories, even when they know those conspiracy theories are probably false. They like to wonder, "what if....?" With Poppy's strange behavior and monotone voice, people get suspicious of her and come up with conspiracy theories about her, which are fun for people to both read and write.

It's obvious that there is more than meets the eye to Poppy, no matter how you view her, but what she's hiding exactly, who she really is, and who is pulling the strings in her videos are all up to debate.

6. Because They Want To Be In On The "Joke"

Poppy's behavior and the meanings of the videos she makes are all up to interpretation. She and her creator never actually explain what they are doing directly in the videos and why they are making them. The videos stand for themselves and it's up to us to guess what the meaning of each one is. Because the meanings aren't clear and only a few select people (the people who work on the channel) actually know the point of it all, someone feeling like they get it, feeling like they know the answer, will feel special. Because not everyone can figure it out or understand. They're part of a select group. They want to be in on the "joke," so they are addicted to watching her channel and trying to figure this stuff out.

7. Because She Talks About Dark, Disturbing Things

Poppy's channel by itself is dark, but when the videos decide to talk about something especially dark in real life, they get that much darker. In these videos, Charlotte, who often seems to play a sort of "Mom" role to Poppy, winds up getting violent with her. The videos are about domestic violence and the excuses people make about why they are violent. How they sometimes try to turn the tables and blame the victim, but how none of those excuses or the way they blame change what they did.

A message like this is powerful on its own, but with the mannequin and creepy monotones, the message gets that much more intense. You can feel the message, not just hear it.

A lot of people like Poppy and her videos because so many celebrities and YouTubers act fake and happy all the time. Poppy doesn't. She talks about real things and the hypocrisy and problems of society and fame.

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9. The Other (Creepy) Connected Accounts

Poppy's channel has grown so huge that there are now connected channels out there that exist on the side of her channel. The creator of (That) Poppy, Titanic Sinclair, has even made his own channel where he acts as creepy as she does. Charlotte, a disturbed mannequin posing as a human, appears in many of Poppy's videos. She also has her own channel and has even made her own music videos.

As the fandom grows, so does the intricacy of her channel and others channels connected to it.


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